Nebraska Gameday Experience

Submitted by andrewG on October 28th, 2012 at 8:46 AM

There's enough negative threads on the board right now, so how about one that's a little less depressing?

We've all heard about the legendary Husker hospitality, but it actually exceeds any expectations. Here are the 3 worst Nebraska fans I met this weekend in Lincoln, in increasing order of hostility:

3. The guy next to me on the plane to Omaha chatted with me pleasantly for most of the flight, but only wished me a good time in Nebraska, not good luck for the game.

2. A drunk guy at the bar on Friday may have talked some vague trash as he passed. It was loud, so I can't actually confirm he said something negative, but I highly suspect it.

1. An even drunker girl at the same bar poked the block M on my t-shirt fairly roughly and would not let me walk past her for a solid 5 seconds.

How was everyone else's experience in Lincoln? Did anyone manage to find a rude Husker fan???



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Going to be taking this trip every two years. We lucked out with our division - Chicago, Iowa City, Minneapolis, and Lincoln every other year. Too bad we can't trade East Lansing for Madison.


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The most annoying fans were a family of 4 Michigan fans behind us, who spent the last 90 minutes insulting Bellomy and telling everyone around us how screwed we're gonna be next year.

Nebraska fans were unfailingly nice. I was slightly disappointed at the atmosphere at the game - I expected it to be more intense, but it was surprisingly laid-back when it wasn't 3rd down. Still, awesome experience and would absolutely come back.


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I was also most annoyed with a group of Michigan fans who was sitting right behind me. These 3 were a walking embodiment of the Walmart Wolverine as envisioned by Sparty. Repeatedly caling Denard a pussy for not coming back into the game was their shining moment.


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I went to both games the last two years. Many more neb. fans in ann arbor than michigan fans in lincoln. I had the unfortunate pleasue of sitting next to a neb. fan who was also a spartan grad. He wasn't too horrible but you knew from sitting next to him that something just wasnt right. I think the tailgating is about the worst along with iowa city. Fans overall were nice. I did find it funny though I ran into the same husker fan outside the stadium twice who kept swearing and telling me to take off my michigan jersey. I asked a lot of neb fans last year ( including my father) how they were treated in Ann Arbor, and all of them said michigan fans treated them fine and they liked being in ann arbor. good all around fan experience i think for both fan bases. 


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I'm worn out from having to smile and say hello to everyone. They kept giving me drinks,too.

Now if I could only get home from the storm, that would be nice...


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My wife and I were given passes to the Champions Club. Two story building full of TVs and bars. Food was provided by Misty's, great prime rib. We were given lots of free drinks all night before and after the game. Pretty fun time in the lions den.


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I don't usually post but I can't say enough about how great Lincoln was. The people couldn't have been better and they have a lot of great tradition. Made me appreciate Michigan's lack of advertisments though. They had an ad run on the big screen between every play and every replay. Absoultley incredible environment. 


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Remember when another visitor comes to our stadium. Treat them with:

Welcome to Michigan 

I hope you have a great experience in this town.

Here are some great places to eat..etc


We can all learn from the good example of others 

Florida Blue

October 29th, 2012 at 12:28 PM ^

I believe they are the nicest fan base that I have ever experienced.  I was decked out in Michigan stuff so many of them wanted to get pictures with me and all of them asked if I was having a good time.  They all wished Michigan luck and thanked us for making the trip to Nebraska.  They were concerned about Denard and when the game was over they even came up to me and wished him well and wished us luck for the remainder of the season.  The only bad experience sadly was the couple of Michigan fans behind me screaming profanity throughout the first quarter.  I actually turned around and asked them to watch their mouths out of respect for others around them and a couple of N fans thanked me for that. 

I can't say enough about how nice these people were. 

The Stadium was ok but definately not the Big House.  The advertising was pretty bad all over the place and it really had an NFL feel to it.  The tailgate scene was nothing to write home about either and there did seem to be quite a few Michigan fans there.  For some reason they were mostly wearing Blue so they didn't stand out against the red like Maize would have.  I always wear Maize for that reason. 

Overall it was an amazing experience outside of the results which I feel would have been different if Denard had played.  I think we would have likely scored a TD on that drive that he got hurt and I think we would have grinded that game out on them.  We had a 21 to 9 minute TOP advantage in the first half.  Very Unfortunate that he went down. 

Brick in The Wave

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I have lived in Nebraska for quite sometime now and I have experienced the gameday atmosphere in Lincoln several times.  Generally the fans are very welcoming on game day knowing that all the visiting fans will be leaving the next day. 

Living here and not being a Nebraska fan has absolutely been brutal however. They are not as nice during the week.  I have literally been told by several fans that if I can't support Nebraska I should just leave the state.  I have taken an ungodly amount of crap already today and there is no end insight.  I am not one to talk a bunch of crap pre/post game no matter  the result. 

If you get out of the Omaha/Lincoln area you will run in to some of the most irrational/misinformed fans on Earth.  I realize I am pretty biased from years of living behind what I would consider enemy lines.