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I think that this is the perfect mix of reverence and irreverence for our favorite coach.

He is turning us into a bipolar fanbase, and I both love him and hate him for it.  But... I wouldn't have it any other way.




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Another decade or so of performances like that and the series record will actually get close!! Good luck with that. I have no doubt that --despite my hopes -- OSU will remain a successful program for the foreseeable future, but I would bet you the value of my 401k that it won't be 10-1 over the next 11 meetings. Game on!


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Well, here's the bad news. Harbaugh is an obsessive weirdo who seems to devote 100 percent of his soul to being victorious at things.

It would be my sincere hope that all of us here have exactly zero problems with this statement above, because I certainly don't. It only adds to the hope that some very enjoyable times are ahead in football.


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but we also understood he was an excellent football coach. We'll take the tradeoff.

If we would have had a bad season, other fan bases would be saying, "In addition to being a weird sucker, he's also a shitty football coach."  Well, they can only say one with honesty  now.

Dabo is certainly unconventional, "BYOG," but perfectly acceptable consdiering it was moments after a huge victory for Clemson. But obviously his dancing in the lockerroom is meant for more than just the current players on his roster. If not, he would probably not have cameras at the ready.  Don't hear much about that, but I have no problem with it.

Another coach, with an almost psychotic look on his face exhorts, in a very ugly tone, "It's not over, It'll never be over."

Hell, unique personalities, in all walks of life, are what makes it exciting. As to football, as long as they aren't breaking rules I have no problems with their actions. We always have the option of muting the t.v., or changing the station. I certainly am not going to put myself through the misery of watching His and Hers, fully aware of what's coming. If opposing fans are so disgusted with him, my advice would be to tune him out. There's a lot of shit he says that makes me smh. But he's ours. His end game is obvious and if he's comfortable bringing it about in an unconventional manner while staying within the rules, I'll take it.



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He's a weirdo.  But our weirdo. 

That pretty much sums up the viewpoint.  He wins so weird is in.  When you win your arc of being able to get away with "strange" things widens immensely.  Even something like SOS yesterday if RichRod or Brandon had done it would have been a disaster and scoffed at.  When Jim does it its an awesome tribute to being campy and fun.


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But Harbaugh has the slightly deranged mindset to concoct things over the top of everybody else's tops, and now he's got the pull to actually make those things happen.


This, combined with all the recruits' evaluations of this staff as "genuine", is why Jim will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to recruiting. Other coaches may try to copy SOTS or climb a tree for a kid's sister, but it will come across as fake. Our coach is genuinely a little crazy, and I love him for it!

I dumped the Dope

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is the constant innovation.  Going where nobody has gone before more or less.

sat camps, spring break football, signing with stars, etc etc etc.

This, to me is what Michigan is all about.  Bubbling up new ideas and trying to mold them into things that make sense.