Nebraska Pregame - Flyovers, Card Stunt

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Was a little surprised to see this hasn't been posted yet*-


MILITARY APPRECIATION: There won’t be jetpacks at the Big House, but that’s about all that will be missing from Michigan’s Military Appreciation plans on Saturday. Athletic Department officials are urging fans to arrive to the game early to participate in a card stunt project. During the national anthem, fans will hold up 65,000 cards that will combine to form an American flag. The cards will be affixed to seats in sections 1-23, circling around the south endzone from east of the 50-yard line to west of the 50-yard-line. “We’re keeping (the cards) away from the students, so they don’t turn into boomerangs,” a military representative joked on Monday. The national anthem will also feature a flyover from four F-16 fighter jets out of Pope Air Force Base in South Carolina. The jets will be launching from Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Mount Clemons, Mich. and flying south to north over the stadium — and the card stunt. The head pilot for the flyover is a Michigan graduate. Plans are to have a live video feed from the lead jet play on the stadium’s videoboards to show the card stunt from overhead. Pregame hospitality for veterans will also be held at Oosterbaan Fieldhouse. “Let me tell you, it’s awesome,” Hoke said. “We all are thankful for those who have served this country and those who are serving. “Coming from San Diego and having the relations we were able to have with the Marine corps and the Navy, it’s humbling what they do for our country and what they do for us to be able to sit here to today and get asked questions, some good and some not so good.”

So show up early!

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"The national anthem will also feature a flyover from four F-16 fighter jets out of Pope Air Force Base in South Carolina."

Pope Air Force Base is in North Carolina.....I'm just saying.



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"Pope doesn't have 16's."


You are correct.  Pope does not have F16's.  Nor does he have F14's  What he does have is a Popemobile.  I'm not Catholic but I think I am correct.  I am Lutheran--which came from Catholisism.  Does that count?

Imagine if the Pope did have F14's.  Talk about spreading the Word!

Ok...back to football...


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This is the same fighter wing that does flyovers for the Carolina Panther games.  All you in attendance on Saturday are in for a treat!  We live about 3 miles from Panther Stadium and these guys never fail to impress when they skim our rooftops at 400 mph (or however fast they are going).  I'm jealous!


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How long will it take the jets to get from Mt Clemens to the Big House?  At a speed of up to 1,200 mph for a fifty mile flight, I am guessing somewhere between 8 and 12 minutes, depending on how fast they want to cruise and how long it takes to get up to altitude.  


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Having spent some of my formative years outside of a couple of large AF Bases, I can tell you it hasn't always been the case. The worst part was, when they broke our windows in school, we didn't even get the day off.

My daughter is coming in from DC for the game, so it will be a double win by the time I take my seat. Now, if the team could see their way to make it a triple win, I'd be awfully happy!


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Sorry to threadjack, but I didn't think this was worth of its own thread and the Search function is broked.  Does any one know if you can leave a car in the Meijer parking lot (on AA-Saline Road) during the game/tailgating without it getting towed?

Feat of Clay

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I know this is not the firm answer you were looking for, but I live a stone's throw from that Meijer, drive by it multiple times a day, and I have never seen a tow truck in there.  I've also never seen the parking lot full; they've got a TON of spaces.  So I think you'd be okay.


November 15th, 2011 at 11:05 AM ^

will be towed. Having said that, I agree that I've never HEARD of that happening. I'd say it probably comes down more to the tailgating.  If you're rather obvious about it, and have a big spread, they might notice, and tell you to leave, or pull a dick move and tow you after you leave. If you're subtle, and buy some food from there, they probably won't notice/care.

Having said that, there are free places to park closer than Meijer in the same area.  On the otherside of 94 there's Northbrook just past Whole Foods, and I've hard even closer in the neighborhoods past Busch's on Main. If you're worried your spread is too big, let me can park in front of my house in that area, and use my lawn. ;-)


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Woodbury Drive a couple blocks east of State Street just off Stadium has public spaces.  There is a ballfield there and I have seen tailgaters there often.  Not sure how quickly it fills up but it is right next to a Kroger.  Plus it is just a ~12 minute walk to the Big House. 


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“We’re keeping (the cards) away from the students, so they don’t turn into boomerangs,” a military representative joked on Monday.

Probably a good call, coming from a student.


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I'm patriotic.  I appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of our nation's military.......  but I'm not going to be in my seat 45 minutes before kick off for a noon game.


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Would know it was Misopogon's post.  ;-) (I know his momma call him Seth, but I can't bring myself to call him Seth).

(And FYI, while I was throwing a zing in...I wasn't one who negged Bosch...people can do things before the game, as long as they're there for the game.  Though this one might be fun to show up a little early, since the weather will be nice).


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I can't say that I didn't expect to be down voted.  I'm refusing to show up early to show my support for both Michigan and the military.  Blasphemous! 

I drive three hours each way for every home game and a big part of the reason I do this is beacuse I enjoy the tailgating experience.  I like to spend time with old friends.... in our heated canopy, beverages in hand.  Getting to my seat early (30 to 45 minutes is suggested; I did not make it up) does not really appeal to me.

With that said, I rarely miss the opening kick.

End story.......  Proceed to neg away.


SirJack II

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The patriots on this site (and on sports blogs in general, I assume) can be a little much to deal with at times.

I don't see any reason to fly fighter jets over football stadiums, but I guess I'm in the minority. I'm curious if other countries do this, or if it's an American oddity.