Need RV tailgating advice for @Purdue 10/6

Submitted by Moonlight Graham on August 25th, 2012 at 10:24 AM

I did a quick search and didn't find similar content from two years ago ... I'd like to take my RV rig down to West Lafayette for the 10/6 game. From what I've found online so far, it appears that non-JPC (John Purdue Club) members must park RV's at a lot near the airport. I assume the airport is near campus but it sounds like it's still a bit far from the stadium, reading mentions of shuttles and such. What I haven't been able to confirm is whether this is just for staging the night before, or if this is where visiting RV's are relegated for the entire gameday as well. Do non-JPC members and visitors just tailgate in their RV's out by the airport, or do they move onto another lot closer to campus? 

Anyone have any experience or insights on this? Would be much appreciated, and if you're also doing the same drill maybe we can seek each other out. Go Blue!



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Most of the bars in West Lafayette are focused on the college crowd. Being a college student that goes here that's what I'll focus on.

Cactus: Thurs Night that is the place to be. Really cheap beer and mixed drinks, huge dance floor and a piano bar.

Jake's: Best bar to watch any games on. Okay prices.

Harry's: Expensive and I really don't like it, that's just me.

Where Else: Combines all the bars w/ some TV's, a dance floor and okay prices, this is the bar where you will normally see a bunch of the "athletes". This is the bar Barlow (the bball team got in a fight and thrown off the team with Byrd).

As far as parking I live on Stadium Ave. a block from the stadium and you will not find parking on the street. I know my house has parking on gamedays and you can normally get them for an okay price but all of the parking garages on campus are free on weekends so try to do that if you can. 

Everything is within walking distance on campus so just park your car and go, the biggest tailgate, see my next post, is right behind the CoRec and 2 years ago that's where all the blue fans were.

Denards gonna dominate!


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There is a bar called Chumley's in Lafayette which is similar to Ashley's. So if you like good beer, I would recommend going there. It's also relatively low-key, so it that's not your thing, you could hit up the bars on State St. The most popular bar is Harry's, but if you want to sit down and watch the Friday night games, I would recommned Jake's since they have a bunch of TVs in the bar area.

If you get hungry after the bars, you can head to Triple XXX (also on State St) for a burger and crazy atmosphere.


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This wil be my second time down there. The first time we drove down from Ann Arbor and came back immediately after the game. This time we are staying at the Holiday Inn downtown for two nights. Our friends are telling us that there are plenty of bars to walk to from our hotel, which is a couple of miles from the stadium. I need more info too......


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I was there 2years ago to see RR's last win (and visit my son, a student there). We saw LOTS of Michigan folks tailgating amongst the Purdue folks in the big fields off of Stadium Avenue southwest of the stadium. Everyone was having a good time.

It is easy walking distance to the stadium. I do not know if a permit is needed 


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The RV4 lot out by the airport is your only option. It is just beyond the only public car lot and is within walking distance but it is a bit of a walk to the stadium. It is definitely closer than Walmart, and there are shuttles. The cost is $30 and you can drive up and pay. It will not fill up, and is open 6pm Friday through 10am Sunday.

The only better options are only open only to JPC members, but you can always join JPC for $200 per year at 800-213-2239 and purchase a better lot for $105. The minimum level for a better RV lot is $1000 though.

Let me know if you have further questions.


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in a tiny Podunk town like WL, the tailgating situation is so piss poor. No RVs near the stadium? I would park that son of a bitch in the endzone if I were you. It's not like Purdue is going to need it anyway, and the stadium won't even be full.
I have one request... It your RV is large enough, can you please run over that goddamn Boilermaker Special? That has got to be the most annoying piece of shit prop I have ever seen. Maybe that will prevent those ingrates from chanting Boiler Up 75 times in a row.
Go Blue!