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I have had this game for about 14 hours and i'm already sick of it.

i hate and have hated the way to select plays since ncaa 08. i liked it better when you could scroll through the plays 3 at a time in the different packages at the bottom of the screen. it was like this in all the games before ncaa 08, instead of the stupid box in the middle of the screen they have now.

juking never works

i can't find any trick plays.

the commentary is the same every year.

i hate that trying to defend the pass is next to impossible.

it seems like everyone runs a lot slower than in older games, even when i press the sprint button.

i hate that theres no pump up the crowd button.

i hate that they change buttons every year.

and i especially hate it that michigan is so bad! i have never gotten more than a 10 yard run from brandon minor because i can't get a block!

i'm 1-3 in online play because i can't match up when my opponent is playing as texas or alabama!

and overall, i found it really boring. nothing really spectacular. i'm thinking about taking it back and getting call of duty 4 or 5.

why have the all the games gotten worse since ncaa 06?



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i would not recommend buying it. ncaa 06 for ps2 is better than this game. oh and another thing about this game that sucks is that it's almost impossible to complete a pass thrown over 30 yards. if you try a hail mary, forget about it! you'll get intercepted or batted away every time.

Big Shot

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IMO, This game is by far the best installment of the NCAA series on a next-gen console. I personally think the running game is much better in years past. Its also made power backs, like Minor, useful. In years past, it was all about speed backs because power backs didn't break tackles well. This is the first time in about 3 years I didn't think the game was a waste of money.


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No, do not believe anything this post says. It is incorrect in so many ways. First of all, this is by far the best NCAA football game made yet to date. Why? B/c it is by far the most realistic. It's not easy like all the rest of the games and juking never works for this guy b/c 1. he doesn't know how to play and 2. EA went to great lengths to make an actual difference in various players. Some are good at juking, others aren't.... hmmmmm, just like in real life. So some running backs you may not be very good at juking with. Furthermore, there is a pump up the crowd button, no idea what this guy is talking about. The gameplay is slower b/c this moron didn't think to go into the options menu and change the gameplay (which the default is set to slow) to medium or fast. The slow gameplay, though, is the most realistic. In real life, players don't actually move across the field in .05 seconds like they do in past versions of the game. He can't get a run more than 10 yards with Brandon Minor, b/c he doesn't know how to effectively use Brandon's strengths which are his trucking and stiff arm abilities. I break long runs with Brandon all the time by using these things. Also, the game is much more fluid than past games have been. When passing the ball, you can now actually throw the ball to the outside shoulder of a receiver who's being closely covered and actually have him catch the ball. Never could do this in past installments. The quarterback will now throw a bad ball if he is being pressured and somebody gets a hand on him while he's in his throwing motion. In the past he would just throw a perfect ball every time, even when halfway to the ground. In some ways this does make the game harder, which this kid obviously hates challenges. But for those of us that truly love the game of football, this is by far the closest game to it yet and by far the most fun.

Super J

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Bill Gates just returned my X Box 360. So I was going through some of the games I haven't played in a while and started up NCAA '09. And had a lot of the thoughts about that one as you did with '10. 2007 was my favorite version.

I guess I go back to killing the entire population of the holy land in Assassins Creed. And giggle like a 10 y/o wondering what will be in store in the sequel.


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I think you're being a bit unfair because you haven't learned all the ins and outs of the new gameplay. If you check the Season Showdown standings you'll see that Michigan is far and away leading the standings in Underdog victories. This isn't a mistake. Here are some tips:

You're semi-right about the offense. To make Michigan's offense run against anyone decent you HAVE to use the Gameplan. Sell out more on the impact blocks, and try to roll the pocket (adjust the OLs blocking pre-snap). Be careful with the gameplan though, if you go aggressive on the "hold blocks" you take too many big holding calls. Ditto on the "strip ball" option and facemask calls defensively.

Another big key, which shouldn't be a problem for any regular reader of MGoBlog, know your personnel. I run Denard exclusively out of the 5 wide set and he's usually pretty killer. If they play man and none of the WRs come open it's usually at least a 9 yd scramble. I'm always running a slot on a fly route in case they blitz from the inside. And I almost always have one WR attacking the short sideline, in case they send the corner blitz. Look to run Minor inside, or just off-tackle. And Moundros is actually a pretty good quick hitting run option in 10. Don't use him solely as a blocker. I like to throw Brown in for the quick pitch.

Oh, VERY important to my run game: audible your WRs to block down. On those off-tackle runs or pitches this usually puts your RB on a CB so you can cut it up for a few. OR if you can smoke the corner, it's a big gainer.

Defensively, I give up 12 points/gm consistently playing online against OSU, Florida, Bama, USC, etc. This defense is heavily OVERRATED in my epinion. I run the 4-2-5, but if you run any 4 man front RVB is a more than solid DE. Because of this, you can get pressure on the QB rushing only the front 4. Hence the reason I run 5 DBs out. I almost always show blitz because I don't like how deep the secondary drops in their zones naturally (and I almost always run zone). Also, it makes my opponent comfortable with the defense being that close to the line. So, when I do blitz it's usually pretty effective.

Pre-snap calls: These are very important defensively. They can make big plays for you or cost you big plays. This is where the game is most improved I think. Notice where your opponent is running. If he's always running option to the wide side of the field or the strong side of the line, it's pretty safe to slant your line against the run to that side. When you've taken him down for a 7 yd loss and put him in 3rd and long drop into coverage, pre-snap play pass, and let the D-line pin their ears back and go get the QB. (Note: When you play the run don't show blitz, it takes your secondary wayyyyy out of position)

1a. Get the lead
1b. Stuff the run, force your opponent to be one dimensional and then jump on the pass (Pre-snap option)
3. ?????
4. Profit.

Whatever you do, be patient and don't become one dimensional yourself. Now that you know all my secrets, my handle is JoeyIke if you feel like looking me up and smoking me. I'm usually on at weird hours though, because I'm in Korea. Good luck.


I'm slightly appalled at how long this is. I clearly spend too much time on this game. Maybe I should go back to alcoholism.


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The only things I hate is my qb's arm strength is next to none and he's right about the deep ball. You have to play controlled off or you'll get intercepted all game. I hate how slow our RB's are and they always get ran down from behind except CB. Now I play on 360 and if someone knows how to hit stick I'm done due to the fact I'll probably fumble 5 times. Any help with the fumbling? Tips to hold on the ball better? I won't give the game a 10 , but I'll definitely give it an 8 if you ever want to play me I'm desmondcharles on x-box 360


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Adjust the AI settings. Go to google and search "NCAA 10 sliders" and you can find some good ones there. It'll change the entire game and solve all your gripes.

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Have you ever thought that maybe you dislike it because you suck? There's nothing wrong with that. I'm terrible at it. I need to play on the second easiest difficulty to even have a shot. Not everyone is good at video games. It doesn't mean that the game is bad though.


September 3rd, 2009 at 9:44 AM ^

My favorite play is the option pass w/Denard. I can get break that for huge gains almost every time.

Is it just me or are there incredibly terrible grammar mistakes all over the game?

In literally 90% of the facts that run while the game is loading there are misspellings or sentences that just don't make sense. Nobody has said anything about it, but they are so blatant.


September 4th, 2009 at 4:09 PM ^

I stopped playing it after about two seasons in dynasty. Hated the way the passing worked and I still haven't gotten sick of FIFA 09, so it was easy to switch over.
One thing I don't get, is that up until a couple years ago, you could adjust the personnel in the package (HB Spell, FB in for HB,
TE at WR, switching the sides of field that the WRs were on, etc) and now for some reason that is gone. Why would they take that part out?