National Signing Day Eve(Cornwell To Get The QB Offer For 2014??)

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National Signing Day is tomorrow, and it's looking like it'll be a drama free one for the Wolverines. The M Block has a nice read up on National Signing Day tomorrow and they ask these questions:

1. Who is the diamond in the rough in this class? We have one five star running back, and a lot of four star kids, but who is that kid that will make us all say “Wow! I didn't see that coming?”
2. Who do you think will make an immediate impact on the field next year as a true freshman? Offense and Defense.
3. In 3-4 years who are 2-3 guys from this class that you think will be absolute studs for our football team?So in honor of National Signing Day Eve I want some of your thoughts on this fine recruiting class that Brady Hoke is about to bring in.
So what say you Michigan fans? Full article here:
The M Block also had another story up that caught my eye, and it included a quote from Wilton Speight:
"GO BLUE! I know I won't get the offer tomorrow and apparently Cornwell is going to get it, but I know I'd love to be running the two-minute offense in the Big House someday.  I can only hope and have faith!"
Do you believe he's correct and Cornwell gets the offer?



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Actually this is not my blog and I don't really know the guy who runs it very well. I do know he's a good guy and gets good info, and it's free. He's been a part of the Michigan Recruiting HQ on facebook for quite some time, and it's always nice to get free information. Especially from a guy who seems to be very connected to the recruits. Including all of the QBs who Michigan is looking to offer for 2014.


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I agree, but do you think he'll commit right away? If not, do you think Speights will stick around in hopes of an offer? He's apparently getting looks from some high up schools, just like Cornwell. Speights really seems to want it, so do you think he's willing to be the second option if Cornwell falls through?


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Correct but a lot of schools are interested. I'm saying how long does Michigan wait for Cornwell before they go for someone else? They have to get a quality QB in this class, so they can't wait for the entire signing period can they? Will Speights wait for a while, if he gets an offer to another school, before he decides? To see if Michigan stops focusing on Cornwell that is.


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It's hard to pick a diamond in the rough when so few of the recruits are not highly rated, but I'll say Jaron Dukes. He certainly has the size to create problems for defenders.


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Did you just say that your own website has a "nice read up" just so you can get some hits in the middle of the biggest, most frustrating basketball game I've ever watched?  If you're oging to pretend to just link to another site, at least take the link off of your signature. 


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It's honestly not my site. The guy has posted good info on our facebook page and I offered to post a few things for him to get his name out there. He gets quality interviews with recruits and is well connected with the QBs we may or may not offer.

Edit: Brian has also linked to his site on at least 2 or 3 occasions, so he seems to agree. I apologize if I've offended you for sharing free information from a site that I have absolutely no connection to, other than seeing it on our huge facbook group.


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between dukes and york one of them should be a beast (at least they will have every opportunity with a great runnign game, solid quarterback, and a powerhouse offense.



Green and Thomas


Poggi, Kugler, and McCray are three players that I think will be elite. 


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Also, I'm not sure where you're getting the idea he has a weak arm when everything I've read from legit recruiting sites say otherwise. He's also holding offers from the who's who of college football (bama, ND, USC among the few). Here's a quote from the M Block "Speight is a big kid at 6'6" and around 225 lbs. and he uses that size well. He has a big arm and actually moves pretty well for his size".


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To recruit some true athletes. We will be big and strong but outside of Derrick Green there's not a lot of game changing athletes. I hope DaMario Jones will be able to help. But big and slow isn't going to beat Ohio and any SEC bowl competition. Great 2013 class, here's to hoping for a better 2014!!!


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1. DaMario Jones, partly because I live kind of near his high school, but also I think he'll be the speedy deep threat that no one thinks we have in this class.

2. Offense is Green for obvious reasons. No one else will play much on offense next year. Defense I'll have to say Dymonte or any one of the DL commits, as they seem most likely to play.

3. Shane Morris (obvious), Derrick Green (also obvious), and JOURDAN LEWIS!!! That kid is an absolutely incredible athlete. I think he'll do big things in a few years and even though he's a pretty high four star, he has even more potential than that would indicate.

As far as the QB offer, I say go with Cornwell. He has a big arm (not Morris level, but can still make all the throws it seems) and is mobile enough to not be a sitting duck. He seems pretty accurate both in the pocket and on the run and doesn't seem to get flustered often. Really I don't see a significant flaw in his game, but I'm no expert. I'm not sure what exactly it is about O'Connor, but something just seems off with his game and I really can't pinpoint it (yes I know that sounds stupid), but it just makes me not want him as much as Cornwell. I still think he'd be a great second option though. Speight just doesn't have the arm strength in my opinion. (How do you say his name anyway? Is it like Sp-8 or like Sp-ite?) Anyway, Cornwell gets my vote. He seems like the best overall prospect to me, but I wouldn't mind seeing them take two of the three.


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Best sleeper? 3 person tie between Stribling, Taco, and Hurst.

Impact Freshman? Green, Butt, Lewis, and Thomas

Long term? Everybody

Also: I don't think Speight will get the offer right away because he'll commit right away, and I imagine the coaches would like to see these kids play more, and develop as seniors. If they want to take 2 qb's then I think all 3 will get offered.


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His work ethic and speed is gonna WOW everyone! I would not be surprised if he gets a chance in the backfield sometime in his career at Michigan. It is a fact that he is faster then his Cousin  Brionte  Dunn at Ohio. That would be my choice.

Drunk Uncle

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1. Channing Stribling is the diamond in the rough.

2. Poggi will get on the field. Thomas will have an impact.

3. Butt, Kugler, Bosch will all be 1-2 rounds picks.