NCAA Lacrosse Champ. Game: All Big-Ten Final, MD vs OSU

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Maryland takes on Ohio State in the NCAA men's lacrosse title game today at 1 PM, guaranteeing the conference's first national championship in the sport.  Ohio State has never made it this far and Maryland hasn't won since the early-mid 70s.  Maryland has made the championship an amazing 5 times under John Tillman and have lost every one.  They're the Buffalo Bills of college lacrosse.  

This is big for the conference and the game as a whole.  The B1G was the best conference in the country this year and they proved it in the tournament as well. They made a major effort a few years ago to make their presence felt and today they will crown their first champion.  If Ohio State pulls an upset, it may also serve as further indication that the center of power is shifting westwards.

It's also a major development for Michigan who is about to hire a new coach.  Four of the 6 conference teams made the tournament this year and Rutgers was the first team out.  The conference will likely be the best in the country over the next few years as well.  Michigan will have to hire a coach capable of competing for a national championship and its intriguing to think who it might bed.  Very interesting times and developments in the sport these days.  GO BLUE!!!



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On an inside lacrosse podcast an analyst said that heavy hitters were interested in um but were trying to get um pay more in line with the top coaches in the country. Hope um doesnt let pay prevent them from hiring a top coach.


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JP was making 114k from the university (probably more from other sources of income, like camps, as is typical in non-revenue sports). 

John Tillman at Maryland makes 115k in university compensation, and 248k total (including plenty directly from Under Armour). Nick Myers at Ohio State makes 305k, but I believe that number includes the external sources of payment.

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I was rooting for them in the tournament but I wasn't going to pull for them over Maryland. I prob would've rooted for them if they played Denver or any of the old school blue blood teams. I'd like to see them and Penn State and Michigan represented in the Final 4 a lot in the coming years.  Glad Maryland finally did it!


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Very impressed with Maryland's close D staying in body and on hands of OSU's Canadians. 2-man wing game has also been a nice plan for Maryland offense, and getting those 2 goals from the 2nd midfield is so clutch.


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I see we're setting reasonable expectations for our new coach here.

But really. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We can be elite in a year or two, sure, but maybe let's win a conference game before we set the bar at a national championship within five years. The only precedent for that is Denver, who got damn lucky with Bill Tierney at exactly the right time.


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Those are reasonable expectations. The bar is high. Of course, coming off a disappointing year or two to end the John Paul era, the new coach won't be held to a "make the Final Four or get fired" standard by any stretch of the imagination. But with Michigan's resources, facilities (will be better than any other school from the first day the new coach hits campus), and recruiting footprint, they should be able to break into consistent tournament contention extremely quickly if they get the caliber of coach they think they'll be able to hire. It's not even a hot take, just the truth.