This My Week's Coach of the week and Player of the week

Submitted by Wolfman on October 5th, 2014 at 10:25 PM

Both positions have many candidates this week, far too many for possibly to be correct on both and the likelihood of getting one correct is improbable.  But Hell, it's just a web site, so here goes:

For Coach of the Week: Should I go with one of the two from the great state of Mississippi, should I give a nod for total domination twd E. Lansing, or how about SB where Kelly kept his cool and fended off a good Stanford squad? These are all fine efforts, but I have two that should probably share it. Both knocked off teams that many considered were on the path to the final four. However, just because it's been so damn long since AZ has risen this high, I'm giving the nod to the former WVU coach - actually he coached elsewhere just prior to AZ but got no love - Richard "love me some zone read" Rodgriquez. Once was a surprise but back-to-back wins against what has become the PAC's top program earns him the nod, but with kudos going to Patterson as well, but when he wins against a superior foe, it's just not surprising any longer. As for POW: I can't ignore the great state in both categories. So Prescott it is. Everything he threw was on target and his decision making was perfect. Displayed the finest combination of tossing the pig and running with purpose, over defenders if necessary, and his down field throws, even when dropped were things of beauty and his game should be a manual for how to lead a team. Completely rubbed off all the luster off of Kenny Football in one afternoon's work. His defense actually did that, but he was the leader of the team and when he came off the field after scoring on what seemed like every possession, it was he who got the D fired up and ready to play smear the queer with the "used to was" Heisman candidate from A&M. Just one fan's opinion of course, but a damn wise fan indeed.



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I can't read this.

I tried to skim it to find out who you're guy was...couldn't figure it out.

I'm not trying to be a grammar's tough.


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Well that was enlightening.  Everytime I sit down at this desk, I feel entitled to the entire seat, however I'll only be using the edge while waiting for next weeks This My Weeks Coach of the Week and Player of the Week.  


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touch'e. But that is strange ?  If a person possesses no brain, how would they know what they would do inasmuch as they couldn't even process the question being asked.  I suppose, however, that was more rhetorical than anything else.  Still funny though.  Nice post.