New Coaches not helping Seniors

Submitted by mrider on January 30th, 2011 at 2:19 AM

Frankly this makes me sick. Greg Banks while talking on twitter said that Wellman and Hoke are not helping him prepare for pro football. Essentially seniors who aren't first round picks aren't welcome. This shit doesn't fly, or even come close to flying. You don't shut down one of the leaders preparing for the draft. If this is true all the respect I gained from presser and after is so far gone. It's fucking embarrasing Wellman is bailing on seniors, fucking bullshit if you ask me. DB better do something ASAP.!/gsmooth92


Check it out, be prepared to be disgusted. RR was hated by a lot of LC fans, but  he never ever ever bailed like this. It's appalling , disgusting, BS, and it's just wrong. You better damn well take care of our seniors, or don't try and bullshit that you give a fuck. Hey Wellman you fucking douche, Barwis helped people who were not even team members, let alone people who spent 5 years developing players you depends on greatly. 



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yes, on his twitter he did say he was able to train at the facility, but that the staff wasn't helping them. did it occur to you that probably every coach we have on staff is busy recruiting? did it occur to you that the one coach who probably isn't recruiting (our strength and conditioning coach) is busy teaching 100+ kids the new strength and conditioning program? it's not that preparing the seniors for the NFL isn't a priority, it's that getting our current team acclimated to the new S&D program is a higher priority.

if he would have said that he wasn't able to use the facilities - then yes, i would be pissed. but that's not the case. take a chill pill and sleep this one off.. i'm sure things will be clearer in the morning. 


dude, you posted a tweet to desmond howard about this??? 

@ Hey Desmond, our new coaching staff isn't helping seniors prepare for draft! Greg Banks is left out by wellman! do something


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Same, nothing you mentioned was said in the link. But if it is true I'm truly disgusted. All thats being said is that greg is going to chicago to train and the nfl has not contacted him. 


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do not think Coach Hoke would do such a thing would he?Because he says he is a players coach right?I think you are tripping.GO BLUE!!!


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You're kind of hostile M-Easy-Rider.  It's gonna be alright mate.  Maybe you could use a little hoke and toke.  Scuse me!  Hug and Hoke! Oh, you know what I mean.  After all, you don't want to wind up like this little fella. 

(source: Hostile Child Magazine - Redrum Special Issue #4)


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mrider; you have just been hired to be the S&C coach. You have been here for 2 weeks and your are still living in a hotel. As a leader and manager you understand that you cannot have 20 different priorities - that would be a to-do list - not a priority. So mrider; what are your top priorities for the UM S&C program?


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and you're basing this on one tweet? Have you even considered talking to anyone else to get the other side of the story? oh're wasted. right. two drinks ago you would've thought better of blowing up about the staff and remembered how long he has been there and what he has been busy trying to do since he arrived. chill.


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I noticed this on GB's twitter earlier too. Definitely a head scratcher. I feel like this won't be the last we hear about this. Maybe after signing day passes and things wind down on that front, Hoke will place some more focus on these things.


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This is unacceptable, I'm with the OP. WTF Hoke, Michigan Men don't bail on other Michigan Men! 


Edit: So far this has not been proven, so I will give Hoke the benefit of the doubt. 


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so you were willing to bad mouth the staff before you even knew what is going on? Hoke is busy recruiting his ASS off right now. Banks has not been abandoned. He knows what to do in the weight room. The new staff is...wait for it...NEW!!!!! They have SO much work to do right now. They probably haven't even talked yet about their plan for outgoing Seniors. We have a landed verbals from 10 kids since 1/19 (3 recommits and 7 new verbals). Can we seriously give the staff a break?! I mean come on. All this is the kind of crap that people started throwing at RR when he got here. This is a non issue right now. If this staff had been here for a year already and this is what was going on then that's a different story but that isn't the case is it?


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I know who Hoke and Wellman are. the problem is you are trashing the coaching staff that has had 2 WEEKS to implement their rules and regulations about how to do things. A staff that isn't even complete yet. A staff that has had to salvage a recruiting class and the current players on the roster. A staff that still has to work out where they are going to live and when and how their families will be moving. What help do you think Wellman is really going to be able to give Banks that is going make him a better player than he has been for the last 4 years? I'm not saying they shouldn't help him because he isn't a star but fact is fact. If you know what will make him a better player  then I suggest you get off your computer at 3 in the morning while drunk and go fill out an application for a position on the S & C staff since you know so much. 

The point is you are not a Michigan player. You do know what state the S & C program is in. You have NOT talked to Wellman yourself or Banks for that matter. you do not have evidence of Banks being wronged in any way and you are running your mouth about how badly the staff is treating him. 

I think this staff certainly deserves the chance to show their worth and you sir seem dead set on otherwise.

Grow up.


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Hoke is out recruiting, trying to put a class together? Did rr staff help henne or long? I'm not trying to be a dick, we don't know the whole story. Wildly speculating about a vague tweet, drunk, at 2am is not helping anyone.


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I get your point, but when Chad, and especially Jake came out for the draft, they were in much better situations than the ones our seniors find themselves in. Henne and Long weren't searching for places to work out pre-draft/combine, they were offered and most likely fronted by their agents. Guys like Banks, without a senior bowl invite and much attention have to kind of get their shit together on their own. But, as far as Hoke being pre-occupied with finishing this class off, I agree 100% with you.


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For there workouts, good point. Banks has 3 months to workout. Would this guy rather have Hoke working out banks or locking down Cooper? It is insulting to Hoke and his staff to suggest they would do that to a player. I guess I have more respect for Hoke to do the right thing. Also people wonder where other teams fans get ammunition to spread rumors about our team. Trolls get on here and spread this crap to everyone else.


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It doesn't matter if they were in better situations than Banks. All the athletes should be treated the same.  This argument makes no sense.  Banks should understand what is going on for the next few days and I'm sure after this week he will get all sorts of attention that he deserves.

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Some other dude asked him about it:

Ty McGuire @ @gsmooth92 hopefully its just b/c they are concentrating on implementing the team right away and once all is settled they'll hook ya'll up 1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Greg Banks @tymacg yea that's tru because their style of training is obviously different from the last and it takes time for players to get acclimated



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Wellman said he hadn't even gotten a chance to meet the whole team yet. No where does it say that they've been told "no, we won't help you." And I'm sure Hoke and co. are really used to dealing with a ton of possible NFL players from their days at Ball State and SDSU.

Let the situation play out for at least a few days before ranting like a child.


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This post is ridiculous. Hoke got the job 2 weeks ago and National Signing Day is Wednesday.  A few weeks ago, we were all making lists of Hoke's top priorities for his first several weeks on the job.  Most lists went something like this:

1. Lock up Denard

2. Lock up the rest of the squad

3. Recruit like mad

3. Hire a DC

4. Hire an OC

5. Recruit like mad

6. Get the team going on winter workouts

7. Start working on a way to effectively utilize Denard

8. Recruit like mad

Then add to the list all the things that apply to Hoke's personal life... like, yanno, moving your family across the country and changing jobs. Did anyone list "get outgoing Seniors ready for the draft?" No. Is it important? Yes. But National Signing day is Wednesday, and we just finished hiring position coaches. I would venture to guess that Hoke hasn't had more than 4 hours of sleep since accepting the job. Go to sleep.