The Natives Getting Restless?

Submitted by gater on September 27th, 2009 at 3:04 PM

I didn't see this posted anywhere and found it pretty funny. Sounds like MSU fans are a little restless:

It looks like it may have only been put up yesterday.

Funny Points:

5. “Go Bucks!” Openly roots for another school in 2008, even though a win by Ohio State versus Michigan is a detriment to Michigan State. Classless.

7. Got into war of words with Michigan student-athlete Mike Hart in 2007. Again, classless for a head coach.



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We must foil this plan to remove our greatest ally in our war with MSU. He has infiltrated their inner sanctum, and is now working to dismember the program from the inside out. We must protect his position!


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He gets it right with the Winston comment. Other than that, it would have been like us rooting for tOSU to fire Cooper after his 3rd loss to UM. Leave him.


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To be honest, I thought they were down a bit in talent when he took over and in his first couple of years he did about as well as could be expected. In his third year, they do seem to have regressed a bit, but two of the three losses were decided in the last minute and the CMU loss was frankly a bit freakish.

Still, this is only his third year. He deserves another two years to prove himself. From the perspective of the Spartan football program, firing him is a risk. It may get them another Perles or Saban, but it may also get them another John L. Smith, Bobby Williams or Muddy Waters. It'll cause some instability, which will probably put a damper on their recruiting for a couple of years. A bad hire, like Bobby Williams, could really set the program back.

On the list, #5 and #7 were both classless and not particularly bright, but I find only #9 disturbing (Winston's reinstatement). #5 and #7 may indicate that Dantonio is a little too hot-headed to be a really good coach, but we'll see.


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from that site:

"9. Reinstated student-athlete Glenn Winston in 2009 after he served four months in jail for seriously injuring another student. Plays a criminal."

Yeah, that was a pretty crap move right there.

However he did introduce many people to the "Pickle Boat" phrase, which I am sure to be forever thankful.

Heh heh. Pickle Boat.

Robbie Moore

September 27th, 2009 at 9:24 PM ^

Dantonio is of a certain type. Solid, unimaginative, midwestern hidebound, offspring of Woody and Bo though Tressel. In short, a typical Big Ten football coach. Others who fit the bill are Ferentz and Bielema. These types may win in the Big Ten but fall on their faces outside the conference where lumbering behemoths have gone the way of the Mastadon. So are we to really expect anything special from Dantonio? He's part of the past. I realize it is important for State to have strong Michigan and midwestern ties for recruiting purposes, which is one of the reasons John L failed, but they could have hired someone forward looking who had those contacts. Like Brian Kelly, then of Central Michigan. Right under their nose. Or Gary Pinckel in Missouri.

No guts, no imagination, no glory.

By the you suppose the Freep would have done an expose of a Kelly led MSU "violating" the rules governing the amount of practicing? I mean, we all know that Brian Kelly is as intense and demanding as any coach and he would have kicked Sparty squarely in the ass if he were to be their coach.