NCAA12 Football Ratings

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Reposting this for freernnur5 who doesn't have enough points to create a post.  My edits are in parathesis.


EASports is releasing videos for each conference about the player ratings for NCAA Football 12. Below is the link for the video:

We start around the 2 minute mark. Here are the overall ratings:


Denard Robinson - 91 overall 
Devin Gardner - 79 overall
QB #11 (assuming R. Bellomy) - 69 overall
Vincent Smith - 87 overall
Michael Shaw - 85 overall
Stephen Hopkins - 81 overall
Fitzgerald Toussaint - 79 overall
Michael Cox - 75 overall
HB #29 (Hayes or Rawls) - 72 overall
John McColgan - 73 overall
Roy Roundtree - 89 overall
Junior Hemingway - 85 overall
Darryl Stonum - 85 overall
Kelvin Grady - 78 overall
Martavious Odoms - 77 overall
WR #85 (Joe Reynolds) - 71 overall
Jeremy Jackson - 68 overall
Jeremy Gallon - 67 overall
Terrence Robinson - 65 overall
Kevin Koger - 86 overall
Brandon Moore - 77 overall
Ricardo Miller - 72 overall
Taylor Lewan - 84 overall
Erik Gunderson (walk on in the game?)  - 77 overall
Kristian Mateus (walk on ???) - 71 overall
Ricky Barnum - 83 overall
Elliot Mealer - 78 overall
David Molk - 95 overall
Rocko Khoury - 79 overall
Patrick Omameh - 87 overall
RG #67 - 66 overall
Mark Huyge - 85 overall
Michael Schofield - 78 overall
Craig Roh - 87 overall
Jibreel Black - 76 overall
LE #91(Rock?) - 65 overall
Mike Martin - 89 overall
Quinton Washington - 78 overall
Richard Ash - 74 overall
Terry Talbott - 73 overall
William Campbell - 72 overall
Ryan Van Bergen - 84 overall
Kenny Wilkins - 77 overall
RE #92 (Beyer?) - 71 overall
J.B. Fitzgerald - 79 overall
Jake Ryan - 77 overall
LOLB #34 - 63 overall
Kenny Demens - 85 overall
MLB #52 (Kellen Jones) - 79 overall
MLB #51 - 62 overall
Brandon Herron - 77 overall
Mike Jones - 76 overall
ROLB # 36 - 72 overall
Troy Woolfolk - 85 overall
J.T. Floyd - 84 overall
Courtney Avery - 81 overall
Terrence Talbott - 78 overall
CB #24 (Blake Countess?) - 75 overall
CB #30 (Delonte Hollowell?) - 70 overall
CB #31 (Greg Brown or Tamani Carter?) - 65 overall
Marvin Robinson - 82 overall
Carvin Johnson - 73 overall
Josh Furman - 72 overall
Jordan Kovacs - 89 overall
SS #4 (Cam Gordon) - 85 overall
Thomas Gordon - 78 overall
Seth Broekhuizen - 82 overall
Will Hagerup - 84 overall
Matt Wile
Hayes or Rawls
Chris Barnett
Chris Bryant
Raymon Taylor
Antonio Poole
Frank Clark
Keith Heitzman
Jack Miller
Desmond Morgan
Tony Posada
I don't know where they got their numbers, but I used the roster at to fill these out. Looks like due to the cap of 70 players on a team we might miss out on a fair amount of incoming freshman.
Was wondering if people could help me figure out the remaining numbers, who is left out and who is in the wrong postion.
Also if someone could make this as a new thread so as to not hijack this one, I would greatly appreciate it.



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Disagree strongly with many of these relative to each other (not even looking at the 100 pt scale).

Broekuiszen at 82 makes zero sense -- they think he's a better kicker than DG is at QB? (79)?

They have Kovacs and Martin rated the same (89). I love Kovacs' grit but come on, Martin is a legit top-2 round prospect in the NFL, Kovacs will most likely not get drafted.

