NCAA 13 Ohio Commercial

Submitted by Blazefire on June 29th, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Bit of a weird request here. For those of you that don't know, I'm pretty hard of hearing. Deaf, for all intents and purposes.

Anyway, I was just linked to a live feed of some basset hound puppies on twitter, and before the ustream came up, there as a commercial for NCAA 13. The commercial had a father walk into his son's room, the father wearing an Ohio sweatshirt, and the son is playing NCAA 13, The Game. He appears to be playing as Ohio State. They talk for a moment, and then the father throws the son's TV out the window.

I'm just wondering what was actually going on there, because I'm a sucker for popular references to The Game. was the dad mad because the son was losing to Michigan, or what?



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...but how do you know that you were not hired because you were deaf?  I'm not saying that stuff doesn't happen, but do you have clear evidence of such an action?  If so, then there are numerous channels to elevate this issue (and its your choice to do so).  If not, then you may be mis-labeling a hiring manager as a bigot, and in doing so is (IMO) as reprehensible as the acton of a bigot.

Perhaps you were not hired because of your abilities were not a fit?   


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Didn't know you were deaf but I definitely know how you feel as i'm at about 40% hearing loss and dropping.  I have Tinnitus thanks to an Acoustic Neoroma (benign brain tumor growing on the inner ear) a few years ago so.  Tinnitus is a constant ringing in your ear (think of a firecracker going off near your head) so to keep me from going insane my brain simply shuts off hearing to shut off the ringing.  But at the end of the day all I hear sometimes when my wife or kids talk to me is sound.  The words are like a poorly tuned radio station with lots of static.  And every year I grow mgrowolder it gets a little worse.

FWIW I actually thought Mario's comment was funny as that seems to be the first word out of my mouth in about 90% of my conversations.  But trust does suck and I know how frustrated Blase, MatDog and everybody else with this problem can get.


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Just one thankfully.  I had a Gamma Knife procedure done which was amazing in itself (I was actually one of the first US patients to have it performed on me) at the Cleveland Clinic.  Make fun of Ohio all you want but that place is pretty amazing too!



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Being deaf. My sister was talking about dog breeds that she's interested in, I asked if she had ever heard the "Cute" Basset Hound or it's cousin the Beagle. Because if she got one she'd hear it constantly for years.

Which is just fine at times, but living in Chicago, I wouldn't consider a Basset a good apartment dog. Or at least,  neighbors won't like it.

That said, adorable puppies:


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Like everyone else, I couldn't find the video, but I wonder if it had to do with the new feature about switching Heisman winners between rivals. I've seen ads with Eddie George in a Michigan uniform and Woodson in an OSU uniform. It could have been something with that, because that seems to get everyone all riled up.


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Well, I can tell you there wasn't much said about it in the puppy live stream. Just some howling back and fourth at each other, nothing out of the ordanary for the rivalry.