New Assistant strength and conditioning coach

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Coad Named Assistant Strength And Conditioning Coach

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The University of Michigan football program has hired Sam Coad to serve as assistant strength and conditioning coach, it was announced Friday (Sept. 19).

Coad comes to Ann Arbor from Brisbane, Australia, where he served as strength and conditioning coach and sport scientist with the Brisbane Lions Australian Rules Football Club. Coad also was a teaching fellow in the sports and exercise science program at Bond University. Prior to working with the Brisbane club, he completed strength and conditioning and sports science internships with the Gold Coast Titans Rugby League and Queensland Reds Rugby Union.

With the Wolverines, he will be responsible for assessing and enhancing student-athlete readiness, performance and recovery as part of the comprehensive sports performance program. Coad also will collect and interpret data obtained from football student-athletes during workouts, practices and games to provide training recommendations.

Coad earned a bachelor of sport sciences degree from Bond University, graduating with honors in 2012 after earning Dean’s Awards in 2011 and 2012. He is a PhD candidate at Bond researching the neuroimmunological, physiological and biochemical responses of elite contact sports athletes to training and competition.


carlos spicywiener

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Turley’s impact speaks as much to availability as ability. The coaches recruit speed and size and talent. He believes the best players, the ones most on the field, who sustain the most collisions, also carry the most injury risk. His first priority is to keep them on the field.

From 2006, the year before Turley arrived on the Farm, as Stanford’s campus is known, through last season, the number of games missed because of injury on the two-deep roster dropped by 87 percent. In 2012, only two Cardinal players required season-ending or postseason surgical repair; this year, only one.…

Wolverine Devotee

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I wish they'd make the Strength and Conditioning records available.

I'm really curious to see who holds the bench press, squat records.

Nebraska does an outstanding job making S&C program records for all sports available.

I emailed Justin Dickens (the director of operations) awhile ago about the S&C records and he said he has no knowledge of those being available.  


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Coaches have talked a lot about the "new" (to us) GPS-ish technology they're using, like on Jake Butt and people.  Especially as a Ph.D candidate, my guess is that this guy is going to be doing quite a bit of data analysis on the information those devices provide, perhaps more so than "just" being in the weightroom with the athletes all the time, like Wellman or some of the other S&C coaches.  It would probably be really interesting to 1) see what he gleans from the data and 2) as these types of things become more common in the NCAA, to have reasonable cases and controls to try to see if this is actually an effective strategy.  Though 1 will probably never be available to the public and 2 probably won't ever be done at a particularly rigorous level.


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just get a guy around that team that puts some violence in them. I'm so serious. Be honest with yourself, we're soft as baby shit. When a True Freshman that's barely played has more swagger and violent attack toward the opponent than anyone I've seen on this team in years, it's sad. When JP tackles someone it's with a violence that all UM players used to have. 3 teammates in on the tackle? He'll come just as fast and hard as if it were one on one. Most guys slow up, spread the work. That's not how we used to play from the top down, offense and defense. You either know what I mean or don't. At this point, someone has to counter the constant clapping and butt pats after a million f-ups. It was novel (and needed) the first year, IMO. Starting year two? A coach (should be staff) needs to be a bit feared. It's like every player is bff with the entire staff. It's good most if the year but when a kid knows he can fail and still get praised, he'll quit first in a contest. Every single time. Hope this dude is a lunatic lol.

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I have no special insight here, but if he's "researching the neuroimmunological, physiological and biochemical responses of elite contact sports athletes to training and competition", then I'd have to assume that a lot of his work is going to be focused on studying and working to improve players' brain health, short and long term. This seems like a very smart move by the University, both in terms of protecting the wellbeing of students and in terms of limiting future liabilities (though again, I have no expertise in terms of legal-type things).

Also, has anybody seen that Rippetoe article? /s


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And would appear to be quite forward thinking.........thinking out of the box?

Are there any other sports teams at any level that have tried this type of training?

Go Blue!  Get pumped!