NCAA Football 13 Gameplay. Michigan vs Alabama

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on July 11th, 2012 at 2:15 AM

I have not yet picked up my copy of NCAAF 13 so I did some searching on youtube for gameplay on it of Michigan and low and behold I found a gameplay video of Michigan vs Alabama (at the Big House). So far watching this video i have made a few observations.

1. I still hate EA's graphics. There is no comparison to 2K in my opinion. 2k will always rule EA.

2. I still think the tackling looks bad and the players aren't fully gripping their opposition to the ground during a tackle or sack.

3. The motion however does look a lot smoother and the locomotion of the players does look more realisitc.

4. Denard still doesn't have dreads.

5. The crowd still looks horribly fake. They just do not care about crowd A I at EA.

6. Players on the sidelines still look the same as they did in NCAA 12.

7. Michigan's coach doesnt have an M on the shirt. I know it's not suppose to look like Hoke but c'mon some school threads would be nice.

8. Still see a lot of missed tackles in this game.

9. Play by play is still bad and makes you feel like you're listening to NCAA 12.

10. Studio updates are kind of cool I guess. I'm just not impressed with what I have seen so far and playing the demo I wasn't impressed either. I give it 3 out of 5.



July 11th, 2012 at 2:32 AM ^

I'm sick of EA's arrogant tech team doing the same shit over and over. Nothing improves or looks better! The 2k series was back in 2005-2007 and it STILL looks more realisitic than EA will ever be. Don't believe me? Take a look and you tell me which looks better. NFL 2k5 still owns Madden. I stopped playing Madden cause of EA's decrease in detail. I'm sick of playing "arcade" style football games. I want real football presence not generic. 

No point in evening searching for Madden 12 vs NFL 2k5. NFL 2k5 is still better.


July 11th, 2012 at 8:15 AM ^

The video is nice but does anyone play with any view OTHER than end zone (all 22, which in madden is really like some17)? The graphics will look different. Regardless, 2k looks pretty good with a 6 YEAR DIFFERENCE! That's an eternity in video game years.


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The games improve, just not very much year to year.  What I do is buy them every 4-5 years.  That way you get all the major changes, don't spend a ton of money, and get all the major structural changes like Nebraska getting added to the Big Ten.

Sports games are just a rip off, plain and simple.  I think they're very fun, but the fact that they release them every year is the problem.  What I would like to see is a yearly update and a new game every four years.  You could pay $15 or so for the yearly update.  It would update rosters, scores, coaching changes, and award winners.  No major game changes, just those aspects.  Then every four years come out with a new one.  It's just ridiculous to buy them every year.  I mean, what's the difference between 2012 and 2013?  Slighty better graphics and the new Heisman feature?  Not worth it.

Sorry for the rant, but the whole sports game concept bothers me.


July 11th, 2012 at 9:53 AM ^

If you do, make it for the PC, make it open source, and build in support for a big modding community to do your patches and tweaks for you.

I'd like to see a company challenge EA with an every-three years game, with an optional subscriber fee for ongoing support/bug fixes (and updated rosters) in the between years. Each new version gets a long enough period of development so as to be a substantial upgrade with majorly enhanced gameplay. Meanwhile the older versions have years to be tweaked and improved.

It shouldn't be so hard to convince the leagues that they can make more with non-exclusive licensing. However that remains a major barrier to competition in this market--much of the money that would otherwise go toward game development has to be paid to the leagues for the rights to use their likenesses.

I still think NCAA and EA are missing an opportunity with the naming thing. They can't pay the players individually to use their names and likenesses, however the players who do go on to play professional football would benefit from having their names published (makes them more marketable as pros). If you asked them individually, most players wouldn't mind their likenesses being used for free. Nobody gets hurt--many gamers put those names in anyway--and at least they can end the charade of MLB #25 and whether or not he's really Kenny Demens. I should think they could come to some sort of arrangement. Again, my suggestion would be to have EA Sports raise the price of the game by $1 and have that go toward a merit-based scholarship trust for NCAA football players to attend grad school. Put 3/4 of the money toward the trust the first year (since 3/4 of the players will be on next year's game too), 1/2 the money into the trust the 2nd year, 1/4 of the money into the trust the 3rd year, and from then on 1/10th of the take goes toward the trust every year. Use the interest and the rest of the money each year to send graduating seniors with expired eligibility to graduate school.

