NBA Sons

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Dylan has uncovered another son of a former NBA player who is being recruited by Michigan:  Larry Nance Jr.  He sounds like an intriguing prospect to be the back-up power forward given that Colton Christian seems like more of a permanent bench warmer. 

If only we could find a 7-foot defensive specialist like an Olajuwan or something.

It is pretty awesome that we've become a hot bed for former NBA players' sons. 



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I think your statement on Colton Christian is a little shortsighted.  The kid's just a freshman, and not everyone is a ready-made(ish) player like THJ (who has gone through his own growing pains).  Colton is a bit undersized at the 4, but who knows what kind of player he'll be come his senior year.


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didn't end up with Glen Rice, Jr, not that Michigan was hot on him or he was hot on Michigan.  He's averaging 29.5 minutes for GT and second leading scorer at 13.2 points.

Also, Juwan Howard, Jr is averaging 21.7 minutes and 9.2 points at WMU as a true freshman.  It would have bee nice to have him as a preferred walk on.


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I'd be willing to bet that Dumars, when healthy, is a bit more skilled than Akunne.

A bit of that assumption is based on his name, but also consider that he was actually rated by the Sites and he was actually offered a D-1 basketball scholarship.


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is also offered D1 schollie but chose to walk on to Michigan.  Akunne also had schollie from Michigan last year.  Akunne was Michigan Mr. Basketball finalist which is something that Jordan never accomplished while he's at DCC(granted the team is loaded).  Akunne was the first walk on off the bench which tells you the pecking order of walk on players.


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Found this in a 2009 article:

Michigan, though, was always the preferred destination for the hometown kid from Gabriel Richard High School. He had offers from most of the Mid-American Conference, Oakland out of the Summit League and began to receive some interest - but no scholarships - from Kansas and Louisville, among others, by the end of his senior season.


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"You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known," (Tim) Hardaway said. "I don't like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States."

We can forgive Barkley if his son can hoop.


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He had surgery on his right knee before the season and then recently had to have another surgery. From a Jan. 21 article:


Michigan sophomore forward Jordan Dumars looks like he’ll be sitting the rest of the season.

The son of Detroit Pistons legend Joe Dumars had another knee surgery Thursday after doctors found another tear in his right knee. Dumars had minor knee surgery before the season while he sat out for the first semester after transferring from South Florida.

“He will not be playing at all right now,” Beilein said. “I think he’s in a brace, actually.”

Beilein said Dumars will not be at Michigan’s game Saturday against Minnesota and could be out four more weeks — essentially guaranteeing he will redshirt this season. Dumars did not travel to Indiana or Northwestern.

“He said it didn’t feel right the whole time he was back,” Beilein said. “Obviously, he was right.”


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but how do we feel about McLimans? Potential contributor down the road or permanent bench player?

I feel like in 2-3 years he could see some valuable minutes, but to date Horford & Morgan have showed more potential.