NCAA passes revolutionary recruiting rules

Submitted by I Like Burgers on January 19th, 2013 at 6:23 PM

So the NCAA has passed a bunch of new recruiting bylaws including one that does this:

So starting with the class of 2014, college coaches can call, text and communicate privately by any methods available without restrictions. No more one-call-per-week. No more dead periods. No more ban on text messaging.

Still on the table and awaiting a decision is this potential new rule:

If 13-2 passes in April, prospects in their junior years can expect up to six visits per institution at home and school from coaches during the contact period, just as seniors experience.

This will only make recruiting even more insane and more competitive, because in addition to all of this you can have coaches that are not full-time staff members make calls for you too, and there are no longer limitations on the number of coaches that can be on the road recruiting.

Essentially, recruiting has been deregulated. a school with a large budget, do you think this good for Michigan?  Or will the "we play nice in the Big Ten" culture hurt us?  We already know the SEC will go nuts with these rules...



January 20th, 2013 at 9:43 AM ^

I think the NCAA is just getting rid of the stupid rules. You can scout a two year-old but you can't call a junior in high school.

Remember, the NCAA already has this rule in place for men's basketball. It's doing fine.

And the schools proposed and voted to adopt this rule, so I don't know why everyone seems to be blaming the NCAA staff.


January 19th, 2013 at 7:21 PM ^

I am not sure why everyone is so against these rules. I think it simplifies the code and makes it easier to enforce existing rules. I am all for simplification.

As to kids getting bombarded by coaches, I doubt that is going to be much of a problem. If there are too many texts, they are just going to do what any other celebrities do and change the number and be more judicious about giving the new number out. Is it a hassle to change the phone number? Sure, but it is not the end of the world like everyone here is making it out to be.


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I think people are missing the point of this rule. There were never limits in how often a recruit could call the school so more often than not you'd have coaches calling a kid and telling the kid to call back every so often.

Also, if a school annoys a kid, the kid probably won't go to that school. Seeing as the whole point of recruiting is to get kids to go to your school, schools probably won't use these new rules to relentlessly call kids.

And these rules are on par with what men's basketball has already and they experienced no problems with it. Basically men's basketball was the trial run, and now the NCAA has decided it's a good set of rules to extend to all sports.


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To  expand the discussion somewhat, and as this is likely the best thread for it, here is the NCAA public release on the comprehensive list of "simplifications" to the Division I Handbook. (LINK)

In addition to the restrictions on methods and means of communication, schools will now be able to institutions to pay for academic support and career development services for student-athletes, to provide "reasonable entertainment" in conjunction with practices, and allow schools to provide expenses to athletes representing them at noncompetitive events. There is a laundry list of changes, but these are some of the more intriguing ones. 

As for the relaxation of recruiting contacts, I have to think this does favor bigger schools with bigger budgets, as others have noted, especially with regards to the lifting of restrictions on circulated print materials and the like. Further, there is also the lifting of the restriction on having someone on staff with the team be the recruiting coordinator - this seems to open the door to more monetarily gifted institutions to attempt to build a marketing machine. Essentially, the body of changes in this section allows those school to create staffs whose sole duty is to sell the school to recruits through various media, something Michgian could likely do easily enough, but most Division I schools - which routinely operate in the red - probably could not. 


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I know it seems a little silly, but college sports should be for the betterment if student athletes. Since they are the ones who will not be incentivized towards the universities, it would be best if the decided.

That would be ideal if college sports weren't a profit seeking whore. As a result, rich old dudes will decide what is best and will naturally make it work in their favor. Just realizing my statement could have been made for other departments that should be working for the masses haha.


January 19th, 2013 at 9:59 PM ^

Wonder which coach will become nationally known as the "are we there yet" coach?  

You also have to wonder if staffing payrolls will open up to digital "telemarketers"?  Pay some grad student to just spam twitter, facebook, instagram, etc... all day long... Here's looking at you Lane Kiffin


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Hmmmmmm...what other organization lets the ones making the rules benefit from them? Oh yes, congress. That's working so well. (With all due respect, not being political, just making a point and I did say with all due respect).
Seriously, coaches lobby for less restrictions on recruiting, NCAA passes news rules simplifying the old rules to have less restrictions on recruiting, NCAA says this is all good because schools will now have more responsibility, everyone looks directly at the SEC, Ohio State, and Miami...everyone makes eye contact and stifles their laughs. College coaches walk away texting a bunch of high school kids incessantly.
Question to Jeporady answer: what is first world progress?


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I don't know enough about coaches' schedule to give a full answer, but it seems it becomes a balancing act. Teams can really load up on recruiting in down years, and spend less time at home with a less successful team. In a successful season, I'd there a risk of lax recruiting? Note: I an very drunk rift now, so please limit negging and just give insight.


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Why dont we just call the NCAA football the NJFL. The National Jr Football league. Seriously paying players, this crazy recruiting. i mean just have them watch film everday and work out and give them college credit. This is getting so outta hand it makes it not fun to be a fan of.


January 20th, 2013 at 1:28 AM ^

major universities pay coaches millions of dollars to coach college students and recruit high school students.

why limit these men in their efforts to beg these children to attend their university and generate million of dollars  and be compensted with a scholarship worth thousands of dollars?



January 20th, 2013 at 5:43 AM ^

Let's not kid ourselves and think this doesn't already happen through loopholes. Does it suck now that it will be a legal wild west recruiting system and some conferences/teams will do FAR more than others? Yes. Does it hurt smaller programs? Yes. Does it change anything for the big programs (especially dirty ones)? Not one bit.