NCAA Final Four Student Ticket ID Check

Submitted by Vader on April 1st, 2013 at 3:17 AM

I'm going to (hopefully) be getting a ticket from the NCAA alotment of student tickets for UM. I'm still not sure if I will be going (damn business school presentations) and my friend would definitely take my ticket if I can't go. The only problem is the email to get the tickets explicitly states that "the NCAA has strict ID policies in place for these tickets." Is this just a scare tactic/does anyone have any experience with student tickets at the Final Four and what they specifically ask for to let you in?

I don't want to sell my friend the ticket only for him to get down there and not be allowed in. I'm getting the ticket no matter what so I hope that if I can't go I can at least make that seat is filled. Thank you for any help.



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My money is that they'll do it like they did at the Alabama game.  You have to present your MCard at the stadium to pick up your ticket.  I also read on a syracuse site that you'll need to have the credit card that you bought the ticket with in order to get your ticket, but I'm not sure about that.


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When hockey made the Frozen Four in St. Paul we had to show our student id to pick up the tickets. If you buy the ticket it will either be you using it or an empty seat unless you know someone who looks like you (or at least the picture on your id).


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I'm glad they're going to these lengths to prevent people selling tickets.

I hate people buying student tickets for the sole purpose to re-sell for a profit.  I'm all for whatever it takes to let people who actually will use the tickets for their own enjoyment and support of the team buy them for a reasonable price.


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I graduated last year, but still have the MCard.  For the Alabama game, I found a student who was not going and the ticket office was able to transfer the ticket to my name.  I picked it up at the stadium with no problem.

Where do you actually buy the student tickets?  Is it only for season ticket holders?


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Have a friend in the same situation. My advice: don't try it.



Student Entry Information:

The following information details the student entry procedures at the stadium.

All students with confirmed tickets will:

  • Be required to present their valid student identification card at the designated checkpoint, Lower Gate C on ground levelof parking garage 1 adjacent to the stadium. Enter on Sugar Bowl Drive between 10 a.m. and noon Central time, onSaturday, March 31. (A representative from each institution must be available at that entrance to assist with any issues related to the validity of a student id.);
  • Present the credit card used to purchase the ticket online, so it can be swiped for verification. With digital tickets, matching the student identification card to the credit card used to purchase the ticket will be the method of verification.
  • Students will then line up adjacent to the checkpoint to enter the stadium at Lower Gate C on ground level of parking garage 1. The line will be first-come, first served.
  • Students will enter the Mercedes-Benz Superdome beginning at 2 p.m. central time.
  • The first 355 students from each institution will be identified for floor seats and will receive a wristband upon entry to gain access to their designated floor section.
  • The remaining 355 students will be directed to the designated upper level seating locations and will be given a seat locator.


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What section are the students in? If I can't get a student ticket (which, I would never resell anyways, so the policy irks me as an alum and returning student this fall!) I want to try and sit as close as possible to the hype.



April 1st, 2013 at 3:52 PM ^

If you look at the floor below, there is a lot of floor space at each end of the court. I believe this is where all of the students stand. It sucks for people who get there late because there is no bleachers that angle up to help you see over the people in front of you. The floor is raised though so the people standing in the back can still see the action somewhat.

You can kind of see what I'm talking about in this picture..



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I would just ask the ticket office if you could transfer them. They seem to be the only ones who will know for sure.

Be sure to let us know the answer!


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"Late last night, you were notified via email regarding NCAA Tournament Final Four ticket ordering information.

Today (Monday, April 1), Michigan Basketball Student Season Ticket Holders who attended eleven (11) or more home games this season will have priority access to purchase one NCAA Tournament Final Four ticket.  The NCAA offers seven-hundred (700) specially priced $40 Floor-Level student tickets to each participating school.  If Michigan advances to the National Championship, one (1) ticket will be provided at no additional cost to each of the seven-hundred (700) students.

Michigan Basketball Student Season Ticket Holders who attended eleven (11) or more home games this season will have priority access to purchase one NCAA Tournament Final Four ticket.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, April 2), if NCAA Tournament Final Four Floor-Level student tickets remain, the next priority group of Michigan Basketball Student Season Ticket Holders will be notified to purchase Floor-Level student tickets, if available.

NCAA Tournament Final Four Floor-Level student ticket ordering information will be sent from the NCAA, not Michigan Athletics.

Please note the NCAA has extremely strict ID policies in place for all Floor-Level student tickets, and they are non-transferable.  If you do not personally plan to attend, do not purchase a ticket."

It doesn't sound like your friend would be able to use it.


April 1st, 2013 at 4:48 PM ^

Has anybody gotten an email from the ncaa yet? I can't actually remember if I made it to 11 games because I forget how many I missed due to winter break and it messing up my count so I'm not sure whether to expect an email or not today.


April 1st, 2013 at 5:22 PM ^

Not sure how they're determining attendance though. And there were only like 40 students at the Palace, so we'll see. I made it to every game but Penn State at home (exam....) but my ticket for another game wasn't on my MCard and I missed an exhibition, so either way I'm above 11 but still a bit nervous. So much suspense.


I called the ticket office a little before 5 to check my attendance, which they said they couldn't do, but said the email should be coming hopefully any minute.


April 2nd, 2013 at 1:47 PM ^

You have to use your Student ID number as a passcode to purchase the ticket so what if another student used a friends ID number to buy tickets with his/her own credit card and under his/her own name? This way, the MCard and Credit Card would match but the ticket would still be bought at face value. You think this would work?


April 2nd, 2013 at 1:53 PM ^

I was in the process of doing this same thing last night, but then I realized how bad the view is.  I am sticking with the nosebleed seats that I already have.  

The MCard may have to match the ID number used as a passcode, though.  My thought was that I swipe my credit card that I used to buy the tickets, then verify ID using the other person's MCard if they look similar.