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Submitted by Chi-Blue on September 15th, 2012 at 11:56 PM

Starting Safety Jamoris Slaughter who was injured last week against Purdue with a shoulder left the game tonight with an apparent ankle injury. The game was still very much in question when he left the game, and did not return. If he is unable to go this further complicates the problem the Dame has with their back 4 so we shall see.

ND's front seven looked really good tonight so it would seem as though it rests upon the arm of Denard. He makes plays in the passing/scrambling game we have an excellent chance to win the game.


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September 16th, 2012 at 12:03 AM ^

I said this in another thread, but I'll throw it out again. ND very well may have a strong front seven, but this game can't be submitted as evidence of that. MSU returned a shitty offensive line from last year and everyone decided that they would magically become good now. Unfortunatly for them, that didn't quite happen. I don't anticipate them getting a whole ton of pressure rushing four against us. And they're still playing in slow motion in the secondary, so Denard killing them on the ground will be there as always. If we can get our receivers to become active players in this game it won't be any issue for us. But even in the case that they aren't, we'll be able to match their pace with our production on the ground. 


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Our pass protection has been good.  Even against Alabama Denard usually had time to throw.  State's line could not protect Maxwell at all tonight, but I don't think that will be the issue for UM.  ND may be able to limit UM's offense on the ground but I think Denard will have time in the pocket.


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I wouldn't say that MSU's O-line last year was shitty. It was cobbled together, but they played well enough against our front seven to let Edwin Baker rack up 167 yards rushing on us. They won that game because they manhandled us in the trenches. As much as I can't stand Dantonio, I gotta hand it to him and his staff: they know how to coach up mediocre talent.  


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And in the other 11 games they finished second to last in Conference Rushing, only ahead of Iowa (?!?).

Our game against them last year was more of an outlier than anything, they got hyped up for us and played really well. Even this year, they're 9th in the conference despite having Heisman Bell and playing relatively weak teams (Boise and CMU)

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They won that game because they manhandled us in the trenches

Don't forget that we turned it over on downs inside their 10 and threw a pick-six.

Our D held MSU to 21 points last year, which was one of their lowest totals of the year. People are acting like they steamrolled us when really, it was pretty much a defensive struggle most of the way.  They managed to score two TDs on short throws where Martin broke tackles after the catch.  Otherwise we pretty much held them in check.


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was also 1 of 13 on 3rd down. I don't think they looked great but we'll need to play a solid game to beat them with all of our youth AND on the road. I don't think we'll be able to rely on last minute heroics for a fourth staight year...


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MSU's O-Line is VERY suspect this year. We won't know for sure till next week, but I think we will have a little more success getting a push than MSU did on ND.

Also, I think this week is the week we will see the biggest leap in production for both lines. For the first time this year, the game tape is usabl as a teaching tool. Against Bama, it didn't matter if the lines did everything right. They were gonna get beaten. Against Air Force, that film doesn't really help vs more normal teams. For the first time this year, the players should be able to watch film and really see how small changes will improve performance substantially.


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While MSU's Oline may be suspsect, remember how they did last year against Michigan with said crappy Oline.  This year, our Dline is pretty suspect so far, and I don't think anyone should get ahead of themselves with how the Dline will do against their Oline. 


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According to the preason hypometer Pudue probably has the second or third best d-line in the conference behind MSU and OSU.So whatever thats worth when looking at ND's game against them.


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defensively both Purdue and MSU are ahead of UM at this point in time.  ND's offense is likely to score 20+ points on us.  Incumbent on Borges to come up witha fresh offensive plan.


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I will assume/hope they have a let down for next week.  It fairly common to see teams get up for a big game, win, then the next week get beat.  They did look very impressive last night, probably the best I've seen them look in the "U Mad Bro?" era


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Rumor on the ND boards are that Slaughter may be done for the year, Cierre Wood from the Twitters;

"Each game frm here on out is for my brotha  ! I love u bro n I won't stop grinding till we get that crystal ball!"

May be a torn Achilles from some dude on Ndnation.  Which would truly awful.  

At the same time, if Denard doesn't have at least 25 attempts with 2 frosh CBs and now a backup safety, I would be shocked.