Never Waste A Failing

Submitted by BroadneckBlue21 on January 2nd, 2018 at 2:31 PM
Saban said in a recorded interview on ESPN yesterday that he has learned and teaches his players, “Never waste a failing.” We see the immediate emotional aftermath, but this team—and you in your life—will be defined by how you respond to a failure. Failure is inevitable for even the best. Talent loses. I believe Harbaugh will learn from his own failings, and he will teach these players how to not waste their failings. Maybe it is because I grew up dirt poor but always knew I’d make it to middle class with talent and effort, but I get so cranky at people who define themselves by defeats. How does anyone really predict the future based off of one performance? Off one season? Peters has one bad game and he is suddenly dead meat. I am glad that Harbaugh is not going to give up on Peters so quickly. Have a short term emotional memory for your mistakes—and think about how to fix the mistake so it doesn’t happen again. As a New Year’s Resolution, how about we not give up on the team by the end of the first week of the year? How about we try not to define ourselves in our failings—and try not to define a bunch of college kids by theirs? Or Harbaugh by his? We can still aim for greatness, but realize that it takes a daily, sometimes yearly grind. It took me years of failing as a writer and teacher before my first book published and my first full-time professorship. I deal with college kids every day. Give them a break. Realize they want to be the best—whether at UM or elsewhere.



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This is all well and good--and I don't disagree with much of it--but it's reasonable to be pissed off at yesterday's result, as well as our offense as a whole stagnating throughout the season. We are reasonable to be pissed at having such subpar play on one side of the ball. Are we supposed to smile through this and say its alright? 


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Is entitled to their opinion, therefore they are neither right or wrong, but facts are, this team is in a flux right now, and Harbaugh has no choice but to get things fixed, or we move on. I don't know what that time frame is, but hopefully sooner than later. They don't look like a team that improved this year, and maybe the problem was the line, but Brandon Peters did not look like a capable QB. I hope he can contribute in the future, but the depth chart all season says otherwise, IMHO.


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I think a winner like Saban’s words are a lot better use of binary code than binary thinking. I never said people are not entitled to opinions or allowed to blow off steam. When steam ends up being all people are worth, like quips about posts, then why are you here?

But, blah blah, I am glad my first ever thread start inspires your apathy and inspiring replies.


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As long as Drevno and Pep call the plays nothing will change. Shea will O'Korn 2.0, we will waste a spectacular talent due to inept coaching.


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when its properly executed which requires those getting the play to make it work. That requires synergy between the coaching staff and players. If one fails, they all fail. Learn from your failures and make the experience worthwhile instead of a negative without merit.

Coaches coach and players play. Winners make plays. Make more plays based on improved coaching, mentoring snd confidence. That is the lesson.


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In my professional career I've been fired twice and in my personal life I've gone through an unpleasant divorce.  Three unmitigated "failings" if you will.

Both jobs i took post termination turned out insanely well for me both professiionally as well as financially and I can say with 100% certainty I never would've looked for either one had I not been terminated and needed to find work.

My current wife who met a couple of years after my divorce is the best thing that ever happened to me and again, I wouldnt have been looking for her had I not gotten divorced when I did.  

In every instance I tried to make personal chnages to take advantadge of the "failing" and tried to be a better employee and husband.   But it took being fired and having the practice wife leave me to make me do it.


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Marriage is something you want to get right the first time. You don't go through all the shit of a divorce from practice wife just to get to the good wife.

The ROI is NOT skewed in your favor.

Divorce is like death, with all the same stages of dealing with grief, 100x over.

Mr Grainger

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What really grates on me is not THAT Michigan lost, it's HOW they lost, flipping what looked like a comfortable win into a loss so quickly. The wheels just fell off in all three phases of the game and the team could't recover. Seeing that from a RichRod team or a Hoke team wasn't shocking ... seeing it from a Harbaugh team was. I really hope he follows through on his post-game pledge to evaluate the whole thing from the top down.

Gentleman Squirrels

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Seeing yesterday's game made me think constantly of the Michigan-OSU Bball game a couple weeks ago, in which Michigan blew a big lead to let them win. The way of losing left a sour taste in my mouth because we had no business losing that game. I'm hoping that just as the bball team has responded with a couple of strong wins right now, the football team also responds in the offseason by becoming that much better. 


