Need Help in Hating Brian Kelly

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Growing up near Grand Valley State, I have watched and rooted for Brian Kelly at all of his stops. Although I think Rich Rod was a good hire, I was hoping Michigan would take a chance on Kelly. He has had a winning program no matter the level. Brian Kelly isn't just a good coach, he is a championship level coach. I have enjoyed watching his success.
But now I must hate him. I have no choice. He is Notre Dame. When you coach Notre Dame football you become Notre Dame. I know hating him is necessary; I am just having a hard time doing it.
I need my fellow Michigan fans to help me out. Give me a reason to despise Brian Kelly. We could always rip into Weis because he was so fat. I have never heard of a better nickname than "Front Butt". Is there some physical feature, or character flaw that we could use as a jumping off point for the purpose of ridicule? I am afraid that my previous admiration for Brian Kelly is clouding up my necessary hate. I'm not proud of it, but admitting so is the first step to recovery.



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Maybe as time goes on he'll have his "decided schematic advantage" moment and we can pick up and abuse that.

For now though, let's not rule out the possibility of just making something up. Someone feel free to quarterback this one ...


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I had no ties to Stanford, but I knew so little about him that I wasn't sure how to feel. He was from Stanford and I'm not old enough to remember them beating us in the Rose Bowl. Besides, I'd hate Jim Plunkett instead if that was the case. I was somewhat pulling for the black guy to succeed and possibly open up more opportunities for minority coaches at schools other than Eastern and Temple (no offense).

But once that douche beat Michigan on his first try, I immediately hated everything about him.

The one thing I remembered from that experience:
I will not wait to suffer the first L before hating a new coach or player.


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I hate him now too. He's leaving Cincinnati, and he's not even going to coach them for the last time in their biggest game in school history? What a prick. And the fact that he coaches for Notre Dame now makes me hate him even more.


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If you think for one second that the bowl game RR didn't coach in was the biggest game in school history you're woefully uninformed about WVU football history. Unquestionably, the biggest game in WVU history was the national championship game against Notre Dame after the 1988 season. The Mountaineers were 11-0 going against an undefeated ND squad. The fact that they lost the game doesn't diminish its importance in WVU history.


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I need my fellow Michigan fans to help me out. Give me a reason to despise Brian Kelly.

He exchanges Christmas cards with Michael Rosenberg....oh yeah, and he f#*@ing coaches for Notre Dame!


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...Upon a shifting plate
Whose table once a
Guest but not
The second time is set..."

What I mean is, hate has nothing to do with the person, but rather the horse (or leprechaun) he rides in on.


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Quick question for you:
Are you at all concerned that Brian Kelly has never recruited to any place with any semblance of academic standards? Not trying to be a dick, this is a serious question. Yeah he is a hell of a football coach, and that scares me as a Michigan fan, but if I were a domer, I would actually be a bit concerned for this reason.


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oh of course it is a concern, and it was really the only thing that put Stoops above him in my miniscule preferences. It is an unknown whether he will be able to, but there are some key differences between the 2 positions. ND facilities, the tradition even the stadium isn't even close when compared to Cincy. Those are things he wasn't able to sell to recruits and they're amazing assets in the right hands.

Plus you add recruiting budgets and accessibility, do you think Cincy would have had the budget to send the same recruiter to Hawaii, from South Bend, for every High School football game at Punahou for just one prospect? I mean does Cincy even have a jet? ND has around 6, the resources in general that he has at his disposal are a huge upgrade and that was one of the things he recognized in his introductory speech.

At the same time looking back you could see that about 65-75% of his commits had Cincy as their best offer. Rated 2-3 stars with mostly MAC offers and an occasional lU or NW offer. That does leave some interesting recruiting battles in the remaining other 35-25% of his classes. Hearing him speak removed any worry on his ability to sell the program. My only concern is if he is able to put all the time in, he is a big family man which is great but this job requires the coach to be away from their family a lot and that is a tough deal.

His Dudeness

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When we used to work with eachother at Logans Roadhouse I asked him to run and get me an extra portion of ranch for my 8 top because he was already on the way to the kitchen anyway and I was really slammed. That dickhead told me to get it myself and then told me I was the Logans Roadwhore! I don't know how he found out I slept with Rick, Scott and Tim, but that isn't any of his business anyway. He is a fucker.


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...There isn't any reason to hate Kelly yet, but it could happen on its own real easily. Hopefully, though, ND will lose to UM so often that we have no reason to hate him.


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Hey everybody, I am a fist time blogger here and if you can't tell by my name I am an Ohio State fan that lives in Ann Arbor!!! Nothing like living in enemy territory!!! Kelly was the right man for the job. Everyone thought Weis was going to be the savior for the golden domers after 2 straight BCS appearances in his fist two seasons. Then his recruits came in, haha. He did get top recruits but he couldn't find the recipe for success. Now Kelly takes over as a man with enthusiasm and passion for the game. Even I got energized by his press conference chat with the media. The guy can coach. Everybody knows the story,Nat'l titles at GVSU, MAC Championships at Central, and 2 Big East titles at Cincy. The guy has been successful everywhere he has gone and Notre Dame will be no different. It might not happen right away but he has plenty of talent to work with from the start. Crist at QB should be a stud. Manti Teo back to help the defense out. Obviously they are losing a ot of offensive power with the losses of Golden Tate and Clausen. Floyd is coming back and with the emergence of Crist, once he's healthy again, Nd could be pretty decent on offense next year, barring they find a running back. I think they made a tremendous selection naming Kelly the new head man. I will miss "frontbutt" on the sideline though. I believe that ND will be in a BCS bowl game in 3 years, mark my words!!

A Buckeye living in enemy territory, Acedeucebukeye