The ND rape case details

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Thats the St. Joe county prosecuter's office press release up there^^ 


First, there was the allegation of Sexual Batter/, specifically the touching of her breasts. Secondly, there was a complaint about text messages received by Ms. Seeberg. She never made an allegation of rape nor does the evidence even suggest a rape occurred as some media outlets have mistakenly reported. 

Oh there wasn't any allegations of rape at all.  I can't believe ND would have stone walled everyone like this on such a serious matter.  

Mods you can throw this in the locked thread if you want but felt this tidbit needed to be added

Before anyone tries to get all high and mighty after falling for my bait, I do not in any capacity condone this type of conduct towards anyone; that includes the reported allegations and the actual allegations that were made.  The only purpose of this post is to poke fun at the chicago tribune for their great investigative journalism and anyone who came in here expecting anything other than what is posted above.

[ed.- No way this goes well. and from the parts I skimmed people were generally being inappropriate or offended by people being inappropriate. The comments are still here, so if someone had particularly insightful one, it may be lifted out, but the noise outweighed the signal. - PaulVB]



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This whole thread bothers me.  I get that the OP is pro-ND and that's fine.  And i understand he's understandibly happy that the football program does not appear at this point to be as culpable as originally feared.  But for the love of God a teenage girl committed suicide and there is nothing....i repeat NOTHING funny about that.

Anybody who thinks otherwise can absolutely fuck themselves.


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Irish, there may be more going on in the background which may cause ND to be silent on the matter.  Let's hope it turns out to be no more than your squib shows.  Perhaps the potential for civil litigation is lurking, and they are trying to quietly settle the matter?

While we like to kick your butt on the field, ND is a fine school and this and the unfortunate death of the student photographer are not the kind of news any of us likes to hear about ND or any other university.


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Especially since if everything could be proven (not saying it could or couldn't, but hypothetically) those crimes are bad enough to land the player in jail for eleven years and rack up 20,000 in fines plus probably be found culpable in a wrongful death case.

This is certainly nothing to make Notre Dame happy, proud, or stop ill will from anyone.


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considering the tone of the board when the "news" broke I think it serves its purpose quite well.

Before anyone tries to get all high and mighty after falling for my bait, I do not in any capacity condone this type of conduct towards anyone; that includes the reported allegations and the actual allegations that were made.  


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This is a horrific tragedy for everyone involved, especially that girl's family.  I think folks should reserve judgement on how ND authorities responded, and I think it's improper to speculate on what happened.  Having said that, as a general matter (alleged) sexual assault is still a crime, and should be taken seriously. 


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What are you revealing here?  While there may not have been a rape, there was a sexual battery that resulted in the victim committing suicide.  The article linked on the locked thread discusses the time course of the complaints and investigation.  The late response seems bad for the ND police, but maybe it's within the norm (doesn't make it right).   Whatever was said on the board, you probably should have let it go because "poking fun" at anyone doesn't seem to be appropriate in this case.


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I can't believe ND would have stone walled everyone like this on such a serious matter.

Thank you for updating on this case. As usual, ND has handled the situation impeccably. Just ask the Seebergs.


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The word rape has been used too broadly and inaccurately with this case, but you can do tremendous psychological and emotional damage to someone in a sexual assault without penetration.  And the outrage about this case is not based on the fact that the victim was raped and not just sexually assaulted.  The outrage is that ND's response was so tepid and unresponsive that it left a promising young person distraught and hopeless, and that she is now dead, and that ND's public relations response to all this is to put out a statement essentially saying to the parents: "we are right; and you're just hysterical because your daughter is dead." 

It is not clear that ND's inaction directly killed someone but I think the alleged victim's repeated efforts to move the investigation forward suggest she cared very much about ND's response.  And the pathetic nature of that response certainly didn't help.  At issue here is a human life.

So your post, which essentially boils down to "there was no penetration -- Go Irish!" bothers me.  And your distinction, while it matters for grammatical accuracy and lowers the legal penalty, does not answer the question or absolve the ND player (who must be a critical contributer if Kelly won't cut bait). 

You can declare a symantic victory, but it is a limited one, made in very poor taste, and not worthy of this smug, triumphant post.

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i am from south bend, and i know some people who are and were close to the situation.  Irish, i wouldn't be so sure that this is done and over with.  and even if it is, Notre Dame handled this wrong, and it doesn't help that brian kelly was so smug when he was asked about it.


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I wish the police in EL would show some integrity and some concern for the victim.  Apparently, though, in EL, if you are an MSU basketball player, the word "justice" has a different meaning than it does for the general public. 


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The smug triumphilism of this post is disgusting. Thinking that this was any reason to run over to your rivals blog and celebrate is mind boggling poor judgement.

So, the charge of rape was never made or considered. We've got a woman who made a statement and went to the hospital for an exam. There are plenty of other types of charges like sexual assault that might apply. But we don't know because the plantiff is dead and nobody is talking.

Congratulations Irish. This must be a proud day for you.

You seem to think that your odd disclaimer somehow immunizes you against poor taste and judgement. You don't 'condone' potnetial sexual assault? Good for you.


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Claiming some measure of vindication because it is a sexual assault that might be somewhat less severe than originally suspected won't get you much traction.

I really hope you aren't trying to draw some parallel between this and what we went through with the freep.   That would be in really bad taste.


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Obviously the girl's parents will feel vindicated by it not being a case of rape and merely sexual battery that led to their daughter's death.

Give me a fucking break.  That's disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.