New Coaches not helping Seniors

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Frankly this makes me sick. Greg Banks while talking on twitter said that Wellman and Hoke are not helping him prepare for pro football. Essentially seniors who aren't first round picks aren't welcome. This shit doesn't fly, or even come close to flying. You don't shut down one of the leaders preparing for the draft. If this is true all the respect I gained from presser and after is so far gone. It's fucking embarrasing Wellman is bailing on seniors, fucking bullshit if you ask me. DB better do something ASAP.!/gsmooth92


Check it out, be prepared to be disgusted. RR was hated by a lot of LC fans, but  he never ever ever bailed like this. It's appalling , disgusting, BS, and it's just wrong. You better damn well take care of our seniors, or don't try and bullshit that you give a fuck. Hey Wellman you fucking douche, Barwis helped people who were not even team members, let alone people who spent 5 years developing players you depends on greatly. 



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@ that's the thing I don't have any1 training me. I just work out at the building and that's it. The new staff doesn't help us


That's a tweet straight from Mister Banks. It's BS and although I mean nothing to Michigan, I will make damn sure Michigan is treated like they treat their seniors. In this case like fucking shit. I am fucking rattled over this to say the least. 


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Don't know anything about this situation, but one vague Twitter post has you rattled?

He didn't say that he was treated the way you said he was, he didn't say that he didn't like the new staff. There could be a million reasons he's training by himself and you named one possibility and took it as gospel.


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"that's the thing I don't have any1 training me. I just work out at the building and that's it. The new staff doesn't help us"

is vague to me. Personally I would wait until hearing a statement of "Wellman won't help me" or something of that nature.

At a minimum please quote the whole exchange so that people like me (who this is news to) can see the whole conversation without a complete and obvious bias one way or the other.

The second I hear a Michigan coach (or from multiple, reliable sources) say that a student preparing for the draft isn't welcome, I will call for his firing with letters, whatever.

Until then, at least give them a fair shake with their side of the story sans snippets of conversations that may or may not be out of context.


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So you expect the coaching staff to stop recruiting one week before signing day so they can help train a guy that has absolutely no shot at being drafted and probably wont even end up on anyone's scout team?  Banks wasn't even a full time starter on one of the worst defenses in college football.


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I thought tht the S&C staff does help out outgoing players to prepare for the draft or workouts, like Michigan Day or the combine.  And last time I looked, the S&C coach does not go out recruiting. 

BTW, good job on dumping on a guy who gave four years of his life to your beloved program.  Just because he may not be a draft pick or have to tool around free agent ranks, that doesn't mean he should not receive some support by the S&C staff. 


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Stating a fact is dumping on someone? Look at the facts. Michigan had one of the worst defenses in the country, Banks although he gave his heart and his soul to the program rarely played and when he did play didn't really produce.  Mike Martin, hands down the best player on defense was given a mid -third round grade.  So where do you think a guy that has about half the talent is going to get drafted??  Not dumping on Banks.  Just stating facts.


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"train a guy that has absolutely no shot at being drafted and probably wont even end up on anyone's scout team"

Will he get drafted?  Probably not.  But there are pro days at colleges where you can make yourself stand out.  Do you know who Eric Wilson was?  He was not a star at UM back in the late 90s and you never heard his name much.  He didn't go to the combine and was not highly regarded.  But he was a decent contributor on the D-line and was on the Lions practice squad. 

I'm not willing to shoot a guy down based on what happened here.  Who knows if a 3-man D Line was not his strong suit.  Did you ever consider that maybe he's better suited for a 4-man D Line?  Maybe if he gets a chance on a pro day, evaluators may come to a conclusion like that.  Who knows.


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How did you get helping Brock Mealer walk again from not training a senior for the draft?? One has nothing to do with the other. Reread the posts, let them stew about your brain for a little while and get back to me.


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have some perspective here, jesus...  its zero hour crunch time these two weeks for a new staff scrambling to get recruits, and even more urgent b/c they just got on staff two weeks ago. so.  and banks should not be twitting that. that is as selfish as it gets. here is a program in its three worst years in history, losing to msu and osu all three years even, and banks is only concerned about his draft status?  cut his ass. thats selfish.  its one thing to feel that way, but its quite another to tweet it.


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He's the S&C coach and more importantly, there should be an S&C staff in place as well.  This kid put in his time for four years and he knows the routine around there this time of year.  Kids preparing for the draft put in their work with the S&C staff to get ready for the combine, pro days, etc.  Is it wrong for him to want the same support he saw other players get in previous years?

Excuse him for feeling "selfish".  I mean he was only a part of those worst years in history.  While your butt was sitting in the stands or on a couch, he had to be a part of that.  Different schemes, d-coordinators, blah blah blah.

And your whole cut his ass comment shows your ignorance.  Cut him from what?  Idiot.


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Yes.  5 years worth.

And he's also allowed to work out, for free, at the facilities for the rest of the year (and probably the rest of his career in football).

This should only be a story if a former player was turned down at the door.  That will never happen. 


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I hear what you're saying but I think you're overreacting. This staff hasn't even been able to implement anything yet. They have been  focused on saving and hopefully improving this recruiting class in the little time they have. I don't know how many miles they have logged since Hoke was hired but I'm sure it's alot. Is wellman out with him recruiting, no but im sure he has plenty on his plate as well. It would be nice for Banks to have some help but let's be honest. He is NOT getting drafted in all probability. He's a good kid and I appreciate all his work since he's been here but facts are facts. He'll be lucky if he is a career back up in the NFL because that's what he was here. You are attacking the staff without knowing the full set of circumstances. Do you KNOW Wellman? Do you workout with him or the team or with Banks? Have you talked to Hoke about what his philosophy is on how to treat outgoing players regardless of their draft status or lack thereof? Doesn't sound like it. sounds like you are throwing the staff under the bus because of one tweet that is no doubt out of context. A lot of people did this to RR too. Is that the guy you want to be?


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You know that whatever happens in the next couple of months kinda determines his future, right? While I agree he shouldn't have tweeted that, he has the right to be worried about his future and I don't blame him. Also, there's nothing he can do now about losing to msu and osu so what is the point of bringing that up?


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How could they have even a second to help before Feb 2nd? The worst defense in school history and they are recruiting in a condensed timeframe. See how things are after signing day. Banks is not in a hurry as he is not a candidate for the combine. He needs to be ready for senior day at UM some time in April.


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I'm wasted, but this drives me fucking insane. Hey Wellman, it's not optional whether you care about our players. Banks, Roh, Poole, Bellomy all deserve the same respect, not this BS. You treat our players like shit, it's appalling.