NCAA Clears MSU re: Nassar & OTL

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“In regards to the crimes committed on our campus by Larry Nassar, the NCAA findings do not change a thing,” Beekman said. “NCAA member organizations have a specific set of rules to which we hold each other accountable. And while we agree with the NCAA that we did not commit a violation, that does not diminish our commitment to ensure the health, safety and wellness of our student athletes. That pledge permeates everything we do as part of a larger university commitment to making MSU a safer campus.

“As it relates to the handling of student-athlete conduct issues, at Michigan State we are committed to following all appropriate policies and procedures. Today’s findings provide external validation of Mark Dantonio and Tom Izzo and the way they administer their programs. Mark and Tom represent the athletic department and Michigan State University with integrity."



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What an absolute joke. The NCAA would be laughable if it didn't continually act against the interests of the victims of grift and abuse in favor of protecting backwards and corrupt institutions and individuals.

The Mad Hatter

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I think the NCAA has made it abundantly clear that they're just fine with institutional rape factories being valued members of the club.

Don't put any fucking cream cheese on that bagel though.


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i’m guessing it’s because of the massive number of sexual assaults commited by msu football amd basketball players which have been swept under the rug while mork and izzo have been there - not to mention assaults perpetrated against the gymnastics team and covered for by the coaches and admin staff.


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Sparty troll 1: "Nah nah nah you can't prove anything."
Sparty troll 2: <Sarcastic agreement>
Sparty troll 1: "What? What? I don't even... WHY U MAD BRO?"

Congratulations, fine sirs.  You've managed to sum up the perception of your fanbase in three short messages (to a rival's board).


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well, payne admitted during an interview with the police that the girl he and appling raped ‘wasn’t free to leave’, and izzo knew about it and played both of them for four entire seasons.

and reasonable people could infer from the conduct of his players after leaving (mateen cleaves and appling come to mind) that they didn’t immediately turn to gun-toting criminals as soon as they had their diplomas in hand, that this kind of shit was going on all along


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Because nothing really happened to Baylor, or PSU (ultimately the NCAA rolled back most of their harshest penalties), or MSU, or really anywhere.  Name me a member institution that got hammered for allowing systemic sexual abuse by athletes and/or staff to occur?  You can't, because it never happened.  Maybe they'll shock the world and come down hard on Baylor, but early indications say don't expect it.

The NCAA cares about two things - making gobs of money for it and its member institutions and stopping literally everyone else from getting a piece of it.  That's their MO.  


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Gibbons was one player, and he was permanently banned from the university. Michigan State is an institution that has repeatedly enabled dozens and dozens of rapists, and those players continued to play and are still welcomed on the sidelines. Fuck off.


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Yeah, nope.

She dropped the charges, 3 years later title IX rules changed so they didn't need victim cooperation so they reopened it and booted him.


Lewan said 'if youre going to get in trouble for raping someone you didnt you should rape them' or something like that. Stupid, but not a threat.


Hoke stupidly said he was out for family reasons, that does not equate to sweeping it under the rug.


Nice try though.

Lou MacAdoo

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I'm so glad that we finally got to the bottom of this. I was really worried that there was a lack of institutional control at both MSU and OSU. Turns out the B10 and NCAA see no issues at either school. That's enough for me. Stupid media and their fake news. 


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Any assertion the article tacitly made that there is an actual "link" between the Nassar scandal and Michigan State basketball or football was inaccurate, yes.

However, what the article did do is expose to a much bigger audience what residence of the State of Michigan have known for years.  And that is that Michigan State regularly shields their athletes from culpability for their actions and puts their ability to perform on the court/field above accountability and student/campus safety.  This was not news to people who have been paying attention, but it was to most people.


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I am going to go for bolder, not just their athletes, they have a problem with their general student population.  

I remember my friends from HS coming back from orientation telling us how they were told to be careful because 1 and 4 people will either be a victim of sexual assault or receive an STD at some point in their 4 years and the crazy thing is within my friend group that number was fairly accurate.  As a university they.  have. a.  problem.  Granted this was 15-20 years ago, so maybe its better?  I suspect not though 

Prince Lover

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To be fair....I remember my orientation, back in early 90s, where we had a class where the speakers started out with, every male in this room is a potential rapist....then they went into date rape, and getting drunk and acting foolish and such. I was shocked and offended bc don’t accuse me, etc....

But even back then, it was such a problem that they had a class about it. So MSU was not the only institution who addressed this during orientation.


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yes; teaching people about affirmation consent vs. lack of dissent is an ongoing thing.... that is massively different than what I am talking about and lando just confirmed.

It is known at msu to avoid areas.  I can't think of a single area on or off campus that is known as unsafe to the student body. 



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If MSU has a problem, what's wrong with mich? The below article from the NYT's shows it's 1 in 3 at mich. That's good for the second highest rate of sexual assault of any campus in America. Ya, you guys are doing great! LOL. I'd say glass houses but I think it would get lost on you guys.