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I was simply making the observation that the poster in question (in all likelihood) meant to use the expression "cheer lustily" (i.e., "vigorously").  Even "lustily" can imply "sexual lust," although this denotation is more remote within the "semantic field" of "lustily" and more proximate within the semantic field of "lustfully."    

I don't know why I just wrote any of this on a sports blog--except that it's a Michigan sports blog (fergodsakes).


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Completely different reaction here.  I don't blame OSU for accepting this game when offended.  OTOH, it is the absolute height of hypocrisy/cowardice for ND to claim it can't play us because it needs a more "national" schedule, and then turn around and play another Big Ten team three hours away.  On those two days I will suspend all OSU hate and hope they destroy ND.


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doubly disgusting Saturday! Someone get me a good link to Brandstatter and Duberdorfer, or whatever his name is. The fragment of their back and forth that I heard sounded great!

EDIT: I don't usually give a flyin f about your sorryass negs, hiding behind your cloak of anonymity to HURT real humans. But this time I'm taking umbrage for the whole damned school and calling you out, NEGPERSON! Let's do this! The Diag at high noon on Saturday. Be there or be known for the smarmypants you are! 


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publicly claimed hardship reasons that didn't even exist ("..buh, buh, buh, but we have to play ACC teams!!!") and then went ahead and scheduled a football game series with another Big Ten team that is also just 3 hours away. 

I think people care about this because it reconfirms what most Michigan fans and everyone else already knows about Notre Dame and their college football program. They have no integrity and are disingenuous pussy willows.


September 4th, 2014 at 10:02 AM ^

So much for the rationale that ND backed out of the Michigan series to get more coastal opponents.  I look forward to seeing them get whipped by OSU in these.


September 4th, 2014 at 10:40 AM ^

I'm guessing they're also more comfortable with OSU because ND's self-image isn't so devastated by them. 

  • ND relishes their history but ours started earlier -- and we taught them the game.  
  • They're proud to have the fourth-highest number of wins in college football, but we're in the top spot. 
  • They have a well-known fight song, but we have what Sousa himself called "the greatest college fight song ever written."
  • They're proud of their gold helmet, but our unis were voted the best in all of sports in an ESPN poll. 
  • And the ND feeling that, "well, we lost, but we still go to a good school and you don't" is agonizingly unavailable for the Michigan game.

In short, everything they're proud of about themselves is embarassed when they have to stand next to us, and it burns them up.  That we comfortably lead the all-time series against them, and that we've recently ruined so many of their seasons early in the year, makes it all worse.  I get it.