NCAA tourney to announce preliminary top 16 seeds a month early

Submitted by superstringer on January 24th, 2017 at 11:25 AM

Not to be outdone by the CFP Committee... now the NCAA Men's Basketball Selection Committee will do a PREVIEW of the top 16 seeds a MONTH EARLY -- subject to change based on, you know, the actual games and seasons being played out to their entirety.…

Does the tourney really need MOAR buzz?  Does it allow someone to play the DISRESPECT (DISRESPEKT) card (kard) a month early?  If we don't care, why is OP posting this?  Oops wait--!



January 24th, 2017 at 11:41 AM ^

Things can change sure, but by February, we can kinda guess who the top-4 seeds (per region) will be. Just cause someone drops out of these rankings doesn't really change much, since they'll be team number 17 in a field of 68.

It's not like the CFP rankings, where the final field changes a lot from Week 9 to Week 15 (for example, in 2014 Ole Miss, Miss. State, and Auburn were all ranked in the initial top-4).

The whole exercise is a bit silly, but they're basically doing the same thing as Lunardi, and other "bracketologists", except now they're gonna make slightly more money off of their own product


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The selection show was just awful last year. They dragged it out from a 1 hour to 2. It used to be 30 minutes and that was perfect. Plus they had the TNT NBA guys on who were just so out of place. 

UM Fan from Sydney

January 24th, 2017 at 12:23 PM ^

I absolutely cannot stand it when the NBA guys analyze NCAA basketball. They do no know what they're talking about. I like the TNT crew for NBA games, but not NCAA. Also, yes, it is absolutely dragged. That show should be a half hour, but no, they gotta get their advertisements in a two hour show.


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Selection Sunday isn't until March 12, but men's basketball chair Mark Hollis, who is the athletic director at Michigan State, will offer a glimpse into the process behind seeding.

Now we can finally list teams with their (AP) (Coaches) (Kenpom) (NCAA?) rankings


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I've always thought the tourney needed MOAR speculation. Bracketolology and similar across dozens of websites just isn't enough.

I can't wait to have more data points that kind of tell me if someone may be a 3 seed or a 4 seed at a later date!


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It's dumb hype. The tournament is so massively excessive that the top 16 could take the last month off and still get in. It's not remotely the same as the CFP