ND loses 4/5* recruit Deontay Greenberry (WR) to Houston

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According to Jason Sapp @ 247.



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They lost someone, can't remember who, to Ohio. And at that time they were all convinced they were getting Arik Armstead, who they didn't get. And I think there was one other guy a few weeks ago, but I can't remember where he went.


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NDNation is freaking out:

"Now is the time for a collective effort

This class just became an utter embarrassment. Absolutely inexplicable. This rivals Ty's 2004 class in terms of utter incompetence by the coaching staff.

But don't worry, we'll all have fun rooting for Roby Toma in the Pro Bowl in a few years."



"Classmate's Comment -- "He got paid off.""



"We are going on season 3, and there is no indication of positive trajectory...the Greenberry switch is icing on top of icing on the cake...all of the concerns about the unqualified head coach and staff lightweights are valid...there is no explanation for this seasons meltdown and there is no indication that things are headed in the right direction

Why are we surprised with the mediocre class? We went 8-5 with bad losses."


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They're losing Floyd and really needed a playmaker for the WR position.  Greenberry was an absolute must at 6'3", they better hope Tailer Jones steps it up, or DaVaris Daniels turns into a playmaker, otherwise everyone will just double team Tyler Eifert.

I'm not sure if George Atkinson can play WR.  Luckily for them they will have plenty of playmakers on defense, and they're going to need them.


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This works more often than we'd think. When Mitch Mustain was the #1 QB recruit in the country, Arkansas got him by bringing his high school coach (Gus Malzahn) in as offensive coordinator. Its pretty rare for a guy to go from HS coach to SEC offensive coordinator (not a positions coach), but it happened. Ironically, Malzahn has had a much better career than Mustain.

Wolverine MD

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This used to be rampant in basketball. A kid's dad would be an "assistant coach" at the school he committed to. They finally made a rule about it, but it only applies to basketball. With the Saban story a few days ago, and now this. I think it would be wise to apply this rule to football as well. 


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If I'm a receiver and I saw how badly Floyd and Decker were used this year (mostly because of the tire fire at QB), I wouldn't want to sign with ND either.  Plus, Houston has the type of passing offense that lets you put up massive numbers, and the pros seem more open to drafting those guys than the QBs from those systems.  Plus, the whole coach hiring stuff definitely applies.