NCAA 11 Online PS3 Dynasty (Starting a new one...)

Submitted by michiganfanforlife on July 19th, 2010 at 4:34 PM

I have tried to join a couple different groups, but they are both too full at this point. Anyone want to start another one? I would be happy to run it, or if there is someone who would like to take charge of it that's fine. I'm not too savy with the updated rosters and such, so hopefully one of you can take the reigns on this...I'm thinking there are some of you who either didn't get in on the first two, or would like to join another (like me).

My user name is: Thrivemusic - and I would like to play in a conference other than the Big Ten (so I don't have to face UM).  I would like to play on All American - 6min Quarters - No resets - No Dynasty Accelerators - 1 game per week -  Let me know and we'll get it set up asap!


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July 19th, 2010 at 9:12 PM ^

other than ballzdeep210's, who i had to decline because i dont think i could have hit 225+ carries with SCAR on heisman and been competitive. one thing you can do is custom conferences if u make a list of 12 teams, put them all in the ACC/SEC and then let us pick from the 12 teams or randomly select.

PSN: banisheraustin

toss me a friend request. i have rosters from one of my buddies at BON.


July 19th, 2010 at 10:42 PM ^

Long time reader, first time poster.  I am trying to set up a dynasty on the ps3.  My psn is edventure008.  I'll send the invites once i get your psn.  I am aiming to try to get one game a week and possibly two if possible.  The settings are six minute quarters and all american levels in gameplay and recruiting.  The only question would be if anybody want to do a mid major conference teams only with the opportunity for the top two able to move up to a bigger program, one star teams with the same opportunities or just pick whatever team you'd like.  If there are any question, i'll try to answer in a timely fashion.


July 20th, 2010 at 4:50 PM ^

That leaves 4 slots - we will get all of you invited shortly and hopefully start the first round of matchups soon. When connecting with people to play user vs. user games - either use this thread (access through the user -track) or just befriend everyone in the league and send messages over the ps3.  Telling people times of the week that work for you is a good way to start...

Once we have everyone's usernames and teams we will figure out how the conferences should work....


July 20th, 2010 at 8:36 PM ^

I have invited and befriended all of the following for the dynasty....


tmorley- treb12