ND issues on D

Submitted by Double-D on August 31st, 2014 at 5:16 PM
Interesting article on NDs depth chart issues. The offense should be able to exploit some of this. Some of the quotes from Kelly calling out specific players the way he does make me proud of how our coaches handle the team. I'm surprised anyone would want to play for a guy whose head could pop off at any minute. http://notredame.247sports.com/Article/Brian-Kelly-wants-better-communi…



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tough to get more aggressive than ND crashing their 2 inside LB and shooting gaps every single snap.  i understand your general point and agree in some aspects but those 2 ILBs were almost always flying downhill at the snap.  and re other poster commenting on 2012 bsc title game, theres very little there - aside from coaching and personnel differences, that bama offense pounded the ball down throats of opponents at will with like 7-8 pros on offense

carlos spicywiener

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“With Elijah and Max back there, we needed somebody to pick it up and neither one of those guys picked up the slack,” Kelly said during his weekly Sunday teleconference. “Whatever we have to do, we’ll get better back there between those two guys and making sure they communicate better.”


i hope those two can recover from such a vicious tongue lashing.


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reinstates all their academic cheaters and we still win. Great U???

 No wonder they are in the ACC.  btw ... no muppets after the App game?


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I'm with you.  I don't fear a shootout, I fear a creep, where a turnover is game-changing.  Just keep saying "O-the line only has to be servicable;" if that happens, we win easily.  If it doesn't, we lose narrowly, because we will be playing their game.


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ND Oline will be the best offensive line that we see until the postseason.

Golson will make some plays.

Kelly will do a good job of mixing in runs up the middle.  We'll have to shore that up.

Even so, I'm feeling good about this game.

Blue in Time

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I have so much confidence in Nuss that I want to sing it from the rooftop. Having just watched Wolverine Devotee's 22 minute extended highlight reel, I think this offense can afford to hiccough for as long as it needs to get the breathing going. The D? They'll be working their butts off this week, and if the gods are gracious, we'll see what Peppers can bring to the table. This team looks supremely confident and determined.