ND v. MSU, Who do we root for?

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Looking at the games this weekend, it seems that the most exciting/interesting game is between two teams we hate. I'm the kind of guy that roots for are rivals (for the most part) outside of when we play them. That way, it is sweeter when we win. Now I know a lot of you are too "proud" to pull for a rival, and I get it, but do you feel better after beating a mediocre team, or a great team? Think about it.

I plan on rooting for MSU in this one. If both Michigan and MSU win the rest of their games before they meet, there is no doubt that would be the biggest game that week. What are your thoughts MGoBlog?  



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But right now, after 4 years of of losing to them and swollen heads the size of Jupiter I want them crushed. I want to see Dantonio handled at home and all of these Spartan fans who think they are Alabama north, king of the big 10, and  given 11-1 team slapped back into reality. I want all of the Michigan fans who are starting to believe the hype to see the truth. I want them exposed. And then I want them to get blown out at Michigan by 4 TD's. By 2018 I want Dantonio sub .500. He is a true douchebag. I hate ND but my level of sickness towards Sparty and that fanbase is at an all time high. And now that we are in the same division in our conference, i'll even be rooting for the evil empire from Columbus when they play them. Anything that benefits Michigan football is a win win. MSU losing to this horrible ND team is a benefit.


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A loss to out of conference ND does nothing for us. I guess you could root against MSU in conference play, but at the end of the day, the only game that matters on their schedule is against UM.


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I love that we Michigan fans, students, alumni actually are split on this or that this is even a question.  In Sparty land, I don't think this will be a topic when we play ND.


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  1. I just can't root for Michigan State right now.
  2. It looks better for Michigan to beat ND the week after they win.
  3. MSU can recover in the standings by the time we play them, and by the time we still beat them.

Having said this, I really don't care who wins ND vs. MSU. I care about whether our OL gets its act together, so that Toussaint starts gaining yards.


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Why do I have to root FOR either of them? I suspect ND will decide they need more criminals after this game, but lil' bro might decide they need more students. Either way, I won't be watching.


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I'm pretty happy with the current ND situation. The whole country views it as a recently struggling program, not to mention we've been succesful against them. Sparty, on the other hand, is claiming to be relevant nationally. Barely beating a rebuilding Boise and losing to ND at home thru 3 weeks should shut them up. Go Irish


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Root for ND.  Always.  MSU is a bigger rival, and we have to own the state of Michigan to be nationally competitive.  We don't ever want MSU to have the credibiilty that comes from something like a BCS bowl vicotry.


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I'm rooting for a Tom Gholston punch, a Brian Kelly freakout, a few tommy rees fumbles followed by kneeing a cop, Laveon Bell carrying the ball 50 times, Dion Sims to steal a few computers, a few burning couches....

coastal blue

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Notre Dame beating Sparty was crucial in us getting a BCS bowl last year. I doubt we would have made it to the Sugar Bowl if they'd been 11-2 and we'd been 10-2. 

Therefore, in case of a similar situation (God, I hope not....) where we lose to them again, it would ultimately help us for them to have an OOC loss. 

Anyway, from an emotional standpoint, I don't really care who wins, I just want to beat both of them. 


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Terrorist jokes on 9/11 are bad.  Very bad.  Poor taste.  Inconsiderate.  Uncalled-for.  Not good.  You need to sit the rest of this month out.  Take this time on the Bolivian beach to think about what you've done and come back a changed poster.


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Tiebreaker for the division if it's a round-robin tie eventually gets to the highest BCS ranked team, and then overall record.

So say we beat MSU, MSU beats Nebraska, and Nebraska beats us (or with two losses each...Ohio State beats everyone else), Michigan and Nebraska already have out of conference losses.  So MSU is going to be ranked higher without an OOC loss, and go to the championship game instead of us. If we want to play for the championship, it helps us to have ND win.

Beating an undefeated MSU but losing to LSU in the Cap 1 Bowl doesn't do our rep any better than winning a mediocre conference and losing to Oregon in the Rose Bowl.


September 11th, 2012 at 5:58 PM ^

ND is still the progam to fear out of that pair in the longterm.  They'll always have the higher ceiling and putting Kelly firmly on the hot seat just keeps them further away from hitting it. 

If we can't beat MSU (Maxwell ain't Cousins, losing Worthy is a big deal) and Nebraska (I do thank them for giving the Bruins a great deal of false hope) this year that is just on us.


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in the Chicagoland area.  I can't stand 'em, so root for Sparty, then we crush them the following week for a powerful one-two punch.  Plus, ND always acts like they don't need the B1G, don't want the B1G, but they play 3 games a year against the B1G to establish their supremacy in the Midwest.


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With any luck, Spartan Stadium will be in the center of the Vogon's new hyperspace bypass. Alternatively, the Borg could always scoop the stadium off the face of the planet in their attempt to gather intelligence on humans. Finding nothing intelligent, they would then move on.

That being said, to make our chances of getting to the BTCG that much better, perhaps Notre Dame will win before the Vogons start construction (but not in time to get out of the stadium).


September 11th, 2012 at 3:28 PM ^

For sparty. Conference needs victories. Doesn't matter much because the media will find a way to spin it to show the decline of the Big Ten. Yep. I'm a little jaded.


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How about ND wins a close one, but Sparty beats them up real good and they limp into the next week. That's a win/win scenario. I really don't care who wins to be quite honest, but I always want the B10 to do well.


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I don't even have to think about it.  I want MSU to lose.  I know it's been said over and over again, but MSU fans do not know how to win graciously.  With every new win, they remove themselves further from reality and into a land where all teams cower before a Spartan armored Dantonio, all recent B1G and National Championships should belong in East Lansing, and all logic and reasonable understanding of the game of football is thrown out the window.

The thing is, I didn't used to feel this way.  I remember when at one point, MSU football and basketball fans (despite the occasional riot and couch burning) were only mildly annoying and overall, not so bad.  Heck, I even liked to see MSU do good every once in awhile.  Somewhere along the way, the fanbase as whole just snapped and turned into OSU fan wannabes without the football knowledge.  So as it stands, at the hands of any and all opponents, I wish upon Sparty a complete and utter crumbling of their sports world until they are beaten into submission and finally understand humility again.

And now that I'm done with my quite dark and anger driven rambling, I'd also like MSU to lose because I'd rather see U of M to go up against an undefeated Irish.  Not only does it provide a bigger rankings boost for U of M if we're victorious, but a rivalry game is always so much better when an unblemished record is on the line.


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I hate everything about Notre Dame and would be perfectly content to see them lose every single game they play until the end of eternity (or until they finally lose their undeserved special treatment and join a conference, whichever comes first). 


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Root for whomever you want to win the game.  Enough of this crap about rooting according to a formula that will potentially get your favorite team an extra thousandth of a point in the BCS.  If the result is not direct or certain then there is no point in fretting over it.  I plan on rooting against MSU because they are my least favorite team.  

Being a fan is about having fun rooting for your team.  It is not a math exam.