Nessler and Michigan

Submitted by UMQuadz05 on March 18th, 2018 at 2:28 PM

I spent the morning, like all of you, watching Poole's buzzer-beater over and over.  Something about the call seemed oddly familiar to me, so I did some googling.  It turns out that Brad Nessler's "AND IT GOES FOR THE WIN" is a nearly perfect echo of none of than:


SIAP, of course, but the cadence and emotion are a beautiful match.



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StephenJrViking posted it. It goes something like this, "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" I played that a couple dozen times this morning.


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You know, they played the clip on another station this morning, but for a reason I cannot readily place, seeing it on the screen like this seems to underscore how awesome that was even better than the words themselves. I actually had to go out into the yard so I could be that loud last night, and I am sure my MSU neighbor appreciated every moment of it. 


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I generally like him. It's possible age is catching him a bit. More notably, though, he clearly didn't know much about the teams. I mean, he's got 8 teams to prep for, so not shocking, but he didn't seem well-suited to calling 4 games (or 2 yesterday) relative to his usual quality.

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Basketball isn't his prime thing of course.  And Steve Lavin sure doesn't add any excitement, even though he is a decent basketball guy. 

But my confession is that when Michigan went up by 3 with a little more than 3 to go, I went to bed with the thought of listening to it on the radio (and, yeah, actually I wanted to hear what Shep and Mills were saying, since I have listened to them a lot this year)  I thought that they'd sum things up better for the year, actually, if Michigan did lose.

So I heard that radio broadcast live.  It was great.  Got to see the the last shot about two dozen times replayed on line.