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It wouldn't be near the first game if we didn't have a neg record. If you recall, last season Mr Yost set an (un)official Neg record.  According to MGoHoF, Yost's Neg total as of the spring was 1,248 for not believing UMbig11's report that Speight was QB1.

Well then.

Somewittyname did not let that record stand.  Please go to the Camp Update from Sam Webb thread and Neg if you haven't already.

EDIT: As of 12:50pm on Sunday, the results are as follows:

Total Negs 4,621
Total Posts 37
Neg Average 125
Neg High 259

The table only takes into account Negs in the Camp Update thread.

It is important to note that this poster began their spree with over 4,400 points and is currently -1,397.  We can assume this poster accumulated roughly 5,800 Negs over the course of 18 hours.

The Mods may need to confirm this, but have we ever witnessed an OP that has a negative point total?  someshittyname created a post (which can be negged here) comparing last year's starters versus this year's projected starters.  It's hilarious to me to see that negative point total in an OP.  Nice job.

I'm not counting upvotes. Strictly Negs. Thank you stephenrjking for pointing out the current total in the HoF.



August 19th, 2017 at 11:32 PM ^

Let's be clear about the argument you all reject:

JBB (who couldn't cut it last year) was thought to be in a dogfight with Runyan. Everyone was already a bit worried. You can pretend otherwise but your overlord has said it's a spot of concern. Now we ffnd Ulizio, pretty much another Runyan type prospect, is also competing for starting RT, which to me makes me worried about about the spot.

Mgoboard responds that this is fantastic news and how dare I have concerns about the OL.

I then defend myself and people don't like the way in which I do it.

That's okay though. I only am concerned with being right, which seems to be something most people no longer care about. I believe this. I believe that. Well I don't believe anything. I only look at the data in front of me.


August 20th, 2017 at 12:05 AM ^

You still have not provided an actual argument. Everyone knows RT is a concern and has since last season ended. Not one person is saying it's not, but you keep lashing yourself to this "keeping it realz" cross anyway.

Two guys were fighting for a job. A third has emerged, potentially. Three is better than two because it can mean there is another player the coaches like there, for depth. This is very important because there is very little depth at tackle.

What is your counter argument.


August 20th, 2017 at 12:42 AM ^

So you have no argument. Which is what everyone understood. It would have been fine, everyone would have been like "I don't get what this guy is saying but whatevs" and moved to the next comment. But your tone and repeated entreaties of "listen to my argument" when there was none is the reason for the negs.

Also: no one buys that you don't care abut this.

Robbie Moore

August 20th, 2017 at 5:44 AM ^

...your original point regarding Ulizio it was he was a low three star (two star?) recruit. No argument with that. You the go on to imply that being so rated he will never be anything better than meh as a tackle. So, taking your reasoning a step further it means good coaching can not improve a player. It means a player can not significantly improve himself after the age of 18. As a counter argument I will mention two specific players: David DeCastro, two star OT for Harbaugh who became a first round draft choice, and Darqueze Dennard, two star recruit at MSU who became a first round draft choice. This is NOT an argument that Ulizio will become DeCastro or even to close to it. It is an argument that it is foolish to write anyone off who works hard, receives good coaching and believes in himself. 


August 20th, 2017 at 12:49 PM ^

You could also mention the offensive linemen that Frey has developed: Omameh at UM and Jason Spriggs and Dan Feeney at IU. There's no question in my mind that Frey is the best OL coach in college football. He will get every ounce of performance out of his guys.

As a side note, is this the first time someone has self-deported to Bolivia?


August 20th, 2017 at 12:29 PM ^

I admire your tenacity. And fwiw, I don't think your comments were so far into left field as it seems from the bashing you took (which I didn't contribute to). This place is becoming (has become)... different. 


August 20th, 2017 at 11:35 AM ^

99% of us on this board have no idea if this is good news or bad news. What we do know is that the o-line was and has not been great for a few years. So, in my opinion, the more guys fighting for the starting RT spot the better.
Let us not forget that these guys are allowed to improve from year to year. Some 3* guys will end up playing like 5* guys. This goes the other way also. This argument should have nothing to do with Ulizio being mentioned as a potential starter. This is about finding the best guys 5 guys who fit what the coaches are trying to do offensively. After all, Michigan does have a new OT and TE coach to go along with a new passing game coordinator.


August 20th, 2017 at 9:48 AM ^

That was my favorite part of his alleged argument, that he's (she's?) relying on data. The only data she has is that Ulizio was a low 3 star recruit. Is it a possibility Ulizio not very good and it's a bad sign that he's in the mix to start? Yes. But somewittyname acts like it's an absolute certainty.


August 20th, 2017 at 9:31 AM ^

So, if I'm hearing this right somewittyname is saying that because no one has taken the job with certainty that means it's a problem?  And, the rest of the board is saying well, we know it's a problem already, but more viable options are a good thing?  


This seems to me like the glass is half full versus the glass is half empty.  You're saying the same thing, but one side chooses to focus on the bright side whereas the other chooses to focus on the problem.


August 20th, 2017 at 10:23 AM ^

I don't even think I saw that argument from swm. Only that Ulizio getting snaps with the 1's is bad.

It would be great if JBB came into this camp and took the job and generated positive chatter from coaches and players, or Runyan, or Steuber/Filiaga. But through 3 weeks the freshmen have generated almost no chatter. Predictably in my mind, given they're freshman. So it was down to JBB and Runyan. Neither have seized the job so far. Probably not great. RT still a concern, nothing new there.

Now Ulizio has earned some time with the 1's. That's good for depth, and you've added a third body to the competition. This is good. If the argument is "I'd rather hear JBB/Runyan has locked down the job and is playing great", well of course, everyone would. But that's a wish for something that hasn't happened, not a comment on whether Ulizio getting snaps is good.


August 20th, 2017 at 10:49 AM ^

but I've never once in person, in an email, text, or in social media post heard/seen a woman use the term "bruh." It's a particularly male usage. Asked my wife about it, and she's never heard a woman using that term, either.

The dogged aggressiveness in stating, restating, and re-restating his position is also a very typically male form of argumentation. That's not to say no women do it, but it's atypical, at least in my six+ decades of experience.

On top of that, his posts previously at MGoBlog indicate a high level of devotion to sports-related minutiae, which is much more typical of male sports fans. Again, this is not to say that no women have the same level of detail-oriented interest, but it's uncommon.

All these things taken together lead me to believe she's a he. Doesn't matter one way or another anyhow; whoever it is, they're a bit goofy.

Mr. Yost

August 20th, 2017 at 11:43 AM ^

Responding to the OP...not to you.

Read the thread you linked. It's not that I didn't believe Speight was #1...for some reason I just didn't like how he presented the info. At the time he wasn't known by everyone and he just stated it as fact without much context.

I was wrong, I've said this over and over...but it wasn't the info. My whole schtick was how it was presented. Which may be worse - I dunno.

Edit: Sidenote, I'm happy to lose the belt...but not to that piece of shit. Let it be to someone just on a drunken troll mission to destroy MGoBlog in one single night. Not someone who wakes up the next morning still being a dick to anyone and everyone.