Need advice for watching at home

Submitted by GWUWolverineFan on September 3rd, 2015 at 7:21 AM
Hey guys, I need some advice for watching the game at home. I plan on being Home today and figured I might as well watch the game at my house. How early should I start drinking, due to the potential for a busy night with chores and family lining up to see a Jim Harbaugh coached Michigan (still seems unreal that this is actually going to happen TODAY)?


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Well, make sure you use your tomorrow very well, because tomorrow is a very important day for you.  I recommend you absorb the minimum amount of information before tomorrow so your tomorrow isnt ruined by anything today.


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since the game is tomorrow, you at least have a day to figure this all out. I'd start drinking early, tell the family to do everything you normally do. Ask the wife to make some samwiches and to wait up for you after the game to take care of you regardless of the outcome.


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There is nothing like that sense of apparent accomplishment when you manage to vacuum the litter boxes, nail the dishes to the wall, put the new shelves in the dishwasher and scoop out the vacuum all before your wife returns from a trip to the mall, having left you at home so you could watch the game in relative peace.


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I don't know but I live in Seattle and should be asleep but I. Woke up with a massive harbaughn. I just can't wait!

Anyone have advice on buckleys vs watching from home? I'm new to town.


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You imply with your term "start drinking" that at some point in the day you stop drinking, which is a disappointment to begin with.   You are better than that.


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Hey guys I am on Mars, so I feel really cool and want to let you know by asking where I should watch the game. Has anyone had any luck getting it to stream here, wait I am the first here.


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You have to have people over who have no clue what is happening or what the rules are. They also have to complain about the choice of food and drink you have. I hope this helps.


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That reminds me... Anyone know how to watch the game at Machu Picchu?  I don't have electricity or any battery operated devices.  I'm wondering if the Incas ate magic mushrooms that I could use to vision-quest the game.


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Anyone know any good water filtration systems I should have in my fridge for the game? I wan't to stay hydrated but I don't want to spend a ton. Also is 7 dips too many or do the 3 hummuses count as 1?

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Seems reasonable, now, if three of them were multi-layer dips, and you wanted to claim 20 dips, then you would be skirting the boundary of honesty with your guests.  However I think as you aproach multiple layers in every dip, the novelty increases and you can really see an impact in the enjoyment of your co-revelers, 49 layers of dip is nearly asymptotic