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I like your viewpoint. However, I think we are (at least me) starting to realize that harbaugh has a ceiling of being equivalent to Lloyd, and we are probably not going to win anything significantly in the near future. I wish I am wrong and harbaugh can get couple signature wins next year, but I dont see how he will do this. We dont have anything that separates us from a mediocre team. MSU has the fight attitude and aggression. OSU they will have a schematic advantage on offense. Wisconsin will continue to produce NFL offensive linemen. I am not sure what is harbaugh led team identity at Michigan.

uncle leo

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Exactly how to pinpoint this, and I promise I'm not hitting the easy button here. But something just looks "off" about this team. Some of the defensive guys get really fired up, but I just don't sense that on the rest of the staff. I don't remember the last time the offense praised each other for big plays (whenever they have them). 

Is it possible that this mix of guys just isn't very good? I can sense the lack of passion and energy through the damn TV.


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I feel the same thing and i noticed this the whole season. I feel like the issues lies deeper and we will never find out. I hope Jim gets it right but right now i feel like this team especially offensive side is free falling and its gaining speed.

uncle leo

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That's not gonna fly. Michigan State is even younger, and then were substantially better than M this year; more importantly, they look to have a ton to build on. 

I don't want to hear about that stuff when it comes to simple execution of basic football: catching punts, special teams gaffes. And the coaches do not do these guys any favors with this garbage play calling.

There's something MUCH deeper wrong with this program than "youth and inexperience."

Woodstock Wolverine

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No, Michigan had the younger team, and also lost their starting QB for the season. Michigan was a dominating playoff contender last year with one of the most experienced teams in the country. This year they had a bad year with what was the least experienced team in the country. So either experience is very important or there is “something much deeper wrong with this program”. I’m going with inexperience.

uncle leo

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Like 5 upper classmen. The rest were fresh/new. And they looked like a program that has their crap figured out. They also have a QB who looks to be a star and a bunch of pieces that will do well.

I've seen plenty, plenty of teams that are "young" like this one and don't look nearly as lost. Chalking this season and yesterday up to "inexperience" is just putting your head in the sand and covering your ears. 

You know what you expect when teams are this young? Progress by the end of the season. Did you see ANY progress from these guys? Which ones continued to trend UP and get better? I saw the same team from week 1 till last week. If anything, they looked more and more lost.

And since you want to play the cute little downvote game, I'll join.

Woodstock Wolverine

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I get it. Lots of different opinions, I just think mine is more logical than the deep internal issues opinion :)

I didn’t downvote you, and it’s not a cute game. MGoblogging is serious shit.

Still pretty sure Michigan was the youngest team in the country.

From Mlive article : “Michigan is No. 130 out of 130. Last in the Football Bowl Subdivision in terms of overall experience”. That was before Speights injury.

uncle leo

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This is life and death.

I just know what I watched all season. This team didn't get any better, and seemingly got worse near the end. They had a month to prepare for a team that really didn't belong on the same field as Michigan, and then suddenly the wheels fell off.

Every time this team is faced with adversity, they just shrivel up and collapse. And to me, that goes beyond inexperience. They are making mistakes and making play calls that a middle school would make. 3rd and 4th and 1, and you are throwing the damn ball? Going for it with 3.5 left and a timeout? Not using slants or seam routes, and just instead tossing 50 yard fades with ZERO chance of success?

This team doesn't look right. 

Woodstock Wolverine

January 2nd, 2018 at 5:23 PM ^

Michigan lost to three great teams and lost two close games to top 25 teams. Not great Bob, but not terrible either, we are not losing or even struggling against weaker teams like previous regimes. (Or MSU last year)

There was lots of progress with RBs and Oline, Peters was getting better till he got hurt. WRs were disappointing but Black got hurt and that’s a tough position for young players to grasp, especially with three diferant QBs.

Play calling was questionable at times, a change should probably be made there. The OSU game plan was great, need that consistently.

I’m sure we could go on and on about this......the good thing is this team will only get more experienced and we will see what happens. I for one am excited we have Harbaugh and am looking forward to the future.

Red Dragon

January 2nd, 2018 at 6:24 PM ^

We ARE struggling against weaker teams. Out HC took a TO into halftime when it would’ve been smart to use it. Our HC allowed a play where a ball was handed off to a tight end who fumbled, and started the downfall we watched yesterday. Our HC failed to make any significant adjustments to hold onto a victory. Same old story. On top of that, I agree with the other guy.....youth can not keep being used as an excuse.