Nebraska Game set for 8 on ESPN 2

Submitted by jcgold on October 15th, 2012 at 11:42 AM

Title says it all.



Darth Wolverine

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Usually the 8:00 ABC game is where Game Day is and hence, Kirk and Brent would call that game. There are times that hasn't happened this year, but that is what traditionally happens. It doesn't matter anyway. ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, they're all the same network. What matters is that it's a night game and will be on national television. I'm guessing the commentators will be Todd Blackledge and Brad Nessler.


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No, it really won't. Last years WS Game 3 more than tripled the rating of the college football games it was up against (ND-USC and a OU-TT/Washington-Stanford mirror). The WS did  3.2/10 (rating/share) while ND-USC did .8/2 and the ABC game did .7/2. It should be noted that UW-MSU was on ESPN at the same time, but there's no way that that outdid the World Series.

You might be on firm ground arguing that the collective rating of all college football will outpace the WS, but no college game, and certainly not one with a regional following like 'Bama-MSU, is going to draw more viewers than a network broadcast World Series game. The reason that Stanford/ND outdrew the Yankees/Tigers is that one was on a network and the other was on cable.

Here's the info on last year:


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Am I the only one who's mildly annoyed that we're playing a night game on Halloweekend?  Oh well, I guess you can file this with all the other comments from people whining about noon vs 3:30 games (which is a fight that I don't have a dog in).


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/we are outraged about this right? I can't keep track of what I'm mad about anymore

Indiana Blue

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sounds like this woman is asking for a little help from the blog-men of MGoBlog about additional "presents" for her husband's birthday ....   My first suggestion is ... uh ... oh perhaps this should be a separte thread ?   uh wait - never mind ... I don't see this going well.

Go Blue!


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I love night games, because it allows me to watch the game in real time.  With young kids, watching live during the day is tough, so my wife and I DVR the games, and go on complete media blackout from kickoff until we turn on the game after the kids go to sleep.  No phones, bberries, internet, TV, etc.  Trying to avoid places to eat lunch that have TVs can be a real pain. 

Night games avoid all of that stress, so for me, I don't care what channel it is on. 



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Next weekend will be my ultimate test as I'm flying the family out to the UM-MooU game.

I'll have to go dark until Tuesday to watch the NU-vs-UNL on DVR since they play in Evanston during the Michigan game, & I plan to watch my DVR of MNF first.

The other challenge will be avoiding the flight crew announcing the final of the Detroit-vs-Chicago game when we land Monday night. In the age of DVR's & smartphones, it drives me nuts that flight crews still do this. We were all just on a sh!tty plane w/ no wi-fi, it's obvious that we all did not see the games.. so go ahead spoil it for everyone, it's not like we could click twice to see the socres on our own if we chose to.



snarling wolverine

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But usually they only flash it on the scoreboard.  They only actually give the scores out loud once per game, or so it seems.  If you plug your ears during that one time and make sure to avoid the board the other times, you can pull it off.

Speaking of which, at Purdue last week it was really weird.  They actually showed video highlights of another game in progress (Wisconsin-Illinois), but didn't flash the score on the board anywhere.  I saw a Wisconsin guy score but had no idea what the score was.  No other games were mentioned.


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..."say it all."

The game will be broadcast at 8 ET, 7 CT. Perform your own time zone calculation for your viewing location of choice or circumstance.


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An 8 PM start is actually ideal for me that weekend, as I have all sorts of family coming in for a gathering in the afternoon and probably would not get to see it as it aired otherwise. We should be home by 8 PM, and since the kids start their so-called "journey towards bedtime" at 8 PM sharp, they can get ready for bed and fall asleep in front of the game while my wife and I watch (although I watch far more intently than my wife does). That works for me - that's a nice family-friendly primetime event for my house.


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Does anyone have any inside info on the game time for the Minnesota game? We are heading up there and have no idea when kickoff might be.  The ticket office says the networks only need to provide them a 72 hour heads up on the kickoff time....



Darth Wolverine

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Unfortunately I have a fucking wedding to go to on November 3, so I'm hoping MN is a noon game. Seriously, weddings simply should not be allowed during football season. I just think it is inconsiderate. Do you really want some people at your wedding, hating you for making them miss football, or leaving the room constantly to check football on TVs if possible, or worse, having people stay in a room with TVs and not even be in the hall celebrating with you?


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I've been to two weddings with tv's at the bar. People said that it would take the attention away from the bride and groom, but it really helps the atmosphere. Most people are around the bar half the night any. If I'm spending thousands of dollars on a wedding, my number one goal is to make sure everyone is having a great time.


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If you have dish can you still call them and order the BigTen Network just for a day? My dad did this the other year and they charged him 5 dollars or something. Does anyone know if this is possible??


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Lame. Saturday night on haloween weekend is for parties (college student here). Guess I'll just get a late start for those. Wonder if that will affect Nebraska's student section at all?