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Good early morning from Korea.  We have yet to be bombed and Michigan beat Kansas.  That's how I like to start my mornings.  Breakfast?  Pancakes from chef Prince.

What an amazing game.  I woke up needing to satisfy my euphoria with more content and found some fan videos taken from the stadium that you might enjoy:

This is from a Michigan fan courtside, sitting with a bunch of Kansas fans.  Low quality, a little slow, finger on the lens... but the payoff is worth it!  Also, it's cool to see how the huge video screen shows highlights from different angles.

This is a short video from high up in the rafters.  This place is huge!  The screen, again, changes the way people watch the game, I'm sure.  Spoiler: Trey hits a 3 pointer.

This last video is just for the joy of it.  Short, terrible quality, vertical video of a Kansas fan's pain.  It's like seeing the evil twin in the mirror, and he is not us. (NSFW language)


Lastly, there are tons of articles which I will be enjoying all day.  I loved this one up at An oral history of Michigan's comback win over Kansas.  Read it!


Josh Bartelstein: “There was a timeout, I think we were down like 14. We brought everyone together and said ‘let’s do something special’. That’s what the message had to be: let’s do something special and let’s have people talk about this game forever. They’re going to talk about it forever now.”
Robinson: “The biggest thing (Burke) said that I took in was, ‘Believe.’ Just that. ‘We’re not losing this game. We’re going to come back and win this. We can’t go home without a victory.’ I believed him.”


I'm looking for Michigan locker room celebration type of videos (or vs. VCU for that matter). Anybody see anything?  Share your post game videos, stories, favorite articles here. 

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I liked this quote from Bartelstein from the article I linked to in the OP.  Maybe this is what explained his momentary vision of the future.

Bartelstein: “That’s an iconic moment. Michigan fans will never forget that shot. He’s had so many game winning shots just roll out and we always tell him ‘your making the next one’. Me, Matt and Blake were talking before he even took the shot saying ‘he’s making this one, he’s just due to make it.’”


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One of the things I'm most happy about in how we won this game is that Trey Burke now has his moment.  He will likely be the National POY - for Michigan - Incredible!  And yet as great as he has been, I think his legend might have been somewhat dampened by his consistency yet lack of signature moments.

The steal vs. MSU was easily his best moment before this one, and that moment certainly would have helped in our collective memory of Trey as a player.  But this moment?  Truly legendary.

This game gives the Michigan community a way to remember Trey that years from now will put him on the level that he deserves.

Oh, and we have at least one more game to go... possibly three... IT AIN'T OVER YET!
(OK, for those clamoring for it, who knows, he might even return next year).


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One thing that can't be undervalued...

"Hardaway: “We definitely didn’t see fear. Everybody knew that the game wasn’t over. We’ve been in this situation before, earlier in the year. We just had to go out there and gut it out. And I think our freshmen, our upperclassmen did a great job of keeping everybody calm, cool and collected.”

Mainly "We've been in this situation before, earlier in the year." As much as the losses to IU and OSU hurt, being down, and learning how to come back in those situations served us well. Without the experience of knowing that they have that ability, we may not have seen what we saw last night.


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I saw him pull up and I was instantly like "what the hell are you doing??"

This was immediately followed by "YES YES YES YES YES GREAT SHOT!!!!!"


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I have always been the most die-hard M fan in my family and now they are all giving me shit because I said "Thats the best shot we can get?" as Trey pulled up from 28'. I fell to the ground and couldn't speak for what seemed like hours. I'm still in shock. The shock still feels good.