NCAA Informs Ohio State Of Ongoing Investigation

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According to 97.1 The Fan in Columbus, the NCAA has informed Ohio State University that they will be continuing their investigation.  The report comes from the Common Man and the Torg show with its sources coming from former OSU football players.


More details to come once I find a print source.  I know we all love to see it, but they broke the news on the radio with promise of following up on it. 


EDIT: Here's the link

EDIT #2: Torg now saying he thinks PRYOR is talking in an effort to get him into the Supplemental Draft.  Granted this is heresay and high speculation, but it raises some interesting questions.  Mind you, Torg is the one who broke this story on air when I posted it....before it made it to ESPN.

EDIT #3: 97.1 NOW REPORTING THAT THE SIGNING OF MEMORABILIA DID NOT STOP AFTER OSU "PUT THE CABOSH ON IT!"  This is getting unbelievable!  Torg says booster involved is from Northwest Ohio. They are livid! Tune in and laugh your ass off.


Gordon Gee had this to say:



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between giddy and wishing they wouldn't get hit hard so we can spank them on the field and make it legitimate. Not that winning isn't legitimate anyway, but then we wouldn't have to hear thier excuses.


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So no matter what happens from this point forward, tOSU fans will pull out "But Tressel was run out of town by the NCAA, waaaaaaa".  I love what the investigation has done for our recruiting class, but I wish Hoke got a shot at Tressel.


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has been cheating for the entire Tressel era. Do you really think that makes a difference to Buckeye fans? If if did, there wouldn't be a clock in the Columbus Dispatch... denoting how many days since Michigan last beat Ohio State. If the NCAA nukes OSU back to the stone age, most people here aren't going to shed any tears, or feel bad.


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The saga continues, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang. 

Seriously, at least it appears that they are actually looking into things. My expectations are low but getting a touch higher.


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From the story:

"Among the reports since then: an ESPN "Outside The Lines" story alleging that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was paid thousands of dollars for signed gear by local memorabilia collector, photographer and Buckeyes fan Dennis Talbott; an "OTL" report about Pryor and other Buckeyes playing free rounds of golf with Talbott at a Columbus-area country club; and a Columbus Dispatch report that scrutinized dozens of automobile sales to Ohio State athletes and family members from a pair of Columbus-area dealerships.

Those media reports could be the subject of the ongoing enforcement investigation. If any of them are verified by NCAA investigators, they could result in additional major allegations against the school."

I think the last line of the paragraph above gave me a chubby.


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Drip, Drip, Drip, for the next 8-16 months would just make my year! Nothing is worse than not having closure. Nothing is worse for them than speculation. Recruits do not like the unknown. The longer the NCAA takes to close the case the longer into the future it hurts them. I think the best case would be punishment finally inflicted around February or March 2013.


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for not doing anything would be too great for them to continue along that path. It's good to see that they're still investigating them, but it's sad to see that they're only continuing the investigation because their hand was forced.


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they were told that they wouldn't be getting failure to monitor or lack of instutional control (the two harshest violations) for the tattoo for memorabelia stuff. The NCAA never said that the weren't done investigating other issues.

I think a lot of people (media included) took that to mean something very different. I took that to mean the SI and OTL stuff that came out.  


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So which 4 kids do we take to fill out the 2012 class?  

Dunn, Garnett / Diamond (the fact that I am typing that gives me a half stiffy), and 2 WRs?

Dunn, OL above, 1 WR, Yuri Wright?

OL above, 2 WR, Yuri Wright?

I hope we deliver on the field this fall and keep these kids verbal'd.  


August 10th, 2011 at 4:23 PM ^

Dream scenario for me is:

Dunn, (Garnett/Diamond -- no preference here, just hope we get whichever one really wants to be here), Payton, and Wright. Those are the best available at each position we have room for assuming we have a realistic shot (obviously DGB would be great, but we dont have any reason to believe it would ever happen, etc.)


August 10th, 2011 at 4:44 PM ^

I am in full agreement here.  If I had to choose, I would pick O'Brien, Dunn, Garnett/Diamond, and Payton.  If we can make room for Wright and Darboh, then we definitely should.  Unfortunately, we are having to turn away some extremely talented kids... there are worse problems to have I suppose!


August 10th, 2011 at 4:50 PM ^

O'Brien.  Damnit.  Knew I was forgetting someone.

It's pretty crazy to think that it's August and we have a pretty good idea how this class will look.

So, in other words - expect something to change between now and February.  Wouldn't shock me in the least if Wright replaced TRich and at least one other "swap" happened.  

Deep Under Cover

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Living in Columbus, my two roommates are bucknuts and have been getting mighty cocky about how tosu didn't do anything wrong and how they knew all along they wouldn't get scholarship reductions or bowl bans (which still isn't set, so whateva).

I expect they will be quiet for the next couple of days until more details come out.


August 10th, 2011 at 4:15 PM ^

Yeah,  it was just on ESPN College Football Live as well the host basically said OSU was notified today that the investigation is still ongoing and could result in a second notice of allegations during OSU's meeting with the NCAA on Friday.