NCAA Football video game rosters are out

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on August 1st, 2015 at 8:06 PM

2015-16 season rosters that are usable on NCAA Football 14 are out.

Operation Sports has a team of guys that have been working every day on these things and even modding out UAB in place UNC-Charlotte.

The first pre-updated weights and heights roster is out and is now playable on any system. 

All of Michigan's players have accurate jersey numbers save Shelton Johnson and Blake O'Neill whose numbers aren't yet known. 

You can get the rosters by downloading out of the EA locker of thesportsguru11





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I treat it as a riddle in which I must divine what caused a bunch of people to defend their activity level.  My guess is that it had something to do with someone calling people who play video games fat, which is hilarious given the fact he (and it is 100% certain it is a him) is commenting on a sports blog on a weekend.


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Hey i am on the team for the rosters man.  That name you posted is not the name to download the file bro.  It keeps on changing because we are updating the roster a ton right now with media days going on.  I did the edits on Michigan i asked before but nobody said anything if you guys would look them over and let me know if you see anything that needs changed.  Hope you guys enjoy them we put a ton of hours into them for FREE lol.


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I got banned because i hangout on this website to much and my sense of humor was not welcome i guess lol.  I told some dude to get a 10 foot rope and jump out of a 20 foot tree and got banned i was like WTF!  I have seen some crazy shit posted on here so ya OS most definately put my ass in timeout lol.


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Only thing I'm interested in: what's Harbaugh's rating as a coach? I'd imagine he'd get high ratings for NFL potential, but his college work is outstanding too. He must be at least a 95.


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Man it will not let me post the links for the OS page and our Twitter.  Check the 1st page on Operation Sports and it will tell you who has the most up to date file.  The rosters from They Call Me LSU were done awhile back and i don't feel they are as up to date as ours.  But check em out and let me know what you guys think if you see anything that needs to be fixed on Michigan please let me know.


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Our file is only for the ps3 right now but we are going to have it ported over to X-Box to.  TheyCallMeLSU does the X-Box file.  I am not sure if they have their file caught up yet or not with all the transfers and what not they were done way before us so they have a lot of things to correct i would imagine.  I was brought on a few months ago before that nobody was really working on the rosters on the PS3 side work was moving quite slowly back then. 


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If you go to OS they have quite a few different threads for different years and systems.  I am not sure about 13 and i do not think we are going to port them to 13 but if somebody does i will let you guys know. 


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I wish they'd make the ps4 download in the store but I know that will never happen. This is my favorite all time game and I'm glad it lives on through these updated rosters. Thanks for the heads up.

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I miss this series so much, honestly. I think EA was foolish to think demand would evaporate without slightly fictionalized versions of real players... the fourth string freshmen were already totally randomized a lot of the time and everyone else graduated within two years. I never needed Denard Robinson or Chad Henne to be in the games, I enjoyed building my dynasties.