Dont understand how #6 in the Heisman voting got a 91 overall rating -- considering Molk is a 95 and isnt considered the top center in college football I'm assuming there are a at least a couple dozen people rated higher than 91. Makes no sense.


June 29th, 2011 at 7:03 PM ^

Was not meant to be a knock on Molk at all, I love the guy and I'm certainly glad he's playing for Michigan. But to be the best center in the country you either:

1. Need to win the Rimington (sp?) Award given to the best college center for that year.


2. Need to be the first center drafted (thus considered the best NFL prospect)

As far as I know Molk isn't really considered very likely to accomplish either of those, thus the 95 rating confuses me. While Denard almost certainly won't be the first QB drafted in his class, he has already won the Silver Football for MVP of the Big Ten and was voted Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year. Both of those accomplishments lead me to think Denard probably deserves to be rated higher than Molk at their respective positions.

Just for re-emphasis, this is NOT a knock on Molk. I love the guy. If you want him to be a 95 thats perfectly fine with me, but using relative ratings Denard should be a 97 or a 98 by those standards.


June 29th, 2011 at 5:40 PM ^

SS #4 - Cam Gordon, they just didn't move him to LB

WR #85 - Jerald Robinson (assuming this and they just messed up his #83)


I skimmed the video and it didn't look too bad, given EA is always "off" on the first ratings.  Denard has a 95 speed rating and 99 agility/acceleration, so they didn't cheat him.  I was surprised though to see that Mike Shaw and Stephen Hopkins have the same speed rating (87). 


June 29th, 2011 at 6:25 PM ^

the 99 agility and acceleration is probably more useful than 95 speed.  i can understand not giving a qb 99 speed (pretty unfair to play against), and his speed did slow down a bit as he got banged up throughout the year.  I'm sure there were a couple DBs and WRs that would beat him in a footrace too, but probably not many.


June 29th, 2011 at 5:40 PM ^

It's tough to say who the freshmen are without seeing height/weight and what state they're from (I use state as a tie-breaker when naming/editing the rosters). The number means nothing to freshmen in NCAA games.


June 29th, 2011 at 5:53 PM ^

There are definate mistakes (Martin underrated, Kovacs slightly overrated (and impact player), Broekhuizen wayyy overrated, Denard underrated (but speed looks gnarly), Martavious wayyy underrated, and Carvin and Marvin should probably both meet in the middle), but it's not terrible.


It looks like we're underrated as a team, but if you compare it to others on the video, it seems more fair. I just think EA rated everyone lower this year.


It's also unfortunate to see Pryor at a 96 ovr, meaning a lot of people will still use OSU online even though that turd's no longer on the team.


June 29th, 2011 at 5:57 PM ^

People using OSU online with Pryor are the definition of the degredation (sp?) of this country.

Either they're OSU fans that should hate the guy, or they're spineless pussies who use Pryor for his speed / rating, while having a solid rest of the team to back him up.  

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June 29th, 2011 at 6:11 PM ^

Broekhuizen 82? My ass. More like 22.

Also the online experience got ruined for me last year when they put in this new system thats slow as balls during online play. All I do now is dynasty mode and get all the trophies.

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June 29th, 2011 at 6:09 PM ^

Well.. Seems like they were very kind to us from my point of view.  Sure Martin could be a couple points higher, but nearly the rest of our defense was given extremely favorable ratings based on what they have actually accomplished.  Offense looks about right... Rb's rated too high IMO and Odoms maybe a bit too low (if healthy).


June 29th, 2011 at 6:19 PM ^

I think a lot of ppl will use Mich online this year. A QB that is that quick ... whew. Good luck sacking him or keeping him from scrambling for 1st downs every other play.


June 29th, 2011 at 6:46 PM ^

Oregon might actually be the team most people use online this year. I was playing them in the demo and the combo of Thomas and James is absolutely deadly, especially now that the shotgun running game has been fixed and is usable.