NCAA Timeline for Ohio Sanctions?

Submitted by StephenRKass on September 28th, 2011 at 12:07 PM

I have been delighted to follow Michigan football this last month, rather than focusing on Ohio at all. But, I vaguely remember in the recesses of my brain that there will be some kind of NCAA statement and or possible additional sanctions & penalties levied against Ohio, in light of Tatgate, Tressel, Pryor, et. al. Is there a set date for when the NCAA will announce it's findings and any sanctions to be imposed?

I must say, I have been delighted to see Ohio continue to twist in the wind as things dribble out bit by bit. It is great to see them think things are back to normal and then BAM!!! Another piece of info comes out. Hearing about suspensions for "gift bags" and then finding out, uh, no, it was $200 cash, not gift bags, was rich. I think we're about due for some more dead bodies from Ohio football to wash up on the shores of the Olentangy.

I also know that the NCAA announced that the investigation was not closed . . . what does that imply? Are the screws tight enough on Pryor or the tat parlor guys that some will flip and rat out the program to save their own hides? What would really clinch the deal would be if something clearly illegal comes out, that OSU knew about but never revealed, showing a continued pattern of obfuscation, denial, and coverup from the admin. I'd love to see more come of cargate.

It would be awesome to see some scholarship reductions, and for a bowl ban of a year or two to be imposed on Ohio, with the bowl ban being announced in January, so they can't opt to take a bowl ban this season. A bowl ban, and scholarship reductions, could be exactly what it takes to seal the deal with Dunn. Even better would be to link basketball, football, cash for fundraisers, leading to a finding of LOIC. While I normally want Ohio to be strong, I'm ready for them to feel some serious pain, and to be set back in recruiting for several years.


Indiana Blue

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other than before signing day 2012.

However, what is equally perplexing is the B1G office not telling tsio that they are NOT eligible for the B1G Championship in 2011 and 2012.  C'mon Delaney, grow some balls!  tressel has admitted that he played ineligible players for the entire 2011 season.  Striking out all 2011 games after they have cashed their BCS check is meaningless.

No punishment from the B1G office implies no crime was committed!

Go Blue! 


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I think I heard the ruling would be in mid October.  In trying to find a story, I discovered that The OSU is actually listed under T in the school search on the NCAA site.  This seems appropriately obnoxious.

Edit:  The decision will be in 6 weeks or longer after the August 12 hearing, with longer being if new information arises.


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I know that Tressel was basically fired, and that the player suspensions are soon to end. What wasn't clear to me is whether that was the end of the matter, or if Ohio as a team (and institution) would have any additional sanctions affecting the entire program (i.e., loss of bowls, loss of scholarships, loss of practice time, coaching time, recruiting.) Is "show cause" connected to this?

I guess, while I am cynical, it seems wrong that the whole football program doesn't have any punishment other than the player suspensions and Tressel's release.


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A show-cause basically blacklists a coach from the NCAA for a given period of time. Let's say Tressel was given a five year show-cause. If Akron wants to hire him within that timeframe, they have to go in front of the Committee on Infractions and can be subject to sanctions for hiring him. To date, no coach with a show-cause penalty has been hired before the penalty was over.

Maize and Blue…

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anything announced in January will have no effect on where he ends up.  It will be interesting to see if he just shows up on campus to start winter term just to avoid all the drama that Kalis and his cousin hae had to deal with.  It amazes me that Ohio fans are bothering Dymonte for committing to us when Ohio had not even offerred him. 


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The hearing was on 8/12/2011 and if I remember right they said 6 - 8 weeks.  That means that  on 9/30/2011 we will be at 7 weeks. Not sure if that  quote of 8 weeks is a guideline or a deadline. It seems that the timing of it would correspond with the suspended players coming back.


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are disturbing.

Sure, Delaney admonished MIchigan and Ohio State indirectly in the press prior to season start, but in my view Ohio State has no business participating in bowl games or the B1G championship game.

The truth is, Ohio State football generates a lot of money for the B1G. I'm sure Delaney is reminded of this over and over and that it has informed his actions, or lack of action.