Nebraska Tailgate for Michigan Game.

Submitted by husker4life on August 4th, 2012 at 8:13 PM

Hey you all! If you're making it down to Lincoln for the UM Nebraska game at Memorial this year I just wanted to let you all know you're more than welcome to party with us before kick off. We usually have our tailgate towards the North end of the stadium but we might move this year, don't know yet. We'll have plenty of beer, chicken, ribs, ny strip steak, wings, brats, pork hell you name it and we'll have it! lol See you all October 27th! I'll give the full details in the middle week of October but just giving an FYI for now! GO BIG RED :)




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  1. Very generous offer. Much appreciated
  2. You may want to repost this closer to game time. We have short memory around here.
  3. Our quarterback is faster than your quarterback

Wolverine Devotee

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Ugh. Still a very rough subject with me. They should have given out two of those crystal footballs. If you're going to declare a split title, don't rob me the chance to tell my kids and grandkids someday stories of that team and showing them the crystal football at Schembechler Hall.


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wedding season weddings get changed to different dates cause of Husker football and all eyes are glued on the tv sets when we play lol so finding tickets can be a bit of a tough time. I'll see if anybody has extras but for the Michigan game they are starting from 150 to up to 200 per each stub. This is a game next to Iowa that we really want to see a victory in at Memorial. Did you try craigslist for the lincoln or omaha area under tickets?


August 5th, 2012 at 1:27 PM ^

I lived in Hastings Nebraska and it wasn't tough to get any ticket. They drop like a rock towards game day. The "sellout streak" has been saved many times by the alumni and local businesses. The stadium is under 90k and all of the seats are good. Enjoy and don't let the fans there fill you full of red bullshit. Iowa was much harder to get tickets for me.

KC Wolve

August 4th, 2012 at 10:29 PM ^

It makes me laugh when people say this about fanbases. As a KSU grad I can assure you that Neb fans are not better or worse than most. Lincoln is a great time and for the most part the fans are ok. Wouldn't recommend a tailgate though. Stadium is right downtown and there are pretty good bars to pre game. I have been there several times with Neb fans and never tailgated once. I am really looking forward to this game and the Neb fans will be fired up after the beating UM gave them last year, especially at night.

Go Blue


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From what I gathered around M websites it looks like a 50/50 decision for now. Do you guys feel very confident over there?  Of course you have the home field advantage and it is a night game.


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knowing that guys like Burkhead and Tmagic are coming back make us feel better offensively we are just hoping our defense does better than last year. Way too many yards were given up in the conference schedule and putting that kind of pressure on your offense is never a good thing but because it is a night game and the sea of red will be rocking we are feeling confident! Nobody sees it as a blow out either and a lot of people are expecting a spread of 3 points maybe a 7 point difference. It also depends on which Nebraska team shows up :/.  Our passing game needs to improve too but Martinez has looked good in spring training so we all expect him to be a lot better.


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Sweet.  We actually reside in NE, temporarily.  Anybody know if tickets available to the game?  We'd like to come party with you guys. 


August 5th, 2012 at 12:07 AM ^

I'm staying at my cousin's house about two miles from the stadium. We're playing golf at Quarry Oaks in the morning but we should get down there a couple hours before kickoff. It would be cool to have a beer with someone from the MGoCommunity.


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If there's anything I've learned about Nebraska since they joined the B1G is that overall the fanbase is a fun and very polite group...basically the polar opposite of Ohio and MSU. And the OP definitely confirms this. I hope the Huskers have a great season (with the exception of beating Michigan and winning the division).


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I may be getting a couple tickets from a NE alum and friend at work! It is less than a 3 hour drive for me!  It should be a great game. Looking forward to it!