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Submitted by Stuck in Ohio 2 on April 27th, 2011 at 5:30 PM

So being from southern Ohio, I've got a rather lenghty drive to AA but I usually make it to a few games a year. I for sure want to make it to the ND game but I was talking with a ND fan who said hes not going (what a shame!) because those tickets were gonna be $200+ to sit in row 99. How much do you guys think they'll go for on websites like Stubhub? Won't the Athletic Department offer tickets at face value for a limited time like they did with a few games last year?



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I have ten friends who've already planned trips to Ann Arbor for that game. It seems to have already been designated as "the one weekend where every alum returns to Ann Arbor in the Fall". I imagine tickets are going to be at least $200 on the secondary market.


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Your buddy was extremely lucky then. Me and a friend spent an hour before the game asking people around the stadium. We were willing to pay like $100 apiece but no takers. Funny thing is that we had pregame field passes to that game, but they wouldn't let us down because we didn't have tickets.


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It'll be awhile yet. Season ticket renewals (for non-students) are due May 13. They are relocating a bunch of us from Sections 33 and 34 in order to expand the student section. So I doubt any single tix will go on sale until all of that has worked itself out.


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I hope so, because I'd also really like to go.

Does the athletic department sell extra tickets to home games?  I thought they only did that for away games.  The only way I ever knew to get tickets was through stubhub, etc.  I really wish that marketplace.umich was still a real place, because the tickets were generally less expensive.


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Tickets for the ND game will likely not make it to public sale.  Most are purchased through season ticket holders and through the alumni association.  If they do have any left over, they will likely be packaged for the public with either WMU, EMU, or SD State.


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I put in my order for alumni tickets to the ND game last week.  They are packaged with the SDSU game (limit 2 for ND).  You can also opt for ND tickets only, but applicants for ND only are picked after the people opting for the package -- which means they won't get tix.

I hope I get tickets, any tickets, for that game.  FedEx delayed the delivery of my application by a day because, you know, "wind in Memphis."  FML. 

I think ND tickets will be go for substantially more than $200 per ticket, at least for decent to good seats.  $200 for endzone tickets may not be unreasonable -- and I don't know for sure.  However, ND tickets do usually fetch a good price and ND is getting better, we have a new coach, its is the first night game, Desmond will be honored, there will be fireworks, and Dave Brandon might sacrifice a virgin (if he can find one).  So, it will be a big night.


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I talked to the lady collecting the Alumni ticket applications at the Alumni center on campus...I wanted to turn it in by hand to ensure I'd get a high choice.

I walked in the building around noon and handed her my sheet.  She looked at it and told me that I probably wouldnt get my first 2 choices (Notre Dame single game, Notre Dame package) because there 600-700 ppl waiting in line when the alumni accociation building opened at 9am and most ppl wanted the ND tickets.


I was bummed, none-the-less.

I really really really want to go to the night game.

Im willing to pay quite a bit to witness history...


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Won't the Athletic Department offer tickets at face value for a limited time like they did with a few games last year?

That's what i did 2 years ago... bought piggy back seats for face value... it was awesome. Hope we can do that again this year... if not, i submitted that Football Saturdays request for alumni... (alumni.umich.edu) I think you still have time to do it if you're a member.


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The last few years, the Athletic Department has sold "All In" Tickets, which was essentially a hybrid season ticket where your seats were in different places each week and you got no renewal rights (i.e. they really weren't "season tickets").   My brother-in-law, who lives in AA, has been getting them.

This year they told him they were not selling those tickets.  I'm not surprised -- I think they are moving past the marketing methods used during the RR regime (for whatever reason).  I saw that there was an increase in student ticket applications.  Maybe there is more demand for season tickets.  I don't know.

The bro-in-law just bought some season tickets for the year on Craigslist instead.

Section 1

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Those packages were offered because the Athletic Department was banking returned season tickets for years.  They hung onto those tickets, and turned them into tmeporary non-renewable mini-season deals.  All in anticipation of being able to move patrons around to accomodate the aisle-widening and other stadium renovations.  Now that renovations are completed, those seats have been reassigned, mostly to permanent, renewing season ticket applicants.

One more thing for which any "RR regime" is innocent of wrongdoing.


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Thanks for the info.  That actually makes sense, now that you mention it.

I did not mean to critize the RR era; I was just observing that those ticket offers coincided with that time.  I wasn't trying to imply a political point, but I can see how it was easily mis-understood.

I had actually did wonder whether there were extra seats available during the RR years because some (a few) alums gave back their tickets because they were being jerks about RR.  However, I agree that the rearrangment of the seats is the more likely reason (and I think I remember now that being discussed several years ago).


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I have been hunting these tickets for months now. It will no doubt cost between 300-600 dollars to get decent seats to this game but I am going hell or high water.


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I am getting goosebumps just thinking about this game. What a great home schedule this year. Also, anyone have any info about tickets for the msu game? They did not offer them to me this year.


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Come hell or high water I am making it home for that game. And I'm going to be in that stadium to see it even if I have to take out a loan from Israeli mobsters or pawn my watch. First night game ever against ND = Can't miss.


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They did offer them already through the alumni association, but I have no idea how many the department generally will release.  They will be a fortune on stub hub methings, the Irish fan base shows up very well and night games are always a big deal.

The Baughz

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Just had a buddy of mine who bought two tickets on stubhub in corner 18 row 2 (row 4 after AA and BB) for $350.00. The cheapest tickets were 225.00 and they were way up in the endzone. Last week when he checked he said there were no tickets below $300.00. Not sure how much you are willing to spend, but it is ND and it is the first night game in the Big House. So you are going to have to shell out some extra cash. I thought 2nd row seats in the corner endzone for $350.00 was a steal. I have only been to the Big House for 2 games and I sat on the 10 yard line and 3rd row each time and those tickets were $150.00 and $120.00. Of course it was against Indiana in 09 and UMass last yr. So im not surprised that the ticket price doubled.

I would keep checking stubhub. It seems there are more tickets being added for less amount. But it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. It will be a once in a lifetime trip so, imo, itd be worth it to spend the extra cash. Goo luck.

Jeffy Fresh

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You mean your dad do big son, and you watch for free.  Anyway, this is a night game.  I was able to get student tickets from drunken sorority girls for this year's MSU game.  By the time the game rolls around for the ND game 90% of the sorority chicks will have vomited on their shoes 3 times.  You can get them for $20 from them and pay the fee at the gate to get them validated.  BK finest it.


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Last year for the UM-MSU game they put up a bunch of single seats for sale a couple months before the game if I recall correctly. They put them online close to midnight I believe, and I managed to pick up six at face value at 3 AM. It was of course posted right away on MGoBlog that they were available, so I would suggest checking here regularly and hope to get lucky.


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You won't find the proper market value price until season tickets are all sent out.  I'm not sure who is selling what on stubhub right now, but the high prices are likely a reflection of both the importance of the game and the scarcity of actual tickets.  In short, there is no supply because people don't yet have tickets.