ND Press Conference - Thoughts?

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I realize there is a thread about the general topic below, but I'm very curious about the responses to the press conference in particular.  For me, I find the lack of notification to authorities very puzzling.  Did your opinion shift after listening to Swarbick?



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I actually began to wonder about this:

Te'o is graduating. He's been the face of ND, but he's done now. They don't have to stand by him like this. If he were lying, it'd probably be better for them to tell the absolute truth. It makes me think there are lies to the press (about "meeting" his girlfriend...), but either Te'o is lying to ND very convincingly, or there's truth to this story about being a victim.

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It sends a message to prospective recruits that the administration will stand with their kids under duress.  For some who are used to being persecuted (in their minds) by authority rather than being protected by it, that probably means a lot.

I know there are a number of posters on this board who have legal backgrounds, so please don't take this as an offense when I say that sometimes I wonder just how difficult is actually is to get a law degree.  The only thing ND has to worry about here is establishing plausible deniability.  They don't need to go on record as stating that they believe Te'o is telling the truth; all they have to do is say that "based on what they know of his character", they believe that he is telling the truth, and that was basically their reason for calling the press conference.

If it turns out he wasn't telling the truth, they get to say that it turns out they didn't know him as well as they thought they did and that based on what they thought they knew at the time they still believe their decision to stand with him was the right one and they still come off as a good organization that will back their players in a pinch.


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Getting a law degree; not the toughest thing in the world. Have to put up with three stressful years of law school and the Bar exam. Being a good attorney on the otherhand, that is much more difficult.

What you are talking about is basic Politics 101/PR 101/Marketing 101 and not necessarily the law. ND and Teo are not being charged with a crime or being sued (yet) so no on has to prove they knew anything. If they are charged or sued then the state/plaintiff will have to prove Teo's intent or ND complicity. In a criminal trial that is more difficult because one needs the police to gather the evidence and for the attorneys to piece together the elements of whatever crime he/they are being accused of. Since there is no crime that I can think of, I doubt they will be charged. If either are sued, then we begin discovery and get to learn things about the defendant (either ND or Teo). If enough facts are discovered through discovery, then ND and Teo settle and it never goes to trial. Plausible deniability is basically what you have to sell to the jury, if proving either Teo's knowledge or ND's knowledge is an element of the crime or civil suit. Since the vast majority of criminal or civil lawsuits settle/plead guilty jury trials are actually somewhat of a rarity. ND can plausibly deny anything it wants to the attorney's suing it but the opposing attorneys don't care as long as they have enough evidence to take it to a jury. ND would settle any lawsuit rather than face a trial. So, long story short, your complaint about plausible deniability isn't a product of the legal system (ncessarily). It is as much a product of human interaction and human stupidity. ND is going to front this to the media for two reasons: one, it's true, or two, they are willing to play cat and mouse with the media to see if it can be proven.  Only time will tell.


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A gay Mormon player, no less. Being openly gay and Mormon = excommunication. I read some terrifying accounts of such situations in Dick Mann's Psychology of Religion class at UM.

I've also worked with a lot of LGBTQ students and have heard stories of individuals going to incredible lengths to hide their sexual identity (not only from others, but often from their own consciousness as well). Nothing quite like this, but none of them were top college football players about to enter the NFL. Can you imagine how awkward it would be in the locker room of an NFL team for the first openly gay player? And the nonstop media circus? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. 

And keep in mind that even on a board like this one, with a primarily intelligent/educated/progressive community, we have routine "NTTAWWT" and "No Homo" qualifiers whenever someone says anything that might be interpreted as gay. 

Him being gay is the only explanation that makes any sense to me. 


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Te'o was the victim of a hoax.  He had met (what he thought was) a woman online.  December 26th(ish) he got a phone call, from the same voice who he had thought was his gf, admitting she wasn't dead, and wasn't who she said she was... it was a hoax.

That's Teo's/ND's position.

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But how can they say that he is the victim of the hoax when he supposedly met her in person several times? Did they address this.

Here's the South Bend Tribune article cited in Deadspin:


According to the article, they had the first face to face at Stanford and met in Hawaii more than one time as well.

This whole thing is bs.


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He said Teo will address this, but when Teo said he "met" her he meant that he met her online. 

I think what is going to happen is Teo is going to say he exagerated the interactions (making it sound like he met her in person) so that people wouldn't question his feelings for an internet girlfriend.

But as someone raised in the other thread, how did they never skype of facetime?


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Not only did he meet her, he  had a picture of a girl that he claimed to be his gf.....the real girl in the picture has said she is horrified and never met him.  How could he meet a girl and not notice that the photo didnt match. 

The story doesnt ad up, at what point would he not search for info on her, or ask to have more face time, etc.....

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The article has already been removed as they swoop in to contain damage control of their star. If the story isn't there then the information can't be used, right?

The whole thing stinks of lies and cover ups.


In Notre Dame's defense they don't have a lot to lose IMO by defending Te'o. If he's not lying then they can say they stood behind him and supported him all the way. If he is lying they can put the blame squarely on Te'o because well...."gosh he lied to us too."