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For the love of Christ people, how many times must I tell you this. You can edit hair in the roster editing. They can't give Denard dreads because that would violate the student rights rule where EA can only go so far. As long as we have the options to edit, fine with me.


July 11th, 2012 at 2:54 AM ^

To be fair, I don't give a crap about crowd AI either (outside of clips of the team coming out and whatever). The rest of your points I concur with: competition breeds improvement. EA has none of either. Rather than focus on improving their existing crap product, they went and created a whole new breed of crap letting you play with former Heisman players on whatever team you want! Seriously, if you want to do that, go to player editor and just make Desmond there. I can't imagine there's a big demand for putting Tim Tebow on whatever non-Gators team you're playing. Fans know what teams these players are indelibly associated with. Just dumb.


July 11th, 2012 at 4:55 AM ^

We hang 55 on the Tide!? I had better stock up on Tums. Naturally QB #16 overcomes his evil alter ego in the first half and throws some clutch passes in the second. I was entertained by the skill of the human player.


July 11th, 2012 at 7:47 AM ^

I have it and I think Michigan got screwed on the rankings first of all, each player is very underrated. Also the new gameplay pisses me off that the pump fake is not the analog anymore(xbox360). Gameplay is better though and it is growing on me. 35-0 Beat Bama first game with Denard and Fitzy injured.


July 11th, 2012 at 1:22 PM ^

I have it and I think [insert home team] got screwed on the rankings [insert period] first of all, each player is very underrated. Also the new gameplay pisses me off that the pump fake is not the analog anymore(xbox360). Gameplay is better though and it is growing on me. [a cool story for the masses]


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Well I have yet to really play with Michigan, but if it makes anyone feel better in my online dynasty the computer Michigan just smashed the computer Alabama. They literally won by 35 points. The weird part is that they almost lost to Air Force the following week. Oh well, I have enjoyed the game so far, but I just like having a new NCAA no matter how drastic or little of changes they make. I guess that makes me one of these guys.......




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NCAA is unfortunately the only college football game on the market, but Madden and NCAA are very mediocre games in my opinoin.  I think I returned ncaa12 after a month of playing it, because it is just boring to play.   A few posts ago said that nfl2k5 was the best football game, and I have to agree, that game was actually fun to play.  I'll stick to maybe buying Fifa 13 if that game has a lot of new features.  EA needs a new engine and development team for their football games,  I have been unimpressed with their next gen offerings.  EA was really smart by buying out the NFL rights all those years ago, because 2k was right on their heels in the football department, and 2k will always be superior in the NBA game.  I don't even watch much NBA, but 2k11 and 12 were amazing games.

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July 11th, 2012 at 12:21 PM ^

I know we all want Denard to have dreads, but you talked about it in your comment about Hoke. Technically, Denard isn't in the game and the players aren't supposed to resemble to real people. We all know it's Denard because of the position and number though.

I have always had beef with EA about the sideline and crowd. The crowd might be harder to make look more real, but the sideline needs to be fixed and more detailed. I didn't get the '12 version of the game, so I don't know how the sideline looked in that game, but in the '11 version, it was just a bunch of guys who looked identical, had the same number, and all clapped in unison. It was really lame. They need to add more people to resemble a full team, have assistant coaches, and I think it would be even cooler if they would add media members, guests, security people, etc. to the sidelines or around the field to make it look even more real.


July 11th, 2012 at 1:23 PM ^

NCAA games are sweet. It's so addicting to recruit and use players year after year. Playing and customizing schedules and trying to get better school prestige, higher rankings, and bowl games is awesome. People will ALWAYS find something to be picky about it. NCAA is better than Madden by far in my opinion. If you don't like it and constantly nitpick, don't buy it. Plain and simple.


July 11th, 2012 at 2:13 PM ^

I don't really care about the crowd, I care about the gameplay on the field. 

Building a franchise and then effectively coaching the team on the field is more of a priority to me than the people on the sideline or the crowd shots.