February 1st, 2010 at 5:59 PM ^

Bronco Nagurski have a child? I mean, he couldn't possibly top his dad's name, but something along the lines of Sundance Nagurski would be cool.


February 1st, 2010 at 6:39 PM ^

Andre Yruretagoyena i got my first offers. still waitin on mich though :P
Sat at 2:37pm

Taylor Lewan who offered you?
Sat at 3:43pm

Andre Yruretagoyena CU and south dakota state
nothin huge
Yesterday at 3:05am

Taylor Lewan fursurre you had more than i had my junior year!
Yesterday at 1:49pm

Andre Yruretagoyena tell your coach to give me some love
Yesterday at 2:03pm

Taylor Lewan haha i dont know the guys you go against in you video look like scrubs
Yesterday at 2:06pm

Andre Yruretagoyena so do the ones in yours. but you still managed to go to michigan. this is 5A-II hot shot :D, not 4A-I.
Yesterday at 2:07pm

Taylor Lewan please the people in my video were not scrubs.... and mine were only the first and second game that wasnt even all my stuff. and in 4a1 there were so many teams that were legit in 5a2 there arnt that many good teams. just teams that have bigger schools.
Yesterday at 2:09pm

Andre Yruretagoyena why did you only put your first two games? and i'm kidding, 4AI was stacked. not anymore though. 5A-II was good this year fooooooooo
Yesterday at 2:11pm

Taylor Lewan because unlike you i didnt play my junior year at OT so i had to get film out as soon as possible my highlight video isnt even my real highlight video
Yesterday at 2:13pm

Andre Yruretagoyena ohhhhhhhh makes sense. i got lucky in other words!!
Yesterday at 2:13pm

Taylor Lewan no sir i got lucky your on the right path.
Yesterday at 2:14pm

Andre Yruretagoyena i see. well fuck, i needa get uncrippled. i want michigan!!!!!
Yesterday at 2:16pm

Taylor Lewan crippled what did you do?
Yesterday at 2:16pm

Andre Yruretagoyena surgery...again.
Yesterday at 2:16pm

Taylor Lewan for what?
Yesterday at 2:18pm

Andre Yruretagoyena labrum, and ripped a huge chunk of cartilege out of my rotator cuff or something.
Yesterday at 2:19pm

Taylor Lewan pussy!
Yesterday at 2:21pm

Andre Yruretagoyena i played the entire season with it asshole.
Yesterday at 2:35pm

Taylor Lewan Just don't get hurt.. How hard is that?
7 hours ago

Andre Yruretagoyena michigan just offered me :D
and u of a
about an hour ago

Taylor Lewan really?
about an hour ago

Andre Yruretagoyena :D
about an hour ago

For those who hate FB, feel free to neg, I think this shows that he really likes UM