Nebraska wins recruiting battle with OSU for 2014 QB Zack Darlington

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Dual-threat QB Zack Darlington of Apopka, FL (hometown of M's own Jeremy Gallon), has chosen Nebraska over offers from the likes of Virginia Tech, Arizona, West Virginia, Auburn, Ole Miss, and--perhaps most significantly--Ohio State.  According to an Orlando Sentinel article covering his committment, Darlington "picked the 'Huskers over Ohio State, much to the dismay of Buckeyes' head coach Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Tim Herman, about whom Darlington could not say enough good things."  Darlington is a 4-star on ESPN and a 3-star to the other three. Here is a link to the Orlando Sentinel article.  



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Admittedly I am unable to connect that reference.  I auotmatically associate the name Darlington with NASCAR and the movie Days of Thunder, and can't process anything bearing on other topics.


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Oh, no doubt! (Actually- a fop. Dandyism was a later fashion wave created by Beau Brummel which was meant to get the effeminiate nature of fop-ism at a distance that men could still be fashionable). BUT- either way, I wouldn't care how much many pinches snuff my QB wanted to snort, how perfumed his handkerchief was, or how high pitched his laugh is....if he could summarily murder a guy with a few whispy waves of his sword. At least, I wouldn't laugh too loud.


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Well, since I started the thread, allow me to ask your forgiveness for thinking it might be of interest that a QB recruit whom probably the two most significant opponents on Michigan's schedule both wanted just made his decision.  Next time I decide to start a thread about anything other than how awesome Michigan, or that expresses anything other that arrogant indifference to what any other teams are doing, I will be sure to ask you permission first.


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It's about time Nebraska starts throwing their weight around recruiting go after all the Ohio kids that are verbals to football.


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Situation is starting to get pretty worrisome for them. All of their top choices have committed or are strong leans elsewhere and their top second tier choice, Kizer, committed to ND.


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He sure seems to be having some struggles with recruiting there. Someone's going to quote me how they're still top 5 in recruiting every year, which isn't what I'm getting at. Everyone just expected Urban to waltz in and grab whatever recruit he wanted, but he's been losing a lot of battles between Michigan, Notre Dame and others. An interesting development for sure


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To be fair, last year we were crowing about how OSU was going to be locked out on LBs because they waited too long/couldn't flip Gedeon and McCRay, and whiffed on all of their top targets. And that ended pretty well for them. Urby closes late, can usually flip late-risers who committed early to lesser programs and work his mojo on top recruits who wait forever. That's just how he does it. I grant you, I don't know how that will play with QB recruiting, given the nature of that particular beast- QBs, elite or otherwise, don't tend to be hanging around late in the process, or as likely to flip as any other position.

E. Gordon Gee

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As of now the Offensive Line depth isn't the best and recruiting, as of now, has been stagnant. 

Depth wise: 

  • Senior Starters: Hall, Linsley, Norwell, Mewhort and Decker (likely at right tackle as sophomore) 
  • Junior: Underwood (likely to miss the season and redshirt)
  • Sophmore: Farris (may share duties at RT), Brown, Boren, Decker (the remaining three may see the field if someone else is injured)
  • Freshmen: Elflein, Dodson, Lisle, Garnder ( I doubt these guys see the field as freshmen and red shirt freshmen)

Assuming no one gets injured, the OL should be pretty sound this year. However, if someone gets injured, I wouldn't exactly feel comfortable placing one of the underclassmen in to fill that roll. This isn't to say I don't trust the coaching of the players but as of now, the depth is a huge factor this year. 

*Recruiting wise: 

  • Kyle Trout - committed
  • Mercelys Jones- committed
  • Jamarco Jones 
  • Demetrius Knox 
  • Chad Matvey
  • Alex Bookser
  • Damian Prince 

There are a few targets OSU is trying to close out with but the staff has moved OL recruiting to priority number one. Not exactly panicking yet as there is still time to land the guys listed above but it would likely hurt OSU if they didn't get another 2-3 commitments. 


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Not awesome.

They signed Tim Gardner (***) and Evan Lisle (****) in 2013.

They signed J.Boren (***), Taylor Decker (****), Kyle Dodson (****), Pat Eiflin (***), and Joey O'Connor (****) for 2012.

They have Jones (****) and Trout (****) for 2014, but are looking at add at least one JuCo for immediate depth.  If they miss on Jones, Knox and Prince are the only top OL left on their target list.


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Choose your own ending:

Re: Ohio and this Nebraska commit

a) Urban cooled on him

b) Something about the size of his behind

c) His offer was not committable

d) He wasn't willing to compete

e) Not "sacred brotherhood" material



E. Gordon Gee

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f) The recruit made the best choice possible for him and OSU wasn't it. Congratulate the other team on picking up the recruit and wish him the best of luck, unless you should cross paths again. Finally, move on and hope to find another recruit that is the best option for your program and wants to be a part of your team. 

No hard feelings towards Nebraska, they got a kid that  the staff wanted and OSU lost out on. Hopefully it works out for the Huskers and he leads their program to success. 



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Well, admittedly I don't like OSU having awesome ultra-QBs like Braxton Miler.  I much prefer the old days, when their quarterbacks were pretty good but always inhibited by some fatal flaw.  I mean, come on--it was much more fun watching Stanley Jackson complete passes to Michigan DBs than watching Braxton Miller complete passes to his own receivers.  It was much better seeing Terelle Pryor subject OSU to ridicule and NCAA investigations than see Braxton Miller continually fail to embarrass his program and never say a single word about everybody murdering.

Nebraska doesn't really concern me as much.  I don't think they will be able to recruit well enough to ever return to their 20th century glory days.  So let them have the guys off Meyer's board.


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Don't give up hope on Miller exposing some flaws. He looks good at times but then lost at others. I have a feeling that he'll lose a couple of games this year with his so so accuracy


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I don't know if it'll cost them any games, but I agree about Miller's passing. He's definitely a great QB, but he's not some flawless beast. His game consists of: dangerous runner, can make things happen on any given play, with downfield passing of the "heave it down field and cross your fingers" variety. OSU's receivers have been good enough to get the separation that can make that kind of passing work, though.


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Braxton Miller never scared me, he is one of the worst QBs osu has had in a decade sinve Pryor and Troy Smith...the guy is innacurate and has bad decision skills. He is fast and has a good arm, BUT thats it.. IMO