NE Patriots host Kovacs for private workout

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I saw it per Kyle Meinke.  I used to despise the Patriots because I thought Belichick was an asshat (he still is), but I love how they run their organization and it's hard to not like a team interested in some Michigan players.  


MT @tonypauline: Jordan Kovacs pro-day 4.56-to-4.62, 6.62-3Cone, 4.19-short shuttle, 35-inch vert...Patriots working him out privately

— Kyle Meinke (@kmeinke) March 14, 2013
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Not sure if he has the athleticism to play on the next level, but he might have the "football"-smarts to do it.  Being in the right place can make up for an inability to catch-up to a blown coverage.  He'd at least make a good special-teams hustle player who will be a total gym rat and also know the film room like it's his own house (oh shucks, I just classified him into the white-guy special teams player). 

Meh, it'd at least make for a good ESPN pre-game story if he makes it from walk-on to NFL player.



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I don't know about this Kocacs guy, but that Kovacs guy from Michigan fits the bill to a T... at least for the demographic ESPN touted as Welker's replacement, basically you have to be:



-regularly using bi-pedal movement

-in use of all four limbs

-able to be defined as having "football-knowledge-that-just-can't-be-taught"

And there you go, you're a suitable Welker replacement. 



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Not looking like a genius after letting Welker walk because asshat Belichek constantlyyanked his chain these past 2 years. 

The Pat's are my NFL team but godamn I am sick of them always saying we're not going to pay guys and let them walk.  If Brady had some effing defensive help and a half ass good RB we would be calling him the GOAT at this point with 5 Super Bowl rings, and who knows maybe he would have cloned Gisele at this point and had 2 smoking hot wifes. 


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I know a lot of NFL prospects are college seniors. Are they still finishing their education? How do all these workouts and pro days and the combine affect their senior year academics? 

Not meant to thread-jack. Just something I've always wondered and this seems like a good spot.


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There's a good article posted earlier today about Denard finishing up his degree while most guys in his position drop out and head south for private workouts.  It'll help you get some perspective on the whole thing, like it did for me.  Check it out.


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I get your point, but I am assuming there is some kind of balance, just like some students have job or academic interviews in the spring of their final semester in preparation to move to the next level professionally or academically. The private workout will assumingly be scheduled around school and if you have a big interview, it might be worth missing a class. I don't think this is that different than other professionals coming out of school, but there might be more of it.


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Thanks for the article guys. Always good to read about Denard. I love that he wants to graduate on time and accomplish his goal. It's interesting to see how many prospects drop out when they must be so close to getting a degree. I'd like to know what percent finish their degree on time, finish early and just completely drop out. To the Googles!

MGoCombs, I suppose you're probably right. It just seems like I hear about so many different events that would pull them away from their school work. And I guess I envision these things as a larger time commitment than they actually are.


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You're probably correct, so maybe assume was a strong word. However, I guess weighing missing a class vs. possibly playing for the Patriots might tip toward the latter. My point was more that the kids who care about school will figure out a way to balance it, like other students do with other potential careers and the tasks involved while in school.


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Not bad...from assessments throughout his career most people would agree he wasn't considered "fast" by any means.

4.56 is not terrible, and his football instincts and knowledge get him in the right positions to make plays. 

I think this was a great performance for Kovacs. 

Belly-Chick will take his 3rd rounder and turn it into a 4th, 5th, and 6th rounder (none of which he has in 2013), and scoop up Kovacs in the 5th or 6th.  Book it!


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No wonder they are hosting him. The only question about him is his athleticism. This kind of answers that a bit and makes him a great potential pickup in the 6th or 7th round.


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Here's a brief summary courtesy of SBNation - (LINK)

"Kovacs is not known for being particularly fleet of foot and was not expected to be taken in any round of the draft. NFL teams may have to reconsider after he beat the NFL Combine average for safeties in the 40-yard dash, three-cone drill, broad jump and vertical leap. He ran a 4.58 and a 4.60 in the 40, which surpassed expectations."

The 10'2'' broad jump and the 35-inch vertical got some well-deserved attention as well. He has always worked about as hard as anyone and hopefully it pays off in the form of a spot in the draft. 

Perkis-Size Me

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Awesome for Kovacs. Hope the Pats see something in him worth drafting him for. I'd love to see the, take him as a late round, low-risk high-reward guy. You can put him in the safety position or special teams, and he'll bust his ass no matter where you put him.


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You love how the Pats run their organization? They let Brady restructure his contract under the false pretense that they'd bring in help as well as do whatever it took to not let guys like Welker walk.


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One decision doesn't make a franchise.

The Pats are the definition of a solid franchise. They have at least 10 plus wins a year and always compete for the playoffs/title. They seem to always find hidden talent in the draft too.

They are kinda like the wings, but NFL.


March 14th, 2013 at 10:43 PM ^

totally disagree with you, it is hard for me to separate the Patriots success as an organization vs the success of Tom Brady.


Is Brady winning despite the organization?; Is the organization putting Brady in the best position to win?; some combination of both?


In recent years (since maybe 2005-2006) the Patriots have been pigeon-holed as: high flying west coast passing offense with a very limited run game and a porous defence.


The Patriots have been lampooned for trading away draft picks, not being able to bring in wide receivers and tight ends (there have been 10-20 utter failures for ever Moss or Welker, ditto for Gronk and Hernandez), and their defense has really gone down hill since "spygate".


I think the new rookie wage contracts are prompting the Pats to be more aggressive with the draft, and I think Belicheck's long defensive makes up for spygate, but I still can't make up my mind if the Pats are a leader of franchises, or a follower of Tom Brady.


(the owner, Bob Kraft, seems like a great dude though.  He stays out of the football decisions, tries to build relationships with players, and had a heavy hand in ending the last lock out.  Stand up guy it seems.)


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When you say that they regularly trade away draft picks, you're actually talking about one of the things that I love about how the Patriots run things. They trade first round picks for second round picks + future picks. They had 4 picks in the first 2 rounds in 2010 (3 in the 2nd round), 5 picks in the first 3 rounds in 2011 (2 in the 2nd round, 2 in the 3rd), and 2 in the first round last year. This is from constantly trading down in previous years, so I'm not sure how people can really lampoon them for that.


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Kovacs would probably instantly be the best player in our secondary. That's sad and not an insult to Kovacs, but an insult to the other guys. I'd love Kovacs on the Patriots. I'm still reeling from the Welker fiasco. This would make me feel better.


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If they picked him up as a UFA. They would have kovacs and zoltan, if they got denard, talk about the most popular Michigan players over the last 5 years. 

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I don't know.  If I were the Pats, I would not have brought Kovacs in.   Seems like they could have kept it on the down low that they were interested in him and sneakily drafted him in the late rounds.   What more do they need to evaluate about him?   He obviously has great character.  Just jingle Mattison for any necessary input and go from there.  Now the entire NFL will be knockin' on this kids' door since the Pats are sniffing around!  

Or maybe it's a ploy to convince someone to draft Kovacs in the 3rd round just so the Pats dont' get him later.   Oh, those sneaky Pats.

Congrats to Jordan on a great workout.   Someone will pick him up.