Nebraska...Good for Little Brother

Submitted by Heston_The_Great on June 11th, 2010 at 11:25 PM

So with Nebraska joining the Big Ten, this is a glorious day for Sparty as they are no longer the cellar dwellers of the conference when it comes to academics.

However, they kind of backed their ass into the second to last spot, didn't they?



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so be it and by all means "you win" hands down.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln is the flagship U in a small population state. We can't do the big state model of Giant State U with elite admissions  + multiple regional universities for all the other students in the state into multiple regional schools--we only have 2 other U's , one is for the western Nebraska ranchers and the other is a commuter school in Omaha (our largest city but just a villege by Michigan standards). Therefore, yes, we have pretty much an open admission standard for all high school grads as its THE University of Nebraska (that's a dig on OSU, Heston).. Its a totally different demographic and mission. 

In our humble way it works for us but probably not for you

First time your  in Lincoln for a game give me a call, I'll give you the guided tour--should only take 5 minutes, not much to see really. We'll start with "The Penis of the Plains"--you'd like that.


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U of M  Admittance Requirements:

Nebraska University Admittance Requirements:

Michigan State Admittance Requirements:


If you read all three of these, you will find that the requirements for Nebraska are more along the lines of Michigan's.

So Little Brother is still the bottom dwellers. You will find that Nebraska is a quality university in academics.

I dont believe you can stereotype it as in the cellar of the Big 10....just my honest opinion.

take it FWIW.


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Michigan ACT Averages:

Test Scores of Freshman Class


SAT Scores 25th
  SAT Math 640 740
  SAT Critical Reading 580 690
  SAT Writing 590 700
ACT Scores
  ACT Composite 27 31
  ACT Math 26 32
  ACT English 27 32

Nebraska ACT Averages:

Test Scores of Freshman Class


SAT Scores 25th
  SAT Math 530 670
  SAT Critical Reading 510 670
  SAT Writing
ACT Scores
  ACT Composite 22 28
  ACT Math 21 28
  ACT English 21 28
Michigan State ACT Averages:

Test Scores of Freshman Class

SAT Scores 25th
  SAT Math 540 660
  SAT Critical Reading 480 620
  SAT Writing 480 610
ACT Scores
  ACT Composite 23 27
  ACT Math 22 28
  ACT English 22 28

ok i stand corrected, Nebraska and Michigan State are closer...


Still not the lowest though;

Northwestern University ACT Averages:

ACT Test Admission

Ranks 822nd for 75pctl scores


Applicants submitting ACT results


Verbal scores (25/75 %ile)

18 / 25

Math scores (25/75 %ile)

17 / 24

Cumulative scores (25/75 %ile)

19 / 24

on entrance requirements, you are correct.

STW P. Brabbs

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If you didn't realize something was fishy with this data.

This is Northwest (FULL STOP) University, in Seattle. 

I guarantee that Northwestern is more selective than Michigan, as it takes much smaller incoming classes every year.  (I'd still take the top 8,000 undergrads at Michigan against the the Northwestern student body, though.)


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That's funny when you bring up academics.  When your whole fanbase is crying because admissions didnt let your boy Dorsey in.  You want to be held in such high esteem academically, yet you want to let in criminals that barely scrape by in high school as long as they are a great athlete.  Wow, a little double standard???  Want your cake and to eat it too???  Check out your APR and then say something. 


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We'll start crushing those bucknuts and start winning the b10 east every season, while UN may have it easy in the west. It could be a good rivalry seeing UM vs NU in the b10 championship game every year.  A nice warm up game on our way to the BCS national championship game!


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Not drag up a meme, but doesn't this feel a bit like this:

But seriously, I welcome Nebraska to the fold.  It is a good school with some nice programs, and a leading research school in the plain states/midwest.  If the battle is between the "worst" academic schools in your conference and all are in the top 100, I think we are in good shape.  


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I don't believe that the Big Ten will do much to pull up Nebraska's academics.  Most state schools have continued to improve their student bodies due to growth of in-state populations and very limited growth in the number of places at the top state universities.  In an agrarian state like Nebraska, you have little population growth and competition improves very slowly, if at all.  Personally, I find adding Nebraska to the BT to be a very equivocal decision.  ND, Pitt, Texas and Texas A&M would have been better fits.  Obviously, some of this may yet happen. 

Michigan also pulls a substantial number of OOS students, more than most state U's, further increasing competition for each available spot, thus continuing to raise the caliber of the student body.