NCAA Tournament - Evening Games Open Thread

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on March 20th, 2016 at 7:41 PM

Because thread creation is problematic right now, here's a new one because why not?

Anyway, in progress - 

Hawaii / Maryland - Hawaii is up 15-14 with 7:11 to go in the 1st half (TBS)

MTSU / Syracuse - Syracuse is up 50-41 with 11:03 to go in the 2nd half (TNT)

In a little bit - 

TruTV will have Texas A&M and Northern Iowa at approximately 8:02 PM EST

TNT will have Wisconsin  and Xavier at about 8:40 PM EST

TBS will have Oregon and St. Joseph's at about 9:40 PM EST



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if i could create a thread, i would create one that was basically, OT -  Predictions about the Tigers This Year

we have a lot of folks on this list that are astute baseball fans and i have seen that the tigers made a few moves in the off season and so far their record looks pretty good in spring training.  it's a slow night on the board, so maybe many of the tiger fans would weigh in. 

anyway, thus my request. 



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looks like the tiger fans are weighing in, which is what i was hoping for.

and fwiw, i could care less about the 'credit' for an OP, i just enjoy the take of the michigan sports fans on the various topics of the day, some of which occur in my little pea brain and are hopefully thread-worthy.  i try to be at least a little discerning in that regard. 


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Yesterday, when I checked my brackets, they had Witchita State leading Miami something like 20-6 in the first half.  Only it was Miami that got out to the big lead.  Today, it showed VCU leading Oklahoma 59-56 just moments after I left watching with with Oklahoma up 59-49.

Beware the dashed bracket hopes.

The Fugitive

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For the past few years, in addition to the traditional bracket, my buddies and I do a fantasy football style draft for the tournament.  We (5 of us) each pick 13 teams and are awarded points that increase each round, highest point total wins.  It's really fun and allows for cheering for upsets that you normally wouldn't root for in the bracket.  Try it out next year.


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That is the biggest BS call on Jesperson. I mean are you kidding me with these "And ones" that officials seem to be calling. They are ruining games with made up fouls. If you don't actually see a foul, don't anticipate a call! Ridiculous.


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w/ a minute left w/ Jay Williams as my benchmark for when a game was safe.  (Jay Williams went coast-to-coast for a quick two, and then stole the ball from a Maryland player in three-point land and then hit an immediate three to cut the lead to 5 with ~49 seconds left.)

I guess now it's 44 seconds and 12 points. (Or 34 seconds if you go by when TAMU scored to cut it to 10.)