NBA draft stock update from tonight

Submitted by PizzaHaus on February 12th, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Chad Ford just updated his board. Stauskas is the only Michigan player making an appearance. 

He's at #16, but then there's this blurb about him: "We may have been premature in putting him so high in the rankings. Lots of scouts have cooled off a bit the past few weeks."

Main takeaway here is that the chances GR3 or Mitch sneaks into the first round are miniscule and unlikely to rise, unless Glenn goes crazy very soon. Nik is in the iffy territory of mid/late first that offers few guarantees. 



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comes back next year we could be just as good.  It would be awesome to be legit B1G contenders for 4 straight seasons.  I can't remember the last time the football team could say that.


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that he didnt leave last year. His stock is dropping and the longer he stays and doesn't turn "potential" into production, the more he'll be hurt. It's looking more and more like our better lineup is with Irvin in the game ahead of Robinson. He just has not improved his outside shot and seems to be more passive than ever. Really hope he turns it around not just for the team but himself.


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You go 2-9 does not mean your soft. He definitely needs a more attacking mindset though to complement his skill set. The nba does not need a finesse player with his physique, size and game. He is explosive without the always on attitude to utilize his explosiveness. I would say he needs to be a bigger terror on d too if his offense is going to plateau where it's st. Otherwise, I am thinking second rounder. Still a big fan.


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None of these kids are ready for the league. Stauskas needs another year period point blank. He lacks quickness and is a horrid defender. He also tends to have trouble breaking free of ball denial and becomes passive when the defense ratchets up. simply NOT ready. Streaky scorer with limited dribble drive. Plays passionless through stretches still and doesn't seem to have a well rounded enough game to go pro quite yet.

McGary has not done anything this season and is a massive draft risk. McGary played well in the NCAA tourney and that was about it.

Why give up a degree and your Junior year and a chance to be a National Title team to enter a loaded draft in which none of the above are lottery picks. This is all silly and premature.

these wolverines

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You people are crazy saying they should go bc we don't have room. You make room for them it's that easy. The same people crying about Trey leaving to early are saying well they should go bc there stock will never go up even if they stay is the dumbest thing I've heard on here. Can you imagine our team next year if everyone came back?? It's championship or bust baby.


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I know that sounds weird and it would be awesome to have them back, but we need to think about the legitimacy of the word of this staff. Obviously we don't know what the staff said behind closed doors, but GR3 and MM were mid first round picks last year and they came back. That  could very easily be perceived as the coaching staff not having the best interests of their players on their mind.

Obviously there is a mountain of data to say otherwise, but the reality is that GR3 and MM were legitimately our best prospects of the last decade. They should have had much better shots of going to the NBA, and had that opportunity last year, for this staff to be considered true savants of developing talent.

Granted much of this is moot because I have come to trust this staff more than is reasonably possible. We know the team will improve, will bounce back, and will ALWAYS find talent no matter the ranking. It would just be lovely to take that next step of not having to have a convergence of luck and talent to be a truly elite team (though you could also easily argue that we are at that stage now).

Well, apparently I have no point. I just hope for GR3 and MM that they get drafted high this year or some year because they are good players and I can only hope they get what's best for them.


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Is no longer the prospect you think he is. I hope he turns it around but he is not an nba player right now and the scoutniks are starting to see it. I am just hoping he gets to being a dominant d1 player. He can do it but it's not even close right now. I would say Irving 's scoring ability might have his projections exceed Robinson 's if current trends hold. Great kid.

On mm, I think he would clearly be drafted but that might not individually be a good biz decision for him. I'd take a policy out if I were him (hope he did already) and show I could get through another season to see if I could get in top of first round in weaker class next year. That said he is a bit older so it may behoove him to go late first round this year.


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GRIII has a father who played very well in the NBA. It's not like he doesn't have someone to turn to for advice.

The coaches didn't throw a banana on the court to hurt him. He had a history with his back. He knew the risks and he gambled that he would come back and have a great year. Hopefully he can come back and show that.

Regardless, I hope someone does leave from the standpoint that if someone plays well down the stretch and in the tournaments to dramatically upgrade their status, it probably means we are competing for titles. If not we should have a great team next year.


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I don't know if I but that. Tom Izzo rarely puts out top line NBA prospects but he still gets 5 star recruits and has great teams. It's nice to send players to the NBA, but not necessary


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I looks like we have a pretty good problem. Lots of talent for next year and (maybe) one tough decision.

Prefer our position rather than something like KY when your freshman are gone after one year.