ND offers Cass Tech '15 QB Jayru Campbell

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 4th, 2012 at 8:38 PM

Per Allen Trieu: https://twitter.com/#!/AllenTrieu

Campbell now holds two offers. One from EMU, and now one from notre dame. Now that a big school/rival has offered him, I think it's time Michigan start keeping a very close eye on him.

In the Cass Tech games I attended this past season, he looked really impressive. Including the playoff game where he outperformed commit Shane Morris.

Jayru set Michigan HS Football State Championship game records for touchdown passes in Cass Tech's throttling of Catholic Central. Campbell was a FRESHMAN setting records.

He has mentioned to me that he has a relative that currently attends Michigan, and that he also "likes the school."

Interesting that ND has offered him this early, but I think this won't be the first of early offers he will be getting.



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"I think this won't be the first of the early offers he will be getting." 


This should be an interesting recruitment and will be even more interesting if he commits to Michigan in the next few months


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Shane Morris? He seems to have the intangibles if he can lead a team with as much talent as Cass Tech at such a young age. Hopefully we get him and he has as much passion as Shane does for the maize and blue. Not anywhere near a given, though.


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From all I've heard, this kid sounds like he's going to be an amazing college quaterback.  But still, I'm shocked that 2015 kids are getting offers from top programs.  For god sakes...he's a freshman!


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BK coached in the state, and he likely wants to tap into Cass' talent pool, so why not offer a guy that early and hope that worst case scenario, you buildup goodwill at the school. Great idea, IMO (although Kelly is still a redfaced crazyman).


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any kid at this age IMO, flat out. Now a 15 year old kid will have three years of constant questions, interview requests, fans asking his school preferences, constant phone calls and texts from coaches, all of which he'll enjoy at first but then grow very tired of, not to mention the potential Pryor factor, where guys become arrogant asses from all the attention. Why disrupt a kids best years with that? Can't we (meaning everyone) wait until after their junior year to offer them, what's wrong with that?


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Jayru is so young, but has enormous upside.  He is going to be a huge kid by the time he graduates, and if he gets his mechanics down will be a major dual threat recruit by the time he is out of HS.   Im not saying anything that people dont already know here.  Expect many more to offer this kid down the road.  Hope he ends up at Michigan.


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If you can lead your team to a Div-1 State Championship by blowing out DCC as a 14 Year-Old.... that's saying something... 

His measurables are impressive, but his ability to lead a team full of Div-1 upperclassmen says something else about his intangibles...

Great upside.



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 I'm being very serious when asking this but since they offered , if he got hurt and couldn't play anymore ( God forbid) could he take the scholarship offer and still get an education from ND?


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If they offered him a scholarship it would be to play football. In a perfect world, severe injuries would still allow a player to go to a school who had extended him an offer. However, since said offer (and commitment) isn't binding until signing day, and since scholarships are precious to a coaching staff, commits who suffer serious injuries may get their scholarship revoked. Sad, but thus is the recruiting game.

Mr Miggle

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It would be completely up to ND to honor it. That's something they might do if he had already committed, not going to happen if he hadn't.


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I Love this kids moxie for such a young guy. As people have already said leading Cass Tech to a state title as a 14 year old frosh is pretty damn impressive. That being said I don't see how he wouldn't go blue when he gets offered.


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Kelly won't even be at ND by the time this kid graduates.  The way Kelly acts and the thugs he has been recruiting, he won't last much longer.