NEED HELP! Any mgobloggers at NC State game, sitting oppo the student section?

Submitted by Todd Plate's n… on December 6th, 2012 at 2:07 PM

Sorry for a very selfish, personal thread.  Was anyone at the NC State game sitting opposite the student section?  If so, did you take any pics of the game?  My old man was sitting in 1 of the 4 seats between the nc state bench and the scorers table.  Trying to get a pic and frame it for a christmas gift.  He just doesn't quite show up in any of the photos taken by the free press/det news/getty images/misc. outlet photogs.

Thanks.  Go Blue!


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Todd Plate's n…

December 6th, 2012 at 2:15 PM ^

Thanks!  It was a once in a lifetime chance for him, he ran into the season ticket holder at a memorial service the week before, hadn't seen him in 30 years or so after working together out of college.   I'm a former DCer myself, miss the place.


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Agreed.  Tis the season of giving and all that.  Maybe someone here knows photographers for the local newspapers and can contact them for help?  I know we have some pretty serious photographers on the Board.  Can anyone get in contact with them for help too?


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Check out game images from everywhere, and see if you can see him in the shots by the NC St bench.…

Also might want to consider video of the game and seeing if you can take a frame and freeze it then blow it up.

Also see if you can contact Dustin Johnson/UMHoops or other media photogs who get credit from the papers.  Send them each an email.  They take hundreds of pictures that never get published. If they haven't deleted them all already, ask them for any shots they got in the area you're looking for. They would probably sell it to you for a reasonable price. Heck, if you're nice enough, they might even give one to you.

Todd Plate's n…

December 6th, 2012 at 2:35 PM ^

Great suggestions on contacting the people you named.  Thank you for the assistance.  I have googled like hell.  Getty Images has a panaromic from opposite the student section, but from rather far away, it's currently the go to if I don't find one where he is more discernable.

Thanks again and great stuff to know for future photo hunts. 


EDIT:  Man, if he takes the one of Stauskus giving the "ultimate warrior flex" after hitting a 3 about 1 second later, that would have been it.


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This thread made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was having a bad day (a run-in with a terrible person) until this happened. You guys are truly an awesome and helpful bunch of procrastinators. Thanks for making more than one person's day.


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If someone could give me a brief run down on how to upload a picture from my library on here, I could give you one I took.


I've been trying to figure it out how to put it up here but can't seem to get it. 

Six Zero

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Was 100% pure Colombian awesome. So often this place is like mosh pit full of heavily armed ninjas ready to slice each other to ribbons in a moment's notice.

This thread, this Festivus miracle, shows a level of brotherhood typically reserved for conference titles and Saturday nights full of four-star commitments. Bravo, gentlemen!!