Nate Johnson dismissed from team effective immediately

Submitted by The Fugitive on October 4th, 2017 at 8:03 AM
Per Sam Webb on WTKA. This is no longer a suspension. His dismissal is permanent.



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Not really. Resisting implies there is an impulse to begin with. The thought of hitting someone (regardless of gender) as an option shouldn't exist to begin with. It's like someone trying to quit smoking. Generally, they are going to have to resist the impulse to light a cigarette. With someone who has never smoked, there wouldn't even be an impulse to begin with.


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The goal of civilization is to prevent one person from bashing another on the head and taking their stuff. Impulses are normal. Not acting on them requires civility. This is why internet forums degrade society - they remove the impulse control because you can tell someone they are an idiot without getting punched in the mouth.


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Disagree - I don't think you've been in love if you've never wanted to hit that person in the face. The line between humans and psychopaths/animals is the control and knowing that acting on that impulse is awful.

Not saying this means Johnson truly loved whoever he hit. Just saying I think many perfectly normal people have felt like hitting a loved one at one point. The good people never act on it.


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I encourage you to do some research on Bonobos.

Recent studies show that there are significant brain differences between bonobos and chimps. The brain anatomy of bonobos has more developed and larger regions assumed to be vital for feeling empathy, sensing distress in others and feeling anxiety, which makes them less aggressive and more empathic than their close relatives. They also have a thick connection between the amygdala, an important area that can spark aggression, and the ventral anterior cingulate cortex, which helps control impulses. This thicker connection may make them better at regulating their emotional impulses and behavior.


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A psychopath is an individual without empathy. That is all. Some are violent, some are presidents, some are CEOs or lawyers or drug dealers. They are still human beings. In fact, many are some of the most influential people in world history. Control of impulse has nothing to do with it - a truly psychopathic person knows full well the impact of their actions and simply don't care. They are the great manipulators.

Wolverine 73

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I have been plenty pissed at various women, but I can honestly say that the idea of punching a woman has never entered my mind. Maybe it’s just that I grew up in a different era, I don’t know, but it boggles my mind to see people assault their girlfriends. And it even surprises me that normal people have the impulse and suppress it.


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I have to disagree vehemently with this take. People have unwanted emotions and impulses all the time. You literally cannot control those parts of you. What's important is how you act on those impulses. It's the mark of an advanced civilization that we've begun to corral (we aren't nearly perfect at it as yet) our base impulses towards stealing and killing and cheating. Not sure how you can fault someone for involuntary feelings.


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In a similar vein, back when I was a pediatrician, I would tell all my new parents, "I'm gonna be upfront with you, there's going to be some times when you're so tired and so frustrated and so confused, and your kid is going to be crying and crying and crying.  You're not going to know what to do and you're going to be at your wit's end and just mad.  When you feel that happening, you can set the baby down (on their back), walk away, and close the door for a few minutes.  Nothing they're crying about will get worse in a few minutes and you can take some deep breaths and compose yourself. Regaining your composure is how you'll show them you love them."  Nobody ever said, "that'll never happen to me" and having that feeling doesn't mean they don't love their kids unconditionally.  Acting on that feeling is an entirely different ballgame and that's a big, big difference.