ND Night Game Tailgating Situation

Submitted by inthebluelot on September 16th, 2012 at 4:47 PM
For all of those mgobloggers headed to South Bend this weekend, the majority of M fans will likely be parking in the White Lot just north of the stadium for tailgating purposes. With that said, here's a bit of info... Cars... $40? RVs... $120 This is a grass field, so charcoal grills are banned, but propane is ok. Shuttle service to the stadium is available since this lot is about 1.2 miles from the stadium. Gates typically open at 7:30am, however, I'm awaiting a response from the ticket office on a confirmation of this since it's a 7:30pm kick. I've talked with several of you this past weekend in the Blue Lot and it sounds like most of us will be in the White Lot on Saturday. Please feel free to stop by and let's fire-up before the game. Just listen for me playing "The Victors" at the top of every hour and come enjoy a "pop" or two with the BLC. Finally, the stadium does NOT have video replay boards because those are the work if the devil, so bring a mobile device for replay purposes. The field is also still covered in natural grass because it's only 2012 and this is the only way to slow Denard down so that their slow linebackers can keep contain. There are no plans of cutting it this week, so, that's always neat.



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After the game you are better off walking to your car than waiting for the shuttle.  The lines are hideous.  Prior to the game the shuttle is great, just remember where you parked.

Apps can be helpful for this -






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We went in 2006 and 2010 and both times got there early and parked at somebody's house off Edison/Angela.  In 2006 we were able to park in the front of the house ($75) and lucked out as the familes of Jake Long, Garret Rivas and Chad Henne all tailgated right next to us.  In 2010 we had to park in the back yard but it rained like crazy all morning/afternoon and didnt really clear up until right before gametime.

I can tell you that in my experience South Bend is a great place to go to a game with respectful, knowledgable fans who will tease but don't get abusive (in other words nothing like Columbus whatsoever).  If you havent been there yet and have a chance to go I'd recommend it strongly.


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I just checked the website and it states $120 for RV, but I didn't see a price for a car. The figures I gave are based upon a metal sign at the entrance of the White Lot on Juniper Rd that I read about a month ago when I was checking out the lot. I will be back down in S Bend on Wed for business, so I will check and see if that sign has been changed/ removed... Or possibly they just changed fees recently on the website.


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I have 4 tickets in section 110 row 26.  I am under the impression that these are the last row in the entire stadium.  I know they are on the 50, but the wife is complaining about sitting so far away.  Where is the Michigan section going to be for the game?  Anyone interested in swapping?


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I'm going to be a wedding on Saturday night..


Yeah... I know.


Can anyone give me any tips on how to get a live feed on my cell phone while at the reception? I'm hoping a TV will exist somewhere in the hall... but I need to take all precautionary measures.


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Will be tailgating with a large group of Domers in the Stadium lot and will be right in between the Joyce Center and the Stadium - White Mike Hart jersey and will be there all day, come say hi and share a pop or two. 


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Just picked up my tickets- Right above the ND student section so that should lead to some fun. Looks like I will be pulling into the White Lot at 7:30am Go Blue!!